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Men Seek Respite In Another’s Repetitive Thoughts, From Their Own


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Notes by TK

Thought does two things: attempts to solve problems and struggles with boredom. Consider: why do men write fiction; why make movies? Why do men read them and watch them? Man’s natural mental repertoire is so limited—constant reruns complete w/ commercials (“I should lose some weight…cut down on smoking…drink less…clean the house” etc.)—that he constantly seeks relief from the boredom (repetition) in another’s manifest thinking. (39:45) #3337

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Words For Those Who Get The Purpose Of Words
AUGUST 10, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

The Mayor of one city led all the citizens in singing that grand old patriotic folk song: “This mind is my mind,
this mind is your mind,
this mind is Life’s mind…” (although the object of this ostensible show of allegiance seems a bit unclear.)

A father said to a son: “Were you to put man’s mundane mental activities into a contemporary, commercial metaphor you could then announce the following: ‘Shopping at Wal-Mart won’t make you cheap, but it will keep you cheap.’”
(Which prompted a special flashing of the lad’s inner Blue Light.
“I’m sorry, but that’s K-Mart you’re thinking of now.” Thanks.)

The Dos Commandment Of The City Insurgent.
Repeat when required – refuse when possible.

Axiom Update: Courtesy Of First-Reality To Man’s Second.
“Force is not a remedy – but it will do away with the need for such.”

As he watched the humans shuffle by, a goat that had gotten into city park pondered: “Why are those with weak minds the ones who say: ‘The legs are the first to go’?”

What is battle attire in Bologna may be only cute in Capri.
(As the elephants drew near the Skippy plant, even Hannibal had to call for his atlas.)

Regarding Residency.
All houses lived in too long, stink.

First-reality cooperates with no man,
the second with everyone who has a thought.
(“Why I could wrap the Alps around my finger, if I could only get them into the city.”)

Question Of The Day For City Dwellers.
Is it possible to live a life that consists of only memories?
(Hint: Someone here does know the answer to this.)

In more complex realities the difference between an offensive and defensive weapon is intelligence.
While unlimited-variety could be used to describe second-reality,
it can also describe the mental approach needed to see the place for what it truly is.
(The wearing of blinders is always recommended when in Oz.)

Unlike those around him, the metaphysical warrior doesn’t get wet when it rains,
(if he’s wearing a slicker and others are not).

At the termination of a second-reality conflict, none of the bodies can ever be identified (though it is obvious that something quite shameful occurred).
On one world, allegories that do not try one’s patience
are not considered actual allegories.

The definition of every word in the city is off – just a little,
(except those which refer to mining and farming.)

In second-reality affairs, being able to carry-on is no sure sign that you
should carry-on.
No matter how lovely she is at the start of the evening,
the time finally comes to dump even Cinderella.

How can mind oversee itself when the only watchdog it has to watch its dog is it?

At the office party, a man from bookkeeping climbed on a desk and announced:
“I will now make weird noises with parts of my body that normally go unused,”
and his wife thought: “Gads! – that opens up some frightening possibilities.”

Another Tip For City Performers.
If your art is not securing your fame fast enough,
start surreptitiously spreading the word that you are “controversial.”

The Reappearance Of Unintended & Unappreciated Humor.
The more logical the set-up – the more likely will irony seem to be the punch-line.

Encouraging the ordinary only encourages it.

The Intangible Justice.
In the city there is always a three hundred dollar fine for a hundred dollar offense.
The stress Alice felt in the underground Wonderland came not from the characters
she met there, but from being down in a hole.

Variety with any boundaries is not variety.

Said a man to some people on a street corner waiting for the light to change:
“Your natural mind’s attitude toward the thoughts that magically appear in it
for its consumption is like that of the beer companies behind their public exhortations to: ‘Drink responsibly’ – hell, in private (as everyone knows)
they want you to drink ‘til you can drink no more:
both instances, my friends, represent the human way of life.”

A father noted to a son:
“It may be a stretch to say that ignorance is bliss, but it can be a great stabilizer.”

One guy says he finds men’s enthusiastic desire to be part of the latest fad
not unlike people clamoring for the last berth on the Titanic,
knowing that it would only sink once.
(“Get ‘em while they’re hot” is a reasonable pitch for pretzels, but not ideas.)

In the human drama, parts are written for the insane, and the feigned insane.

No matter how far you go, or how much effort you expend in hiding,
if you let it be known that you keep account books – they can always find you.
(Hold a grudge and you hold your consciousness under water.)

One man told his congenital mind: “The only reason I let you stick around

is so I’ll always have someone to feel superior to.”
(More than a bit of bravado shown here, wouldn’t you say.)


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