Jan Cox Talk 3340

Do You Believe What You Make Up?


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Notes by TK

Life continually forces everybody to “tell what kind of guy they are”. Why does the mind make up myths (which everywhere have common elements) and then believe them? The common message is that man can be better than he is; either by redeeming himself from a fall from grace or by transcending ignorance. Built into man’s genes is the notion of ‘being better’. Pursuit of “better” is not by charitable works or improving one’s behavior, it is a matter of understanding: a mental shift. (46:26) #3340

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Saying The Unspeakable Things For The Alert Few
AUGUST 17, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

A lad inquired of his dad:
“Why is it, pa pa, that a bone breaks all at once, yet heals by degrees?”
and the elder replied:
“First you tell me why it is that questions come short while answers fill eternity,”
and the kid was driven to swan dive into the ravine of his own inner echo-canyon.
Some rough looking words cornered one young chap in a dark alley and threatened
to get even, through him, with his father for their past mistreatment at his hands.

An inside the Court observer of man’s political struggles & intrigues remarked:
“Many here are hungry for the Throne, but few are prepared to be assassinated.”
(And a page noted that this still did not stop men’s grasping.)

“I Donno, What’s Gnu With You?”
At no time on this planet do any self-proclaimed enlightened-masters have a firm notion of how enlightened may be any of the others who make a similar claim.

Any story that ends with the presentation of a Moral, that is based on morality,
is not worth hearing.

If men saw clearly how little meaning in their individual lives have the bombastic,
often frightening words issued by their various institutions,
they would be shocked into either paralysis or a more inquisitive state.

“Everyone has a wind-up toy in them.”
“Can you be more specific?”
“In their brain.”
“I’m sorry I asked.”

You may keep the same nose – ears and lips,
yet find new portals for eyes.

Why sweat unnecessarily? – why live someone else’s life?

Don’t waste your time looking for gods, ghosts, aliens or parallel universes –
look instead inside your own mind for additional dimensions to its normal concept of everyday, down-to-earth reality.

The more you try to tell what-kinda-guy-you-are, the more you tend to become one.

In city reality there are deals you can initiate whereby others lose,
and you gain nothing.
Ponder what benefits can accrue from scrambling to take over the lead position in Santa’s reindeer team.
(“Yes, I may be going-nowhere-fast, but it is the nowhere that fascinates those
I wish to impress.”)

“Have no fear,” opens one fellow’s proffered encouragement,
“time in the city will wait – even back up for – stragglers.”
Query: How can you ever get-behind if you are going nowhere?

(One of the above stories seems to have spurred one chap to make this comment):
“If you couldn’t go-backwards – who’d care if we even had time or not!
(Hell! — being able to think about the past is the only thing that makes the present barely tolerable.)”

This email just in:
“Have been a reader of your Daily News for quite a while now, and have been particularly taken with your picturization of there being a ‘rebel territory’ in the mind, but would not the existence of such an area in the brain produce negative effects (to wit: insanity) rather than beneficial ones like you suggest?
Sincerely Awaiting Reply,
Yours,” etc.
There is a difference between a woman riding sidesaddle and n eunuch doing so.
(Aka: Manure of even the most irrational type, still grows strawberries – if you are
one of the few farmers who understand that strawberries should be growing here
regardless of what the signs say posted by other farmers.
[Additionally known as: The gun with which ordinary people can mentally harm themselves, the certain-man can use to shoot off the damaging distractions
clutching his mind.]
“So pa pa, I guess we’re back again to: ‘It’s-all-a-matter-of-who-and-what-you-are’!?”
“You ever believed there’s an alternative?”)

Any matter that a normal mind can divide into two –
the rebel’s uncommon one can split into three —
and after that, there’s no need counting.

One man relays this incident:
“Last night while cutting through city park, a figure stepped out from behind a tree
and said he sometimes sees man as: A Theatre Of Chance,
(at least I think he said, ‘chance’ – it was so dark it was hard to hear).”
Which is somehow reminiscent of another chap who, at parties used to be periodically given to holding his arms out in front of him and dramatically proclaiming:
“How great it is to hold your fat in your own hands, I mean, fate.”
(None ever seemed to enjoy this little episode a fraction of what he did.)

When in man’s second-reality, and you cannot find enough of stuff you like eat to make it possible for you to overeat – you can always find stuff that someone else favors
on which to painfully gorge yourself.
Physical reality giveth and taketh away – man’s mental-only variety only giveth.
(“Well no wonder I’ve always preferred the latter one!”
Only phosphorous will send you to bed without your supper – never Mother Goose.
“Well no wonder I’ve always preferred the Brothers Grimm to the grimness of
the Periodic Table.”)
After the train had run over him several thousand times – backed up and run over him some more – this one man pondered: “Maybe I’m starting to get-it?!?”
Closing Note: If you have a choice of ticket-punchers, hand yours to the one wearing the button that says: “This Trip Could Just Be A Sidetrack Diversion.”
And a final guy adds: “Looking back over my life, I must say that at times even I am impressed by how little I’ve done with as much as I had – yes, quite impressed.”


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