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“Thou Shalt Nots”—a Function of “All Over” Thinking


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Notes by TK

Over-all consciousness is subjective, reporting only on, and reacting to, body-feeling; the other strives for objectivity. It made religion’s “thou-shalt-nots” to foster objectivity on behalf of civilization; the state’s code of laws now fulfills same (44:11) #3332

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Practical Tips To The Few For Doing The Impossible
JULY 29, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

One man says the worst thing about being ordinary is that since you are
surrounded by same, there is nothing to remind you of your condition.
(The only words you ever hear coming from the middle of an ant colony is:
“Wrong?! – what could be wrong – everything looks fine to me!”)
If the only place you know is the area of neurons where your consciousness was born, then no matter how much you glance around, everything seems fine and in order;
Parisians just love Paree (that is):
Parisians who’ve never left Paree absolutely love the place;
“And what’s not to love, mon cherie! – I challenge you to point out any flaw in my most marvelous home town!” – and he’s right, it can’t be done –
it’s not supposed to be done.
The ordinary human is born, wired & programmed in the nervous-system to be a seventy-years continuity; to live & die in Paris; to think only Parisian thoughts,
and feel only Parisian emotions;
that’s why the few to whom these daily writings are aimed are referred to as outliers, chafing to get out of their home town – their natural-born-mind;
they are called outliers and nervous-system-rebels, for they are literally nothing,

if not that.

If the certain man’s journey to Awakeville were said to be a one-man canoe trip,
then most of it consists of portage.
(“Ah-h-h! – what is sweeter about a water voyage than a nice walk in the woods.”)
If it is not what it seems – it may be the rebel’s method of awakening.

During oil & auto discussions, when one man (as a joke) suggested that the way to increase miles-per-gallon was to increase the size of a gallon, he suddenly realized: “That’s no joke!”
Yes, yet another intelligent person has been won over to words’ side;
welcome brother — welcome home.

Gollylagging in the lobby of the city’s newest office building one guy offered
this bit of info: “Statistics tell it all – (that’s why death took so readily to actuary tables).”

Proponents of the past say that man’s best has already been thought and said,
while the friends of the future hold no such unfounded view.
Only those with their own ass dragging look back over their shoulder,
and only those who understand nothing must believe that only someone at
some other time could have.
The man-who-knows-what’s-going-on stands in his own two shoes – right now –
right here, and has nothing to say on the matter.

While there is no end to the physical reality outside of you,
the mental one inside of you strives to maintain a similar illusion —
but only at a great expense (leastwise to a certain few).

One man began compiling a list of all the mistakes he’d made,
and in the number one slot he put: “Making this list.”

It is impossible to live in the city without being under the constant shadow of irony,
(which alone is reason enough to move…since it is just one door down from incomprehension.)

A more profitable response to any question an ordinary person asks
is one that has never been given before – that’s the only feature that ever matters.

From a reader comes this communiqué:
“I enjoyed an email you published several days ago from someone who said that
they found some of your stories more related to other of your stories
than some of your other stories are;
I really enjoyed that and it drove me to do much deep reflection,
but I would like to know just how it is related to anything else?
Inquisitively Yours,” etc.

One man is now ready to unveil his entirely new approach to: “Awakening The Mind:
you write down all of the ideas that seem the most significant to you regarding
how-to-awaken, then substitute synonyms for all of the nouns & verbs therein;
repeat this process every month and very soon – Voila! – enlightenment will
cascade over your neurons like the bubbly in a champagne pyramid.”
(Who knows!? – it could work.)

One title of a book you’ll never find published in the city:
“Continuity: The Supreme Form Of Hypnosis.”
(And a spine specialist notes that this caption contains not one, but two jokes — on you.)

– – –

One King said that were it not for the “Good of the people” he would never go to war, and the Prince responded incredulously: “‘For the good of the people!?’”
and His Majesty said: “Well……for the needs of the people,”
and in equal disbelief the regent exclaimed: “‘For the needs!?’”
“Okay,” said the monarch, “were it not for the desire of the people that I do so,
I would never go to war – and if you question that one,
I’ll begin to suspect that you’re one of them.”

(In the kingdom of neurons & synapses, many strange things can transpire.)

Today’s Swift Lesson.
Without disjuncture – no second-reality,
without words – no disjuncture,
without man – no words,
class dismissed.

In a respectable neural kingdom, the people know when to hold their tongue,
(or at least they recognize when a gun is pointed at them).

Sometimes one reality will play hopscotch with the creatures in its care,
and will chant as he jumps:
“In my juices,
my lovely juices,
I’ll stew your guts and boil your thoughts.”
(For some reason he almost always wins.)
Ergo does the man seeking to solve-the-mystery by eschewing the foundationless home of the mystery, discover his own brand new reality by stripping away the feckless one which the congenital mind constructs in every man.

Forget the dreams of an awaiting buddha, or vishnu, or et al –
when the certain man does awaken and finally finds his true home,
there’s only him there to say, Hi!
which turns out to be just what is in order.

Employing nothing but his own thinking,
the exceptional explorer goes everywhere he’s always wanted to go.


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