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Scanning—the Antidote to Linear Thought


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Linear thought and scanning. The natural state of the mind is linear, sequential, reactive thought; scanning is the adversary of this condition. There is no breathing room between your thoughts and your audition of them; you’re forced to stare at thought, because unknown and uncontrolled. So-called “misspeaking” denotes that the speaker is oblivious to what he is saying—because of staring at thought, being affixed to it without benefit of a scanning context. (40:26) #3325

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Banking All The Way To The Laugh
JULY 13, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Local conditions said to the god in charge of its overseeing:
“I need to talk to you about an urgent matter,” and the god said:
“I’ll call you,” and conditions said: “You don’t have my number,” and the god said: “You can email it to me,” and conditions said: “I do not know your address,” and the god said: “I’ll call and give it to you.”
The way things seem to be in the spot where you were born and ordinary thinking remains, is confusing – that is the native name of the place, and if you’re going to stay there, you might as well get used to it.

One guy guesses that the core trick of the great-exploration is to announce
your destination before you have any idea which way you’re going.

An announcement filled with warnings, restrictions and condemnations
can be perfectly replaced by no announcement at all;
most people won’t understand this, but neither would they have really understood
the announcement that the silence replaced.

All second-reality problems have a common purpose – to keep you indoors.

In situations wherein it seemed that solemn communications with his mind were
called for, this one chap would always begin any letter thereto with these words:
“I know what you think I’m thinking that you’re thinking…”
(and you can guess where it goes after that).

A view offered by one chap:
“Taking, ‘No’ for an answer sure can save you a lot of time.”

Fable has it that the furies in this one reality warned the creatures residing therein:
“Do not trifle with us! – being among the viable is serious business;
in one of our closed hands we hold slips of paper that say:
‘Life’ – and in the other we hold cherry jaw-breakers.”
(And one man observes: “Why do you think they call mother nature a muther!?”

And another chap’s cautionary words:
“A bargain offered by a cut-rate reality is best examined most carefully.”

One man smiles as he sometimes imagines his response to annoying stock questions to be: “Stay tuned for my stock response.”
(“Say! – wouldn’t that also work with just one person involved?”)
In case some readers haven’t yet realized it:
Everything written here that at first glance appears to involve two or more persons,
is at heart only about one (and more specifically) about his consciousness.
and the activity commonly referred to as: thinking.
A man asleep is a simile for a man awake,
and everything unbiased said about mankind is a metaphor for the individual.
(Or perhaps simpler): Everything presented in these instant daily writings is about something other than it seems to be; were it not, it would be merely entertaining.
“But I do in fact find it entertaining.”
Then good for you – that is its purpose – in your case.

One man once had thoughts and feelings that frightened him:
he took up dancing, and learned what thinking is really about —
now he is frightened no more.

A question never found on any city questionnaire: “Can you still think while dancing?”

In the physical realm, the permanent reality of a thing is reflected in its appearance, (gold looks like gold);
in man’s mental-only realm, a thing’s appearance and its reality are both capricious.

One man says he dreams of going to a place where he isn’t forced to dream.

Men who can’t distinguish between physical and second-reality
exhibit perfect city-sight.

A father who had just returned from a trip out of town said to a son:
“Thinking that it’s your brain that’s doing the thinking is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make.”
“Thinking that your thinking comes from the brain is perhaps the biggest mistake
you can make.”

And another guy’s submission:
“What harm can waiting-‘til-the-last-minute do!?”

In the city, the two hardest habits to break are:
murder and putting too many words in quotation marks.

It’s entirely up to you to be serious
(it’s also up to you to realize how dumb it is to be so).

Another fellow surmises that the critical device in the Grand Dissertation
is to announce your topic before you have any idea what you’re going to say.

Those who don’t know how to think about man are left with thinking about gossip.

If, after you begin to speak, you can make what you say sound more important than
you originally intended – you’ll always have a place in the city.

Everybody’s in the movies that’s right, it’s true.

This email came into the office this morning:
“I find in reading your daily writings that there is entirely too much talk about talk.
Helpfully Yours,” etc.

Loafing in the park, watching various wildlife, a man reflected:
“If a non-thinking creature could suddenly think for a while –
and then went back to being like it was before, I wonder, as regards thinking,
if many of them would not think: ‘Big deal’ – though I don’t know how they could after they’d returned to a non-thinking condition.”

On the bathroom wall in the Ole Sorehead’s Bar & Gripe-A-Torium,
is scribbled these words:
“No matter the question – the answer always sucks!”

According to rebel lore: there is a final, grand prize for the one who’s collected the most prizes along the way – a bag to carry your prizes in!
(As always, count to a trillion before you snicker.)


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