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To Seek Awakening Is to Seek to Change the Way You Feel


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Notes by TK

You have no chance at change if you don’t challenge, at some level, the ordinary stream of thoughts flowing thru your mind. To seek awakening is to seek to change the way you feel. To be awake is to know what you are genetically. (43:14) #3338

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Private Medical Files For Private Neural Students
AUGUST 12, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

If they insist that you must name your drug-of-choice – stall as long as possible –
you never know what might turn up later.
(“Yeah! – I never thought of that: as intriguing as let’s say you find Buddhism,
(just for one example) why should you settle for Buddha’s old version when he must have many great, great, grandsons running around now with entirely new thoughts
on the matter.”
Okay, you can play with that notion safely, but whatever you do don’t try to apply it to what goes on inside your own neural world.)

Only those who need mercy, cry out for mercy.
(“Pa pa, does iron cry when it is smelted?”
“No, but what would you expect – it is simply a dumb ore –
not near up to the high standards of a man!”)

Trying to treat ills connected to second-reality activities with second-reality treatments is like, after being set afire, leaping from a building to escape the flames.
(Cinderella’s sisters can never flee their big-foot condition.)
Men’s notion of an eternal hell came from Adam’s original realization of
second-reality’s forever, inconclusive nature.
Only a consciousness that knows, can get to the point.

Only those born with the special talent ever have a sufficient variety of thought
to think their way out of their natural born condition.
(“Man! does that sound improbable!”
Tell me about it.)

One guy’s contribution for the day:
“If you’re always thinking about stuff you’ll be doing a few seconds from now
you’ll never get stuck in that dull ole present-moment. Yuk!”

One old Borscht Belt retiree, upon visiting a typical house of worship and seeing
for the first time the rituals common to such places, quickly experienced his own epiphany, and leaping to his feet, shouted: “Praise be! – vaudeville LIVES!”

A hook will hold your hat,
a bank will hold your loan,
a hospital will hold your hand – but what will hold your attention?

At the end of the city’s Philosophers’ & Social Commentators’ Convention
the final speaker left the attendees with these words:
“I believe I speak for all of us in saying: No one speaks for us all.”
Exemplary doeth this be of the mental diversity clearly needed by Life, via man.
Only the obscure neural-rebel, here and there, can be allowed to operate
outside this arrangement (in other words): only the certain few are ever permitted to see a period and the actual end of a sentence.

Those who fret over the ironies, hypocrisies and inequities of life do not understand that the synonym for Justice is: connectedness.
People are only disturbed by the great, endless train running through their life
when they look at it but one car at a time.
The man-who-knows can drink in gallons with his eyes/I’s
where others take in only ounces.

Local reality is thing-specific whereas the universal version is processional.

One ole sorehead told his kid:
“The main thing in life is to always have something to be pissed about,”
and the nipper obviously being a blip off the old chop said to his self:
“As long as you’re alive – no problomie!”

A better response to any strictly human question is almost any response
not already used.
Repeating gibberish does not improve its import.

After a full life of study, meditation, and short day trips,
one man has bundled up all of the wisdom he has collected into this conviction:
“Man’s highest calling and most sacred duty in this life is to – give advice.”

If a man is your true friend – he doesn’t try to be anything else.

Cried out a warrior:
“Who are we, and where can we go – without a foe!?”
Man’s binary mental world will speak out for itself.
(Hormones get your attention by making you ill,
neurons do the same……‘cept you never feel sick over it.)

(Relatively Insignificant Sidebar.)
Life will periodically allow an intellectually inclined goober to become Mayor of a city,
head of a state, just to remind the people of the value of unthinking, but aggressive leadership.
Survival calls for Alexander – not Aristotle.
(“Pa pa, should the pertinence of this to my own mental operations be obvious?”)

Local reality exists in men’s minds,
universal reality exists, well – just look around you.

Consumerism with its truth-in-advertising demands, has obviously found its way into unexpected areas, such as with a certain soothsayer whose promotions now promise:
“Come see me! I know all that has been – and strongly suspect what is to be.”

When you look back on something that seemed to be inevitable, it now looks, what?

In the rebel’s inner life, the horizon between here-&-there is infinite.

Said a father to a son:
“Consider: in the city, the ability to facilely quote the words of others in one’s speech, passes for a sure sign of intelligence – think about that (when you feed the chickens).”

Only the unfinished have heroes.

All of the news reports coming from man’s second-reality are exaggerations;
if they weren’t, man’s mind (rooted in a brain preeminently attuned to
the physical world) would pay them no mind.

A man with whom a shared cup of coffee might prove interesting
is he who might be overheard to say: “A mirror was my mother.”

No man can complete anything begun in man’s second-reality.

One guy’s final words were: “Say look –
these are gonna have to be my final words….”


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