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“Freedom of Will”—More Confounding Than “God”


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Notes by TK

Words/thoughts of the mind are of two categories: 1) comforting and 2) disturbing. If words are the vassals of men, why do men use them so consistently to conjure up disturbing images…rather than comforting ones? The most difficult and confounding notion for man is not the concept of god, it is the concept of freedom of will. What can really be said about freedom of will?

The basis of all law, it is the most slippery and obstreperous of all beliefs to defend and espouse, for men are forced to exclaim “The devil made me do it!!” in their hapless, helpless behavior. “Free will” is the core of religion—of second reality itself. (40:22) #3318

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Shrouded Maps To That Certain Place
JUNE 27, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Picture & ponder this expeditious model: Man’s consciousness consists of two parts: Life’s mind and your mind, and if you will directly observe in yourself and indirectly
in others, via their words and behavior, two interesting aspects of this arrangement manifest themselves:
(1) When Life’s mind is talking in your consciousness, yours cannot,
(at least it normally does not).
(2) Only a scant few men want to exercise any control over that part of their
consciousness which is their mind.
Some ordinary people say they want to change-their-thinking,
their state of consciousness, but the desire comes from Life’s mind, not from theirs, and the way you tell is that the desire is always prompted by an outside influence, (e.g.): a young man from a rural background moves to the city for more rewarding employment, and soon has the perception that his social standing there would
improve if he changed from talking-like and identifying-his-self-as a Baptist
(or some other fundamentalist follower) to being perfunctorily a Presbyterian
(or some other denomination considered more liberal and representative of
a high rung on the socio-economic ladder).
Or another example:at his job, based on his determination of the
predominant political persuasions of management and of those promoted,
he decides that his possibilities for advancement would be enhanced if he changed from being a Democrat to being a Republican. Note that in both instances,
the desire he experienced to change his mind and inner position was due to circumstances outside of him; and also note, in either instance, when you do nothing
to your own mind & thinking, such changes are always less than satisfying.
Those pursuing the great uncommon goal reported on here daily, need to grasp the simple fact that Life’s mind is what men ordinarily call their mind, and they must
realize that if you attend only to Life’s mind, you will never develop or satisfy yours.
By operating through ordinary men’s consciousness (posing as their mind,
thoughts and intangible desires) does Life prosecute its own needs,
(and thank Zeus for man that it does), but Life (for whatever future purpose) has also
left room in man’s consciousness for the possibility of a man pursuing some goals individually via the part of consciousness that (as per this model) is his mind.
In ordinary men, this mind is almost entirely untouched and unused; it is only the certain few (to whom these daily writings are addressed) who have a pressing
desire to get their hands on it & see what things extraordinary may result therefrom.

Then there was this other really considerate reality who, whenever it would accidentally catch one of the creatures in its charge in an embarrassing position
(with their pants down, so to speak), rather than make the situation worse, would give a wolf whistle and say: “Nice legs.”

Remember: if you’re voted into power, you’re not a real King,
and you have no real power — but, such is the structure of authority in goopy lands, (man’s second-reality, for instance).

On dull, yucky days, one man will often send his self an email that says: “Congratulations! You’ve been especially selected…”

Frequently when a man is found funny by his friends, he doesn’t understand why,
so just keeps on making them laugh by just being-his-self (as far as he is concerned).
(This is also not unknown at the professional level with certain actors.)
“Excusez-moi, but may I be permitted not to think about how this one might be
applicable to me and/or consciousness as I already have had one quite sizable
headache today.”

Those who don’t think more than they have to, are allowed (if not encouraged)
to talk more than they would have.

A local god mentions that every time one of the creatures in his charge becomes infatuated with him and starts a religion honoring him, and gathers up some followers, it soon becomes clear to them and him that they don’t know what they’re doing,
and before the whole thing can fall completely apart, he’ll slip in and tell the
religion’s founder to start a Building Fund Drive – which will prove to have no end –
and everything will be fine.

Words: Projectiles Which Can Curiously Go Beyond The Intention Of
The Weapon That Fired Them.
Frequently found at the fringe of festivities was a chap who was given to yelling at the revelers: “Fun!? – FUN!? – hey! – don’t tell ME about fun,”
and thus no one ever told him about fun.

After someone in the city says something they obviously intend to sound profound, don’t ask them what they really mean by it – they don’t know,
and it embarrasses them.

Those really in authority don’t have to tell you so directly.
Life’s reputation for subtlety is not ill deserved; for proof, just look at man’s
fascination with self-deception – for his imagining he has powers he has not,
(and further note): there is nothing that forces him to face this fact.

Not only can you take-it-with-you – what choice do you have!?

A certain physician in practice for some years, one day suddenly thought:
“Unless it’s something I can cut out, sew up, or medicate without benefit-canceling
side effects, there’s nothing I can do that helps people.”
(He wondered if his brothers [one a priest, the other a psychiatrist]
would be interested in hearing this.
Question: Do you think the rest of the world would get anything from it?)

Regarding Man’s Unexamined Sense Of Having Free-Will.
Wherever the elephant wanders,
is where the fleas he carries
say they wanted to go.


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