Jan Cox Talk 3316

Forcing the Attention to Now, Away From Memory, Is Effective Route


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Notes by TK

Consider how curious professional sports are. They are neither a goods nor a service; you pay to watch people at work. Is the description, the recounting of a past experience, to yourself or another, a real thing, as the experience itself was? Memory is real in a sense, but it really doesn’t exist and you are doing nothing in such indulgence.

It is the mental mongrelizing of time, a removal from the present moment, the here-and-now. In effect we can move in time in our consciousness, to past or future, making civilization possible. Yet awakening exists only in the here-and-now. The most effective struggle: forcing attention to now. (44:51) #3316

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The No-Serious-Nonsense Journal Since 1788
JUNE 22, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Thought one man:
“Do men’s minds ever say they don’t understand a particular thing simply because they don’t want to?”
(This thought rattled him and caused him for a moment to wonder if he had even understood the thought he had just had.)

One day one man looked at his self up close in a mirror, alone in the bathroom,
and said: “I am sincerely sorry for everything hostile I have ever said about you.”
(Then went on about his normal business.)

When one man heard an ad that said: “We are the future of used car buying,”
he glanced at his thoughts — then shouted at the radio: “Boy! are you guys late!”

The Great Savings Available Outside The City.
For less than four dollars a day, a savvy lion can feed his entire family.

One man created this huge, complex system that explained why he was as he was; why other people are like they are; how everyone should live and think,
and even the purpose of Life;
he had great plans for his system – until he realized he was just a mind.
(Who believes that the gobbles coming from a turkey’s mouth are his idea?)

“I once met a most unusual man.”
“In what way?”
“Any impact the past had on him was negated by his having forgotten it, and he was further protected by his not believing in the existence of an unconscious mind.”
“So how exactly did all of this impact him?”
“I can’t say specifically – but I could definitely feel his inner unusualness.”

When he heard it claimed that:
“Sustained economic growth is the sole salvation of poor nations,” one fellow mused: “And wouldn’t that kind of growth, were it mental, do the same for my poor mind?!”

Having no barrier reef before the beach of his frontal lobes, they were defenseless against the relentless pounding waves of man’s commonly extant thoughts.

What is it in man that makes people who don’t know what’s going on
freely admit, even announce that they don’t know?

“O Scourge Me Not, On The Lone Pray-ee.”
When the threat of death was presented to those who would not betray-their-convictions, one man sighed: “Thank god I have none.”

If you are inarticulate and regularly unclear when you attempt to explain your actions, and the thinking that went into them, you are relieved of significant additional exertions that would be required of you otherwise.

One man suddenly realized:
“I have never kept silent when the thoughts in my brain wanted me to talk.”

He wanted to appoint one neuron in charge of unplugging his mind if it ever
appeared to be brain-dead, but he couldn’t find one smart enough to understand
what he was talking about.
(“Hey Sheriff – maybe if we double back on ourselves we can catch up.”)

Even though the family appearing on the TV quiz show won the grand prize,
the producers refused to give them the money,
saying that they hadn’t acted excited enough at their victory.
(“Was that a family of neurons?”)

One man does not confine the target of his censure to one or just a few people,
(such as his mother, father, or school mates), but rather blames every person
on the planet for ruining-his-life.
(“Seems fair to me.”)

Though the concerns men publicly debate seem to affect all – it is an illusion:
there is a secret few they do not touch.

One man suddenly realized: “I’ve never really suffered,
I’ve just let my thoughts make me act like I have.”

Finding something wrong with anything humans do is a real challenge.
(“But one thankfully, that humans are up to, right!?”)

This email just in:
“Several years ago I was in bad shape mentally,
then I started reading your web page every day,
now I have no idea what ‘bad-mental-shape’ means.
Yours,” etc.

One man suddenly realized: “I’ve never heard myself scream.”

At a no longer young age, a man confided:
“Out of all the people I used to imagine I was, I’m the only one left.”

One man suddenly realized: “It’s all just words.”*


*And the totality of man’s second-reality verbally sardonicized: “Tell me about it.”

What’s left after you get through talking about a matter is what you had before you started.