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Questions About the Intangible World Are Never Answered


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Notes by TK

Every question that man’s mind wants an answer for has been made up by his mind. All questions re: the physical world, eventually receive answers (i.e., science). E.g., question: “how can man live longer?”: the mind– it has doubled the human lifespan in the last 100 years. But questions about the intangible world are NEVER answered. Even 5000 years ago questions about food, shelter, etc. were followed by questions of “god”.

The undeniable success had in physical things leads to expectations for success in non-physical ones. Effectively, in such case, the mind is asking questions about itself and refuses to see it. Why? (45:22) #3339

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Coded Answers For Those Who Sense The Real Puzzler
AUGUST 15, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Amidst his various & continual musings, one guy this morning suddenly had this one:
“If every thought you normally have is a reaction to a thought expressed by someone else, and theirs was also just a reaction to an earlier thought to which they’d been exposed, then there has only been one actual (that is to say, original) thought –
the first one, whatever it was.
Now,” said he to his self, “I’ve finally got something really good to work on:
trying to figure out what in the hell would have been the first thought.”

If you mentally live, completely settled into the city-stare,
everything seems local & personal,
but if you begin to look around, things appear universal & connected,
and if you finally break free of the binds, things stand alone –
loosed from their mentally-imposed conceptual connections.
“I did not realize what is going on: I was a cow in a herd,
but now I do, and I am a cow, just by myself,” so spake an unusual man –
so spake an extraordinary thought.

One man enjoys city life and being normal so much that he tries to have some
major surgery at least once a week.

A nurse in a doctor’s office commented complimentarily on the cheerfulness of
a patient suffering a terminal illness, and he replied:
“When you’re dying you can afford to be cheerful,” and after a moment, she noted: “But you could also afford not to be,” and after yet another moment, the man mused: “Hum-m-m, you’re right, I hadn’t thought of that.”

Anyone can play Prince Hal – the premium performance is to be your own Falstaff.

For some time, one man has had a burning sensation (that should be, desire)
to legally change his name to, Breaking News, but every time he mentions it,
his wife laughs so uproariously that he has thus far been too ashamed to act on it.

A man who will complain about one thing will complain about everything.

One guy says he believes that if you do ever catch on to what’s going on,
Life’ll just shrug and say: “Hey – you should’ve known.”

A certain part time inventor and baker has developed a small sweet cake he plans to retail which weighs only .23 of an ounce, half of which is the wrapping;
it has no calories, no fat and zero carbs, and grocers who’ve heard about it,
expect it to fly off the shelves.

Life In The Jungle & Getting Ahead.
All the weak creatures say they will be satisfied to just hold-on-to-what-they-have.
(“Now exactly what type of jungle are you speaking of: there’s the jungle out-there,
and the one in-here,” said a chap, tapping his head.)

Whilst petting and babbling to his dog one day, a man was suddenly overcome with
a momentary fit of inter-species-friendship and said aloud:
“You know, old sport, dogs and their masters have a lot in common,”
and the canine thought: “Yeah – their addresses.”

Once you’re fully aware that you’ve thought-it-all-before,
it ceases to bother you that everyone else still does it.
After you understand the illusory size of your own nose,
being surrounded by Cyranos presents no problem.
(“Pa pa, isn’t it curious how you must first drown to ever realize that you’re not drowning.”
“I’d say, ridiculous is more like it.”)

From one ken, the difference between what an enlightened man knows,
and what the ordinary know is actually quite small –
but for the enlightened, it’s all that’s necessary.

Someone’s wife sent this email:
“You can make fun all you want about causes,
but having one will at least get a man out of the house.”

You’re getting the right attitude if you can say to your old, regular mind:
“Boy! – you crack me up.”

Any new limitation that physical reality can impose,
can afford the rebel, a fresh potential freedom.
(“Just another sorry ass to kick on my trek to the front gate and outta this jive-ass prison,”
noted a synapse.)

Observes a chap in a mackinaw: “Playing with words is like playing with fire….
except it’s hotter…….no, colder……or maybe nothing like anything else…..
since it’ll fuck-up anything you say about anything else.
Hum-m-m,” noted he, “no wonder it’s such fun.”

To keep a city strong & stable, never have a Mayor who can comprehend a metaphor.
(Check with a wolf: straightforward aggression says more than any tongue can muster.)

The Warrior who’s a poet,
in times of stress will blow it.

Said the ole man to the kid:
”Don’t ever tell anyone what you think,” and the lad replied:
“Ah! – I see: keep it all to myself!?”
“You blister-brain! – I said, ANYONE!”
(Only the man-who-knows is incapable of talking-to-his-self too much.)

As his tutor-cum-philosophical-guide pulled him away from a mirror,
and admonished him not to be self-absorbed, the Prince of a neural kingdom said:

“But Lucherno, if I do not look at myself – might not I go away?!”
and the wise one mused: “My boy – you should BE so lucky.”


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