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Conscious Thought Must Try to Regulate “All Over” Consciousness


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Notes by TK

Conscious thought must take responsibility for and regulate, at some level, all-over consciousness reactions. One level of that regulation is primarily effected thru is the institution of Law—and usually after the fact, since conscious thought usually can’t prevail in the instant heat of the all-over’s thinking/reaction. Another level of regulation takes the form of formal education. All-over consciousness is humorless; only conscious thought can find humor and absurdity in events. (37:57) #3333

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Narratives For The Anti-Narcoleptic
AUGUST 1, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

A chap stood and declared: “I have realized to my satisfaction that you can understand more from thinking about things than you can from reading about them,”
and the city (which itself is just one big book) let out a distinctly disapproving grumble.

Feeling you have displayed deep insight by accusing any creature that both behaves and talks of being hypocritical, requires the intelligence needed to call water wet.
Words will always in part, be in conflict with deeds; get over it.

Being verbally serious about city matters can make your reputation as a thinker,
and turn you into an undercover imbecile.
(“That’s one hellava combo!”
Hey – that’s what the non-thinking area of your brain is all about.)

In a shocking, almost incomprehensible turn of events,
the explorers learned that several of the natives weren’t actually from there!
(Said one of them: “Now this is the Shangri La kind of place I’ve been looking for.” Insane? – irrational? – without question — and yet how else to explain how
a part of the certain-man’s brain comparably behaves more like a foreigner?
Looking at his own quite socially acceptable, collectively fashionable synaptic patterns, said one man: “I don’t want to be in any inner suit that fits me.”

One man says that sometimes he can go for long periods without being-his-self,
then – Blam O! — before he knows it, he’s right back at it.

One man said to his self: “How many times do I have to tell you!?” –
and he replied: “How many times you got?”

In his ongoing concern to fine-tune his efforts to achieve enlightenment,
beginning next Monday, one man plans to start getting up in the morning
before stupidity and mental normalcy do.
(“Helen – set the alarm for me-o’clock.”)

One man concluded: “If staring don’t kill me, staring will.”

One man’s brain (cum mind) is perfectly symmetrical –
which he says is not a bit funny.

Out On The Inner-Pitcher’s Mound.
Those who talk,

will later balk.

Do thoughts ever secretly laugh at consciousness;
does the tar baby ever snicker at the rabbit behind his back? – well, in the tale of the rebel, they’ll only do it once, then it’s – Lights-Out time!

One doctor made the size of his practice explode by advertising that he guarantees to find less wrong with you than any other physician in the area.

To save time, one man issues a denial before hand.

One guy asked his spiritual guru: “If you say you get-it,
does that mean that you do?!” – (and to his self the teacher replied: “Worked for me.”)

At odd times when everything mentally was unexpectedly going swimmingly, this one guy’s mind will look him square in the eye and say: “Why shop anywhere else!”

In city minds, everyone grows up to be their own super mental hero.
(What the hell do worms know from their Superman being unable to fly!?
“Why we never even thought of that,” said they. Exactly!)

People still struggling to fit more fashionably into their birthday suit of
constriction & confusion are always more than willing to explain why they
behaved as they did in some given situation.
(“And I suppose that those willing to be slowly bludgeoned to death mentally
are willing to listen.”)

This email arrived this morning:
“Sir: I stumbled across your Daily News by accident – and after having read it for several weeks, must assume that if I ever understand what you’re talking about,
it will be on the same basis.
Yours,” etc.

(Useful tip that those in the city might care to stash away):
If you run out of criticism, sarcasm, accusations of irony and hypocrisy –
start making predictions!

Local conditions and a small time god were yacking and conditions said:
“Who is it that decides whether, at any given time, we are magnanimous?”

When he began his extraordinary quest, he solicited the assistance of others,
but eventually came to realize that such help simply slowed him down.
(Why, hell! – one guy was so dedicated to-the-cause that he wouldn’t even listen to any of the helpful-suggestions proffered by his natural-born-mind.
“Now THAT’S my kind of hero!”)

An ole man told a kid:
“I have no objections per se to you periodically indulging in drugs –
just not the ones that make you stupider,” and the lad puzzled:
“But every one that my brain seems to normally furnish, does that.”

Hormones that seem to talk,

make civilized men able to walk.

When nothing else will grab their attention and get them down off their high-horse,
this one reality will often lash out at the creatures in its charge:
“You know – it is possible to be too-o-o smart for your own good,”
(he never understood exactly what this meant, but it always scared the hell
out of them, and calmed them right down.)

If you could turn being-alive into a noun, you too could found a religion or start a city.

After half a lifetime of studying the matter, one man notes:
“There is only one useful attitude to have toward humanity’s mental-only-reality.”

The reason machines make a lot of noise
is so you’ll remember that they are machines.
(Any human who tries to apply this to some feature of their self is just asking-for-it.)


One guy was a bee-keeper,
another was a me-keeper,

and a third, a sweeper-keeper.

To a few: an empty house is a happy house.

Would-You-Hold-It-Down News
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