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You’ll Never Awaken With Temperament Governing Thinking


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Notes by TK

The certain-man finds the inevitable absurd; he knows that everything the ordinary do and say is inevitable…along with his own genetic temperament. If you allow temperament to guide thinking, you’ll never wake up. Keep a constant awareness of the inevitability of temperament and thus its laugh-ability. The inevitable is funny. An extreme example: notification you have a terminal, incurable illness; believe it or not, you can laugh at it rather than cry, moan and tear your hair. (37:55s) #3335

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Write-Ups Which Know Already, What’s On The Rebel’s Mind
AUGUST 5, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

One man was driving his car to Mexico (same as everyone else) and early in the trip
saw a billboard that said: “Do not drive unless you are wiggling your nose,”
a notion he for some reason instantly embraced and began putting into practice;
most of the time however, he forgot about it and just drove along, doing what came naturally to him and having fun, but several times a day he would remember the billboard’s exhortation regarding the wiggling of the nose and his decision to so do,
and he would suddenly feel bad because of his continuing failure to do so,
which he had now come to believe was the proper way to drive.
Believe-it-or-grab-a-corona, but this is a comprehensive allegorical telling of
what is described by some as: the-struggle-to-awaken-from-man’s-dream.

In one part of one land, things are arranged so that certain matters which are
blatantly obvious, aren’t so to the creatures with thoughts, traveling there through.

Pondered a chap: “If being asleep is as bad as I and others say that it is, then why do I only dislike it when I think about it, and enjoy it so much the rest of the time?!”

One man notes: “Strange, but I am now the kinda guy I used to studiously avoid.”

A hand-lettered home-made sign by the side of the road read:
“When physically doing something – be awake to what you’re doing –
as for the rest of the time – SLEEP AWAY! Sweet Dumbo.”

One driver noticed: “It’s hard to hold your attention when your attention’s holding you.”

A guy in the back seat says that the most fun he’s ever had in life was
the several times he’s died.

Another chap opines: “Might the journey to awaken be
the joyful picking apart of man’s second-reality.”

Said one personality: “No matter how easy it looks from the outside:
It requires one hellava effort to do a talk show every day of the week.”
(FYI: he is a plumber.)

A young boy working at a gas station on a deserted stretch of highway mused
as he watched the heat of the horizon shimmer:
“Could the whole trip of trying-to-wake-up be the unrealized effort to take talk out of
the second-reality?”

Some poets are more so than others.

On the road to Mexico are many people who offer directions and driving advice,
but forget about their apparent sincerity and good intentions —
they have nothing useful to tell you;
everyone is born with the same instinctive-information regarding this journey,
and if there are any individual, beneficial adjustments possible,
the knowledge of same can only originate with you.

There are certain thoughts that Life cannot allow to surface in man’s second-reality – they carry within them a doomsday mechanism.

On one planet, the wiring & programming of the articulate creatures is such that they take words seriously only for the first seventy or so years of their life.

One father flogged his son as they drove:
“Don’t keep telling me what you’ve said — tell me what you’ve done!” —
’til finally the lad lashed back:
“Don’t you think that one’s a bit dated.”
“Hell, Hector! –everything worthwhile is dated –wake up boy!”

Every morning, one man leaps from bed, puts on a pith helmet,
grabs a riding crop, stands nude, hands on hips, and defiantly snarls out a window:
“Okay Life – bring on an episode!”

The Monetary Value Of Certain Mental Stops Set On The Highway.
The thoughts that automatically appear in every man’s mind are chump-change.

Everything in which men become involved which exists only in their mental-only, second-reality has built into it – failure.
Attempting to fulfill a goal in that realm was the original model for the term:
“You can’t get there from here,” for in that unique world, there IS no there.
(“Then what about here?”
Well, I was trying to slip it to you gradually.)

No episode in any man’s life has any substantial significance…..except one….
which is constructively unknown by the many, by the common, by the ordinary.
“Does that mean it is unnecessary?”
“Does that mean that no one should look for it?”

A gent seated at the coffee counter by Gate D at the airport mentioned that
after having lived well into middle-age, he has developed a single reply to
all questions asked him of a personal nature (to wit): “That won’t be necessary.”

Rumors continue to swirl & curl concerning a group of beings on another world
who believe that it is proper to be ordinary only in your spare time.

One kid saved a lot of his allowance after his ole man pointed out to him that
video games (along with movies, and comic books) are all-in-his-head.

(Note, pertinent an earlier item):
Everyone gets an allowance;
everyone is well aware of it,
yet periodically everyone denies it;
this is a comprehensive picture of the feeding of ordinary men’s minds.

One just description of all the city’s religions, philosophies and cults is:
They give a man the special instructions on how to live to be seventy years old –
if seventy happens to be the norm for that area.

Don’t Let Conditions…..
The mood of flies in the molasses is mostly that of molasses.

One ole sorehead, after reading an article on Human Psychology, announced that
he wanted to get in touch with the-child-within-him, and his wife asked:
“So as to be more playful and spontaneous?”
“No,” he replied, “to slap the little bastard around for growing up to be me.”

It is indeed a challenge to drive to Mexico –
especially when your attention is not your own.


Jan’s Daily
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