Jan Cox Talk 3322

Simple System: Constant Remembrance of “Do I Have Free-Will?”


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Notes by TK

The grief of losing a loved one is not to be dismissed or ignored; it doesn’t come from man’s mind as do words/thoughts. It originates at the cellular level. For one seeking to awaken it is not useful to think about the cellular level’s desire to remember/grieve the death of a loved one. Instead, it should be neuralized—remembered without thinking.

An efficient, simple system for seeking enlightenment would be the simple, constant, remembrance of 5 words: “Do I have free will?” This will continually push your face up against the stunning awareness that civilization is not possible w/o the belief/feeling that we have freedom of will…notwithstanding its manifest impossibility. (41:10) #3322

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Insider’s Jokes For Those Who Recognize The Humor Of Man’s Insides
JULY 6, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

One man could think of things that would make him laugh –
he could also think of things that would make him cry –
whenever he’d think of things that would make him cry – it would make him laugh.
(“Now that’s what I call justice!”)

Everyone’s passport looks different in the dark,
which is why most people have chosen to sleep at night.
And a reader quickly emails:
“It is precisely this type of ‘news item’ [if you wanna call it that]
that gives decent attempts to help others a bad name in certain circles.
Yours, Somewhat – No! – A Great Deal Perturbed,” etc.

Many of the small western towns that had the potential to grow and thrive
were gunned down as it were, by words; most received adequate warning,
but either through their inattentiveness, or words’ wily ability to
camouflage their intentions, the settlements are all now gone.

In the physical realm, it’s better to have something to do than nothing to do…..
unless you don’t want anything to do.

Two facts you might care to jot down:
The indolent will be executed only on Thursdays;
and the King can make Thursday arrive a-n-y d-a-y he cares to!
(Another fact that would make no sense to outsiders:
even though rebellion against the controlling power is his game,
the rebel doesn’t even bother with the sitting King.)

One man was accused of being a serial-talker…..or maybe it was, serial-thinker
(but no matter) the important thing is that he was accused.

Rhyme Time.
Under city sway,
men will say,
“I’ll study the matter,
‘til it goes away.”

From the other side of the world comes this report from one of our correspondents:
“Things here look about the same as they do where you are –
except seen from the opposite direction.”

One man was on drugs for most of his life – and never knew it.

One day in a frustrated voice, a kid screamed:
“If Life is a game – I don’t want to play!” – and his ole man said:
“Well, just as soon as I have a spare moment I’ll write down the name and address of the nearest referee to whom you can submit your resignation.”
(It’s nice to see a family in which the word “dolt” is not too freely bandied about.)

Sometimes when this one reality looks in on the creatures in its charge,
it will turn off the sound and just watch the video portion of their lives,
(“Kind of reminds me of my own pre-history days.”)

One ole sorehead’s complaint, heard coming from man’s second-reality:
“In here, somebody’s always cheering for something.”

You may rest serenely that a city has a future if therein certain claims are made for
the founder of: The Don’t Fall Off The Roof Church such as:
“He has never even been on a roof,” or:
“He falls off intentionally – as a lesson for the rest of us,” or:
“He was miraculously born on a roof.”
In man’s mental-only, second-reality, rents such as these in certain neural cloths simply serve to strengthen the realm’s overall illusory fabric.
Here is what could be, for the populace there, their watchword:
“The great idiocy that is our duty to support, we can only do here.”
(“Papa, wasn’t Only Do Here the name of the man we picked up last year,
hitchhiking in both directions on the highway just outside the city?!”)

Many secret organizations want to keep their activities secret because of the fact that many of them don’t know what the secret activities are that they should be
engaged in.

Rule Number Eleven Of The Rebellion.
If you speak of man impersonally – most men will take it personally.
(Aka: Sheep aren’t interested in hearing about flocks.)

One guy says: “I have a simple motto

It is possible for a rebel’s physical system to be shocked,
but not him mentally traumatized.

Authorship News, Or: Don’t Blame It On The Humidity.
When what you write doesn’t mean anything,
the manuscript pages will stick together.

That guy with the simple motto grouses:

“I notice that no one pressed me to tell them what it is!”

A certain self-proclaimed explorer-of-the-metaphysical,
created what he called: The Ship Of Discovery – that would only sail backwards;
he was soon heading up his own mystical cult.
One man watched so many cooking shows on tv that he became grossly overweight.
“Pa pa, wasn’t Over Wait the name of that hitchhiker we picked up last month
near the city reservoir?”

Only the fully outfitted rebel can say: “Enough’s enough” and not really mean it.

A certain reality suddenly declared: “Mere statements-of-fact need not be made,”
which greatly surprised the creatures in its charge, and they asked:
“Why not?” – to which it replied:
“That I cannot tell you without violating my own directive.”

Irony, paradox and the irrational exist only in the perception of
those with no perception.

From one world was heard the cry: “Hooray for everything!”


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Curiously-Cheerful News
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