Jan Cox Talk 3326

The Reality of Secondary Reality Resides Solely in Its Description


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Notes by TK

Prosecution of primary concerns requires dedicated focus on the subject at hand (e.g., driving your car in traffic). Study of secondary matters requires just the opposite. True study of the secondary reveals its insubstantiality ( i.e., that its reality resides solely in the description of it), thereby dispelling it—which is counterproductive for civilization. Secondary reality is tantamount to a practice of vomiting to have something to eat! Taking of secondary reality seriously is slumber, pure and simple. (44:41) #3326

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The Non-Viscid’s Guide To Nervous-System Vicestomy
JULY 15, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

A well established city father took a son in tow and told him:
“Here’s how things work: Men will drive their lawn mowers out to the airport
and claim to believe that if they race them fast enough up & down the runway
they will eventually lift off & fly away (whether they literally ever do or not being irrelevant).
Can you even begin to get your little hands around this inner, urban curio?”
In the city area of a man’s brain/mind, where all the neurons are patriotic,
homogeneous citizens, where is the one who will make note that the Mayor has
toilet paper trailing from his trouser leg.
Ordinary minds are not wired to ever turn-their-attention-on-their selves;
only the small cadre of nervous-system-rebels discover the manner in which
such an activity can be a most profitable and most private pursuit.
(Reminder of one expeditious model pertinent this story):
Your consciousness consists of two minds: Life’s mind and your mind,
and if you will but observe within your own skull,
Life’s mind constructively does all the thinking and talking for ordinary people,
who, if you will also but easily take note, give every public indication of being
oblivious thereto; they blithely refer to the activity as: “I think so & so,”
“My mind tells me that such & such is true,” “My personal feelings in the matter are,” with, observably, none of it being true, for if it were, a person could tell us what they are going to think & say next, and they would be endlessly engaged in planning their next thought and word — which undeniably is not the case.
This entire matter is one that only a scant few can confront,
or have any interest in confronting.
(“But – Aye! dear Catesby – my kingdom for such a confrontation!”
“I know, my lord – I know.”)

Do words (either in talking or thinking) ever accomplish anything
if they are not about something you are physically doing at the moment?
Do not all of the stupid things you do happen when you are thinking & talking about something other than what you are physically doing at that instant?!

One guy pictured his inner life to be the adventures of his two favorite super heroes:
The Rim Greaper & The Mighty Tire Changer.

Linear thinking can drive rebels to drinking.

The wires brought us this email:
“I’ve been reading your Daily News for the last year or so, and really enjoying it,
but I’ve noticed that some of your stories make me laugh,
and some soberly grab my attention and force me to think about them;
is this shifting dichotomy normal?
Sincerely,” etc.

The real benefits of being stupid & distracted are not at all what most people imagine.

Coming out of the city, one of ordinary humanity’s more formidable and viscid pronouncements is: “You can’t simply wash-your-hands of your past deeds” –
which is exactly what the nervous-system-rebel does.

Your Burden.
Science has religion,
medicine has chiropractors,
hypochondriacs have some actual ills (just to spur-them-on)
and the inner-rebellion has weekend warriors who talk its good game.
Question: In the everyday world, what specious affliction appears to light-your-fire?
“Hah!” comes a voice from the city, “I am so dense, distracted and dependent on
the thoughts furnished to me automatically, that I can do anything here that I choose
to do – and: also be whoever I care to be (a mystical chiropractor, for instance).”
Y.M.C.T.N.(You Might Care To Note): Those desirous of the sensation of power
(such as politicians) keep their distance from metaphysicians,
least the persistent suspicion of their vacuousness expands to touch others,
completely undeserving of such skepticism………well, like them for example.
(“Ahoy, you stalwart swabbies, let us sink all of the sham ships;
hey, you mop-jockey – why are you looking at me!?”)
If the meaningless platforms of man’s cultural institutions (such as politics, religion,
and public opinion) were to be realized for what they are,
man’s culture would crumble before the week was out.

Looking dead-on at his normal, life-long thought-machinery, a man squinted,
snarled his lip and said: “It’s a good thing I don’t hold a grudge.”

One hot July day, while out in the orchard, a father said to a son:
“You can get most anyone’s attention simply by being insulting,” and the boy replied:
“But why would you ever want the attention of people this would work on?” –
and the elder handed the lad a fresh summer prune.

Linear thinking = tethered awareness.

One man has privately labeled his attitude and understanding of
humanity’s collective views and interests: Rootin’ & Tootin’.
(“Covers it for me.”)

Just as physically, non-traveling natives cannot assess aright their home turf,
neither can a man mentally know-his-self who stays at home.
Everyone’s feet are born with the soles they have – whose nature remains hidden
to those peripatetic bipeds who confine their inner sojourns to those directed by
the mind their brain was born with.

Whenever this one god was asked a question, he’d have the inquirer repeat it
in minute detail, and the instant they were finished, he’d point at them and exclaim: “Well – THERE you are!”

The real benefits of being stupid and distracted are not at all what
the stupid and distracted imagine.
(“Boy! – there’s a surprise.”)

“Okay class, write this down: There are three categories of History:
the History you like,
the History you don’t like,
and the History that no one remembers.”

One man confides: “I don’t so much picture myself as living-in-a-dream,
but rather in a staged drama, but one with so many players (six billion)
and so many seemingly separate scenes and subplots going on,
that from one actor’s perspective, it is often difficult to discern the overall script.”

Forget the Captain’s renowned duty,
the rebel’s memories should always go-down-with-the-ship.
And totally contrary to conventional wisdom is the inner-outlier’s private position: “Out-of-mind keeps you from going – out of your mind.”

Life In The City (Part 97).
One man had more brains than money,
and the next day, more money than brains,
and the day after that he had more socks than shoes,
and on all of the following, normal days for the rest of his life,
it was one thing or another.

There was once a King who,
whenever foes were captured and brought before him, delighted in saying to them:
“There are two ways we can proceed from here:
the hard way – and the har-de-har-har, hard way.”

(A court page one day asked the King if he had ever considered using
this approach with his own mental processes, and was rewarded first with a
stone cold glare, which proved to be just the vichyssoise before the main course of
a piping hot firing squad.)


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