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We Can Think All Over, But Not Consciously


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Notes by TK

We are conscious all over and we think all over, but we only think consciously “in the head”. The “all over” consciousness acts like reporters; the head consciousness acts like a storyteller. The former works with facts of experience only, and is instinctual– flee from a burning building, while the latter calls the fire department and seeks medical treatment. (25:18) #3331

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Data For The Do-Or-Screw-Die Crowd
JULY 27, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Some men (such as technical writers & science reporters) write about the world
outside of them, wherein accuracy is a must,
while some men try to write about the world inside of them.
“I notice with the last group you added the word, ‘try’ – do any of them succeed?”
Did you also notice the mention of accuracy?
Then you tell me.

When he first heard that the creatures placed in his charge intended to start a religion honoring him, this one god was delighted – until his girlfriend reminded him of how much he hated having any dealings with his inferiors.
(By the by, this is serious Religious News and not a metaphor having to do with consciousness & routine thinking
like many of our readers seem to think everything here is! [Exclamation point!])
Listen to the speech around you if you want to know who is awake and who is not: those complaining about humans are not.

In his younger days, he used to write-away-for-things,
then later (as his life seemed to grow hairier) things began to write away for him.

Right at noon, some of the eleven & one o’clock inclined thoughts got together to see what they could make of that thing called, right-now.
(They later issued a joint statement saying that they were accepting no input from either
chickens or eggs.)

Avant Garde Version Of The Above Story.
There is no now but right now,
and by the time you can even say that – it’s too late — you missed it.
(And a lad asked his dad: “Is there anything that words won’t interfere with?”
A certain mother, clearly not comfortable with logic and ordinary concepts of
spatial relevancy told all her children:
“As long as you have clean underwear on, you can’t drown.”
And upon hearing of this, four of her ex-husbands were overwhelmed with waves of metaphorical relief from back child-support payments.)

The goo found between neurons acts like a Trojan to protect
one thought from another.
That’s right kids, today is it important more than ever to practice safe-thinking.

After having revised a number of clichés ourselves, we now, in response to one reader’s request for equal time, devote a few lines to the airing of his attempt at such, (submits he): “A man with a glass half full has a right to be half upset.”
(He afterwards emailed this additional note: “The great thing about fairness is – how fair it is.”)

How Things Are Sometimes Handled In The City.
When some people start to feel they have no reason to live,
they begin to feel they have a mission in life.
(“Yessirree private, there is nothing more exhilarating in city combat than the faux explosion of
an incoming empty artillery shell.”)

This email arrived today:
“Dear Sir: The longer I have been reading your writings, the more sense they make; what’s happened to you?
Still Sincerely Yours,” etc.

Whenever he’d have a surprising fresh idea, this one guy’d send his self a bill.

Laying aside his oboe and nine millimeter, the professor said to the class:
“You have a choice: Either do what you must do to graduate – or:
have parents rich enough to afford an unlimited supply of asterisks beside your name.”

In the city, students are lucky to escape with any of their neural skin left.

If you’re being angry you’re being dumb.

Technical Reminder However:
It is bitching & complaining that
make man’s mental-only world go ‘round,
and seem important to him ordinary man, that is.

Have you ever noticed that when ordinary people say they want to understand
some particular something they’ll suddenly act r-e-a-l-l-y serious?
Do you find that fact to be a useful sewing tip?

After attending a combination vocational-spiritual guidance class,
a kid with an alarming nose asked his uncle:
“What’s the point in wanting to be a particular something unless it’s something that
you can’t?! At least supposedly.”

And another email from another subscriber:
“Some times trying to make sense of your stories seems like the world’s
biggest waste of effort – yet at other times it strikes me that perhaps it is
potentially the most meaningful opportunity in my life.
What a totally strange perfecta.
Curiously Yours,” etc.

As they awaited the start of the game, a chap at the ballpark said to the man seated next to him that he looked upon most of his present ideas as relief pitchers,
making his most pressing problem: “Who do I have that can start?”

According to the latest survey: the world is again divided into two groups:
those who aren’t all that surprised when their liver fails them, but are extremely upset when same occurs with their brain,
and those who feel just the opposite.
(There are also a few who never show up in anyone’s poll.)

Rebel’s City Driving Secret.
If you don’t have a license – they can’t take your license.

A reader inquires:
“Which is the most important: first or second reality?”
Sir, you have a choice: either find out for yourself – or,
have it found out for you
(the latter alternative known in some places as: “A Hard Out.”)

If you don’t already understand why not to french-kiss fate –
tellin’ you ain’t gonna help.

Then there was this other god who strangely kept an attorney on retainer,
(but turned out he ultimately needed one).

Rebel’s Residential Secret
If you have no home – you never have to go home.


Jan’s Daily
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