Jan Cox Talk 3324

Not a Matter of Outsmarting Life, But Outwitting Local Conditions


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Notes by TK

More on the patent untenability of the idea of free will. An example of another, related baseless concept: belief that it is supernaturally evil, that it carries worse-than-death consequences, to deny god, or country—or that a personal, oral insult warrants homicide or a duel to the death for the repair of aggrieved honor. If words were living entities (like bacteria, say), it would explain why men think and talk incessantly without a clue of what they are doing or what they will say next—that their volition is a fiction.

Just as bacteria are ubiquitous and invisibly necessary to man’s survival, why not words as well? What if words’ highest and most efficient activity takes place in man’s brain—for the benefit of life itself? (44:52) #3324

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The Insurgent’s Do-It-Yourself Neural Blueprints
JULY 11, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Dialogical Dance In 2/4 Time.
“To ordinary thinking – everything’s the same.”
“That’s not true, that’s ridiculous: some things are true and some things are false,
some things are real and other things imaginary.”
“See! – you just proved my point: everything’s open to interpretation –
there’s your common denominator – so everything IS the same.”
(The second speaker suddenly wished the whole ballroom would burn down.)

A father told a son:
“Ordinary silence is the same as ordinary talking,
what the man-on-the-case needs is a new and radical form of being quiet.”
“But wouldn’t that sort of thing eventually come naturally to a man as he begins to
make headway in solving the mystery?”
“Yes…….but I just thought I’d mention it to you now.”
(What a man who’d gotten-to-the-bottom-of-things could think to his self
if he wanted to is: “What I now don’t have to say,
I don’t have to say on a higher level than before.”)

When the voice of regular mind came on over his car intercom and said:
“With only six laps to go, and you so far back in the pack,
what’s the use in finishing the race?” –
he got so mad, he got out and walked the rest of the way.

One man mused:
“I can see the mind being like a child, but one who can also act as baby sitter to itself,
but it would be nice to also understand how it can do such an impossible thing.”

A medium has not the capacity to understand the messages it conveys –
unless it is also their source.

In his effort to thwart potential rebellious behavior, one King requires that all subjects take a large laxative as soon as they are through working for the day
(and we’re talking a LARGE one).
Since Princes of the same family can be pitted against one another,
and hormones & neurons can have-at-it with neither being the conscious instigator,
what chance does a lowly serf have!?
(“Speak for yourself!” defiantly barked a rebel.)

You might have cause to believe you’re making some progress if you now have
more plans than local conditions and your congenital mind have objections to.

In his mind, one man treats current events as ancient history.

A tongue told some lips:
“Look – we were told to offer opinions and judgments,
so don’t try to slip in anything less ridiculous – okay?”

Note: A current-event a week-old, is no longer a current event and not yet history,
but is used as filler by the press and laggardly minds.
(Should this be filed under: Journalism, Psychology, or: Warning To The Few?)

Instead of a serene, spiritual paradise, one reality had as its afterlife-reward
a honky tonk; it was standing room only, shoulder to shoulder,
with a line to get in that stretched for miles;
while the local god said he sort of understood it – he said he still didn’t much like it.

It’s not a matter of outsmarting Life, but of out-witting local conditions.

For a nervous-system-insurgent, the thoughts appearing automatically in your mind
are like an enemy’s in-state embassy.

Since, like everyone else, the kid was destined to go to the city,
his old man packed him a tiger sandwich wrapped in a note that said:
“Without something individually selected to look for – a man won’t look, and where you’re headed, you’re expected to neurally look only as much as you have to.”
(The lad and the snack ultimately consumed one another.)

It has now been established with unconditional certitude that the only entity to ever comment on the mind’s “amazingly infinite and unfettered nature” was the mind.

From a human view, some gods go by nom de plumes – not all – but some.
(To an awakened mind — they all do.)

When things aren’t going as he likes, this one guy’ll turn to his ostensible
thought-&-planning-machinery and spit: “When did I tell you to take a break!”

There is a certain man who employs all the popular clichés of the day,
but who says his use of same is different, in that what he is doing is an example of super-extreme, post-modern irony, and when someone asked him how so,
he replied: “Because I have let no one in on the fact that I am being consciously insincere in my adoption of the various bromides,” (an admission which so upset the
ultra-sophisticated person who’d asked, that he had to go take one).

Another reason this kind of activity will never become popular with the ordinary is that it would appear to them to be the only endeavor encouraging change which cannot
(or at least, will not) answer the obvious question: “For what purpose?”

After waging a no-win battle to rid his garden of bugs,
one chap cultivated a garden of bugs.
(The gods overseeing man’s second-reality do not much care for such shenanigans.)

Surveying the struggles common in the city, a foreign synapse, I mean, visitor mused:
“Why do none here realize what being even a general in a pissant battle amounts to?”

Kings (the nutty-buddy, apparent cores of ordinary men’s minds) started speaking in
the royal-we (“We don’t care for lemon custard.” “We aren’t fooled by that new ambassador.”)
because of a congenital characteristic of morons
which causes them to never want to feel that they are alone.

If life is laughable — consciousness is hilarious.
(Note: If you wish to usefully pursue this concept you should actually think of it thus):

If life is laughable — my consciousness is hilarious.


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