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If You Unfailingly Watch-Your-Step, You Won’t Fall Into a Dream


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Notes by TK

A prime example of how Life cannot allow man’s collective thinking to entertain and say certain things: the 9/11 attacks. Nobody could merely say: “we’ve got to attack somebody over this”. But that was the required action regardless of its orally unacknowledged status. It matters not who is attacked; but attacked somebody will be, though words to that effect can never be uttered. Recriminations about conspiracy notwithstanding, attack of somebody was mandatory. (49:29) #3328

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Stories For Those Who Want To Pull Their Own Strings
JULY 20, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Wanna play pretend? — then let’s pretend a reporter is interviewing a man
rumored to be involved with a number of other people in some sort of unusual,
(and not very public) activity, and let’s pretend the reporter asks:
“Is this a cult?” – and the man replies:
“No, but I guess you could say it is THE cult,” and the reporter says:
“So how does what you people do differ from ordinary cults?”
“For one thing: we believe in all the things they believe in,
plus all the things they don’t believe in,
plus all the things they’ve never even thought of…” but before he could go on,
the reporter clutched his head, hollering: “Migraine!” – and split.
(Guess some people just aren’t up to a good game of pretend.)

The mind of this one reality would periodically send the creatures in its care
technical notes regarding the nature of the reality…..which none of them seemed capable of comprehending…..and which appeared to drive a few to want to start
a new religion based on the notes.

The prince of one land quickly learned that it was always safe to slip away
and take a nap whenever he heard the King preface his remarks to someone at court
with the words: “Now what I am about to say to you is strictly for your own good…”

One man achieved enlightenment by wearing his underwear upside down,
(well, he said he did……and who’s going to argue with an enlightened man).

A major myth on one world says that many of the catastrophes that rain down on man are in retribution for him in earlier times not giving proper attention
when the big wahoos would describe the kinda guys they are.

If someone was somehow objectively superior to others,
it would manifest itself by them never making any mention of their position.

This email came in this morning:
“Sir: If nothing else, reading your Daily News has changed the way
I think about talking, and the way I talk about thinking —
what comes next? – indeed, is there anything after this?
Yours,” etc.

A Western Tale.
Bellied up to the bar,
beer in hand,
a cowboy-in-the-cortex ‘llowed as how in his younger days he’d carried in his mind
as a personal, metaphorical theme song, a popular ditty of the day:
“Don’t Fence Me In” — only to ultimately realize that he had no property.
(“You know,” said a croupier standing in the corner, “that’s the kinda story
that gives metaphors a bad name,” then expectorated in the fancy brass spittoon.)

A bit later this email arrived:
“Sometimes when reading the Daily News, I think I understand it,
and at other times I feel that I don’t — but I always enjoy it,
(plus, unlike other news sources, yours never makes me want to slit my wrists).
Sincerely,” etc.

Whenever he is accused of failing in some responsibility,
one man will say to his self:
“Did Hercules work out? Did Mozart practice? Did the Sirens do vocal exercises?” Which, for no logical reason, makes him feel better, and alleviates the pressure
of the moment.

History is the unrealized, recorded cross-talk between different
evolutionary time zones.

As local conditions on one world bounced around, pounding its fist in its palm,
and yelling: “I am the champ! I am the champ!” — Life walked in and asked:
“Has somebody been telling him again that he won?”

Catching a brief reflection of his customary mind as he hurriedly rushed by a mirror,
a man muttered at it over his shoulder:
“I don’t run on no schedule…..and if I did, you wouldn’t be one of my regular stops.”

And now this email just arrived:
“Sir: Every day I sit my baby in my lap and read him Jan’s Daily News, and while doing so this morning he suddenly pointed to the computer screen and said his first word: ‘Ddda,’ which I took to be an acronym for: ‘Double doo-doo allegory.’
(Just thought you might be interested).
Your Fan,” etc.

You can live in a blister,
you can live in a cut,
but don’t ever live where,
you can’t shut up.

The Ultimate Word On The Environment.
Everything’s indigenous.

One man will often address an envelope to someone,
and then decide what he’ll say to them.

On his morning jog, after passing a group of men in a track club, running en mass,
a guy had this thought:
“If you have to find-yourself through some collective activity with others,
you shouldn’t be too sure you even have an individual self worth looking for.”
Sweaty Afterglow:
Just because something sounds sarcastic to an outsider doesn’t mean it’s not true.

On the city neural trolley, when the car gets to the end of the line,
the polarity conductor simply calls out: “All aboard!” —
pronouncing the term phonetically backwards.

On a certain world they have one preeminent law: “Look where you’re going,”
punishment for violating same ranging from bruises to death.
Some people there are suspected of feeling superior to the Law,
and they tend to look more at what they’re thinking than at where they’re going,
and within this group are a secret few others whose pain for ignoring the prohibition
is doubled — via their own self-chastisement.

On a street corner stood a man with a sign that read:
“My Mind Has No Connection To My Hands” –
a sentiment which non-plussed most passers-by, but broke the heart of a few.

One father firmly told a son that if you but unfailingly look-where-you-are-going,
it is not possible to fall into the dreaded dream.


Jan’s Daily
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The team which now writes Jan’s Daily News issued a statement today on the anniversary of the death of Dr. Dittlow
(the original author of the Daily News) expressing how very much he is missed,
in that it now takes eight men to accomplish the work he alone used to do.

A snake fully cognizant of its snakeness can’t be dised, frightened, or offended;
it can be killed, but that’s all.
Question: Why would a man slay his own potentially best feature