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Second Reality: Where the Unnecessary Is Taken As Indispensable


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Notes by TK

Man has the equivalent of a “be better” gene.  The vast majority of speech is humans trying to tell others what kind of person they are—i.e., furnish evidence of their relentless pursuit of behavior tied to superior being.  The portrayal is a lie, for no one can give an unbiased description of what they are, or be free of their “flawed” human temperament.  (41:42) #3341

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Verbal Laser Surgery For The Outlier’s Inner Eyes/I’s
AUGUST 19, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

One man, who all of his life had felt himself to be super-normal,
has suddenly been overcome with wondering whether this was just a mistaken interpretation of him being abnormal — and ponders he even further:
“If you are abnormal – how can you ever tell?
Wouldn’t you have to be normal to make such a determination?”
He says he now has moments when he feels like he is on a rapidly turning carousel
that is enclosed in a circle of mirrors, and on which are riding, a thousand copies of him.

A fellow in a sweater offers this:
“If men ever did figure out what is really going on with Life,
they would be either: greatly relieved – or: much surprised.”
(He said he later began to ponder the possible connections between relief and surprise.)

The Mind’s Reasoning At Work In Service To Man.
Upon hearing a renowned musician play, a man declared:
“Hell! – I could play like that if I would practice – and had talent.”

At the most basic level there are only two types of men: farmers and storytellers,
and the inner-rebel has the uncanny ability to see this also played out in man’s mind.

The Appearance Game.
When you’re sufficiently witless – looks don’t matter.
(“But when you’re really stupid – nothing does.”
Okay, add that to the list.)

Sitting atop a TV set, a city chap says:
“Guess why I don’t have to watch soap operas?”

A father presented a son with a rhyme, followed by a related comment:
“If your thoughts don’t look at the wart on your face,
it won’t ever seem, out of place.
Mountains do not censure themselves over some boulder they may host,
so are you gonna tell me that your mind is not even as smart as a fuckin’ mountain?!”

At the conclusion of the governmental tour, as they stood on the balcony looking down on the city council chamber, the Mayor counseled the visiting group of children:
“If you have been impressed by what you have seen today, do not be too concerned if you have no talent and intelligence yourself,” then waving his hand out over the council members below, added, “that hasn’t stopped them.”

One guy died prematurely just so he could have the first laugh,
(forever fearing that he’d never get the last one).

Notes one fellow: “I would have much more success in awakening if my eyes/I’s weren’t so inclined to get stuck in one position for long moments at a time.”

“Is any sound cuter in the animal kingdom than a hippo fart!?”
“A human fervently correcting the mispronunciation of his name.”

A man carrying a brown bag stopped by long enough to relay this:
“On one world of extremely stupid creatures, nothing was more popular than gossip. Jeeze! – talk about your pinheads! Keep that planet away from ME!”

The Appearance Game Revisited.
When you’re sufficiently stupid – nothing matters.
(“I just knew that being me would pay off some day!”)

One Of Tommy’s Theorems.
If repeatedly, whenever you show up, you claim to be your father and not you –
very quickly no one will care.

Nothing will tire you out more than believing that you’re toiling for anything other than Life & survival.
Slaving in the mines does not begin to match the stress of working for a daffy-duck,
play-dough, silly-putty second-reality pay check.

One way you know your popularity hasn’t changed is if no one called you yesterday and also didn’t today.
One man says his regular mind is in contact with him way-y-y too often.

By the time Life gets around to meaningfully changing something,
it will probably be too late to benefit you individually.
(“Pa pa, is that the reason the certain-man must create his own wagon
so that he can then at least pretend to pull it!?”)

You are truly a part of second-reality when you are able to take the unnecessary as indispensable.

Not talking about yourself saves a lot of energy that ordinary people do not even know they have.
(“Luke, I heared a feller say that you can only get lost in the woods if you hang out in the
illusion of woods that Life implants in folk’s minds. What’n holy hell d’ya make of that!?”)

“Look,” said one of the negotiators, “I’m not personally trying to give you people
a hard time; this would be a different story if I was representing myself,
but as it happens, I’m frontin’ for me AND myself.”
Finally this one guy actually pulled-his-self-together, and Boy! was he disappointed
in what he got for all his effort.
Moral: Don’t go to Lardville if you don’t wanna get greased.
(And one dude noted: “By doggies I’ve been conned by the best of ‘em –
but I ain’t ever met the likes of me before!”)
“Consciousness Unveiled” was the now-forgotten, first drama from the pen of man,
but after its initial performance by Adam, it was put away as being too inflammatory
for general viewing.

(The progeny of his bloodline have however, in private continued to read and perform it.)


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