Jan Cox Talk 3327

One of the Mind’s Foremost Abilities—Finding Fault


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Notes by TK

The mind’s primary modus is to find fault, especially in secondary reality. Scanning is like riding in a hot-air balloon, having an aerial view of a particular landscape. The ordinary mind surveys the landscape by focusing thru a telescope: a linear, restricted perspective. If the whole world were awake and you the only one asleep, it would be impossible to know; yet it would make absolutely no difference: the same dynamic applies. (38:07) #3327

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Go-It-Alone Log
JULY 18, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

One man used to take his mind out for walks,
but even after several decades of intensive reprimands,
he still couldn’t get it to stop peeing on his foot….so he started leaving it at home
when he went out for recreational activity….well, he tried to….but with about
the same degree of success as before.
In one strange reality, the stripes laugh uproariously at zebras’ professed attempts
to change their things. (“Ha ha!”)
(And throughout the jungle, all the creatures in unison sent up the cry:
“‘Changes!?’ – CHANGES!? – what in god’s-green-earth are you talking about!?”
Only a being with abstractness available to its perception will even think of
trying to put .38 striped slugs into a spotted .22.
(And the Leper Lobby immediately emails its objection,
[though that was surely supposed to say, Leopard Lobby].)

Unlike everyone else, a nervous-system-rebel isn’t in a relative-position,
he isn’t in any position — he hasn’t got a position.

On the playground at one particular school, the kids’ current favorite thing to say
is that if you stretch any idea far enough, you can play skip rope with it.
(That surely should have said “peculiar school,” wouldn’t you think.)

One man’s brain allowed through this group of words (arranged as shown here):
“I wonder what would happen if ordinary, decent, god-fearing folks like me
could also wake-up and realize what’s really going on?!”

Or if you prefer, look at the matter this way:
Lessons strictly applicable to humans, are given each day – followed by a lynching.

All creations in man’s second-reality are acts of nepotism.

Though not known by the populace,
for those occasions when he has fits, the King has secretly appointed a
Minister In Charge Of Looking After The King When He Has Fits.
(As always, in man’s mental-only-world – everything fits.)

With hands on hips,
and firm-set lips, he declared:
“It is my sacred duty as a city kid to beat up any fresh ideas I hear.”
On city hall in one metropolis was hung a banner that read:
“Praise Be To The Urban Gods For Intellectual Hooliganism,
Or Else We’d Be Up To Our Short-hairs In Discerning Old Men.”

Noticed one chap:
“Once you’ve radically altered the working of your thinking,
you find that regardless of the conditions in which you awaken each day,
your mind is a matter of plug-in-and-play.”

One man presents this question:
“Who is ever in favor of anything that doesn’t benefit them individually?”
……….(“Okay, I waited out the silence and empty space you left here,
now tell me the rest of what goes with this question.”)

“Everybody’s in it for the money (except maybe one man in a billion).”

Pies in man’s mental-only-reality never get eaten – they only expand.

Those actors truly committed and hip,
see the audience as the ones acting out a scripted drama.
(“If you tell me this one is also somehow about consciousness — I’ll scream!”)

When you live an upright city life — IN the city – nothing is ever your fault.

The Relationship.
One man admits he must have broken-up with his self a thousand times
throughout the years.

“Living large” (as men like to call it) is no problem – if you live exclusively in the city — or entirely out of it.
(Only one of the two is world-wide pursued.)

And from another inner, urban area has arisen the notion that:
“A man with an Epilogue can be as dangerous as a man with a gun.”
It’s not uncommon for standard synapses to often feel at loose-ends –
as though nothing in their lives ever comes to a satisfying conclusion.

The Arresting.
If you care to be the type of person who will describe their opinion of a particular matter, be advised: It is not your opinion, but rather – you are its person.
Being able to distinguish the captors from the captives in man’s mental-only-world
is a task totally beyond the ability of a normal mind.

A man long associated with rebel activity says he sometimes suspects that,
as opposed to it being a secretive knowledge, everyone knows how to
Awaken & achieve Enlightenment– it’s just that they don’t want to.

A warrior’s note to his son:
“It is much easier to kick a man if he will first get down of his own volition.”
(The lad itched to ask how this was to be interpreted as applicable to his own mental
modus operandi, but feared the old man’s temper when questions were raised.)

Although individually, we all work for Life,
it is man-the-collective who appears salaried and on-the-books.

Those who will tell you how-they-feel – deserve how they feel.

While physical-reality clearly plays hardball,
man’s mental version offers badminton – but with ballistic birdies.
And a would-be philosopher phumed:
“I guess my dear departed granddad was right – Everything does have its price.”
“I say: what did the old boy die of?”
“Being overcharged.”
“Oh I say.”

Observes one ole sorehead:
“You do realize that if everybody would just mostly shut-up,
we wouldn’t have so damn many facts to contend with in the first place.”

Within the routine mental structure of things, a man offering his personal opinion
is a cross-eyed tyrant zipping up his pants after a careless pee.
(“I don’t get it!?”
If you permit yourself to be a even a little pregnant in the city – you’re gonna deliver.

Aka: In second-reality, no matter what time it is – it’s never the right time.)


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