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Only at Actions of Others Does Illusory Free-Will Engender Outrage


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Notes by TK

Although in sober reflection the notion of freewill is untenable, in a few heartbeats you are back acting as if you do exercise it. There are two instincts: the animal instinct (to be what you are) and the instinct to act against that animal instinct (to act in the human secondary reality). Freewill is at the heart of the second instinct. The bedrock of all human confusion and conflict is the inability to accept the untoward behavior of others, and the notion of freewill animates it, e.g., “they could act otherwise, i.e., in accord with my way of acting”.

The concept of freewill is not an irksome inconsistency in one’s own life: “I act right, so freewill or no, mox nix”; it is only in the actions of others that illusory-freewill engenders outrage and confusion. (39:19) #3320

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The Voice With No Strings Attached
JULY 1, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

One man says he no longer looks at Life on the basis of how everything
may have affected him and his thinking.
(“A dangerous attitude if I’ve ever heard one!” mutters Life.)

One man recently announced that he is his own reincarnation,
“Congratulations to me — I think.”

Not paying attention is the leading cause in one land of being ordinary.

Sitting physically on the floor in front of a furnace vent on a cold winter’s day
is something like the certain-man doing so mentally before his
unconventional thoughts every day.

Anyone with loyalty to a neural homeland is no real rebel.

“Is there ever any reason for your consciousness to be distracted?”
“You mean other than physically?”
“Never mind, I suspect you know the answer.”

In a certain musically-attuned area of one world, encouraging people to tell,
what-kinda-guy-they-are is like crying out: “Give the accordion some.”

Anyone with any respect for the Mayor of their neural city is not a rebel,
and to-this-thing-born.

One man says his consciousness has a love/hate relationship with
his conventional thoughts: they love it and it hates them.
And another man sends this email:
“Sir: I often remind my mind of that threatening news item you recently reported:
‘Never hang a man who’s just taken a laxative.’”
(He sent an attachment of him laughing — nervously.)

Contests in the first-reality are decided constantly each day, but no scores kept:
in the second-reality, the opposite is true.
He who sees this can find his way to rebel camp.

In The King’s Dungeons.
A man with a ready confession is not worth questioning.

If you tell a woman about your ills and adversities,
she will comfort you and be sympathetic;
do the same with your own inborn mind and it will react similarly;
a real man adores women, and their natural traits,
(you should be able to guess his attitude toward the other thing mentioned).
A person who lets their self cry for their self has only a sham self.
Gazelles are born to be dinner for someone, and dogs to be home for fleas;
so what the hell are humans expecting!?
(“That’s all quite interesting, but it’s still just words…..unless you’re a gazelle,
or a dog…..or an exceptional human who just lives life and doesn’t entertain his
congenital mind doing a voice-over thereto.”)

A good news story is not properly reported until it is reported to death;
this is true both in the media and in your head.

Every time Life hears a human say:
“I personally do not believe there are such things as coincidences,”
it shakes its head and has a nice chuckle.

A King told a Prince: “A ruler should never look upon anything that befalls him
as ‘bad luck,’ but rather as what would be his good luck had it happened to his foe.”
(Later at supper, the elder leaned over and whispered to the younger:
“All in all, you simply do what it takes with your thoughts to keep them from
mashing you into the wall.”)

A chap pondered: “Is the ultimate insult to be told you have cheap genes? –
or on the other hand is that the world’s most inane comment?”

Here is another one of those disgusting laws that ordinary people have the decency
not to notice:
If you think that others should change to your way of thinking –
you’re not satisfied with it either.

In a face-to-face confrontation with a group of the creatures in his charge,
the local god told them:
“You’re all a bunch of two-bit bimbos! – I like two-bit bimbos.”

A man at a bus stop with a dictionary makes everyone uneasy.

A kid asked his old man: “Is indifference hereditary?”
and received a shrug and reply: “How should I know.”
He then asked his maw: “Can anger be inherited?” and she spat:
“Leave me the hell alone!” and thus he received the answers to his big questions.

If your conception of what’s going on with Life comes solely from within your own native grass shack, everything you think you know will be unknowingly frond-flavored.

Note: It’s hard to get genes to betray their nature;

inside his own nervous-system, this is the rebel’s challenge.


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