Jan Cox Talk 3315

Properly Ignoring a Problem Can Make It Go Away


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Note by TK

Without consciousness there are no problems. Consider: is being asleep a problem? Or the desire to awaken? (35:30) #3315

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Surveying The Secluded Sets Solely Suitable For The Neural Insurrectionist
JUNE 20, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Concerning The Line Of Succession
Of Those Who’ve Seen The Light.
Only the man who came right before you and who was at least as awake as you,
(and who just died) is worthy of remembering,
(and he should be forgotten as soon as possible).
Though the normal human mind loves the idea and feeling of heroes,
once a dazzling gold crown is buried in the ground
it becomes then just gold – dead, cold, elementary gold.

One guy is now just a shadow of his original self,
(“And, thank gawd,” he adds).

The ordinary mind is like a pre-schooler’s goose pull toy,
whose head turns back and forth as it rolls,
the action being produced by but two gears therein.

The reason you’re told in the city that, “ignoring a problem won’t make it go away”
is because if you learned how to do it correctly — it would.

What is seen as variety in man’s second-reality is but an expanded version of
the old shells-and-pea con.

Those continually prepared to get-on-the-bandwagon
couldn’t get a job carrying a tuba case otherwise.
“Without being popular – I’d be nothing!”
Question: Who said that? – a King? – a common citizen? –
a mind’s common thoughts?

One captain, after studying how everything that happens at sea is justified, then pondering how it can equally seem otherwise, came up with his own salty motto:
“When it rains it rains – and when it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

The physical world (the first-reality) reproduces itself through sex,
man’s mental-only-world (the second-reality) through words.
(“Well! — isn’t that fair enough!?”
Do you hear anyone complaining.)

Even though such ancient intangible events are difficult to spot, one man avers that
you can date the time consciousness became fully operative in humans:
“It was when man ceased listing autobiographies as fiction.”

Another neat thing about being a real rebel is that you can never retire.

One man declared: “I regret that I missed the Industrial Revolution,”
and a second said: “I AM the Industrial Revolution,”
and a third chap standing nearby mused:
“I hope this means I’m the Information Age.”

A strong King’s judicial view is: “The innocent must not go free.”

Mused one man:
“If my mind is a computer, then the thoughts that came with it are a virus.”
(He wiped his glasses, then reflected):
“Is man the only creature born ill? – or is it his mind that is? –
but if the latter, how is it well enough to conceive of the possibility that it might be,
and to ask such a question?”

Once man could say: “What I am” – he ceased to be exactly what he was.

Words that are placed together in such a way as to attract and please your mind, are meaningful – even if they don’t mean anything.
(This is a tough one – but chew it down to the gristle and you’ll have something.)

Tit For Tat (And Another Tit Just For Good Measure).
Being sick in the city is no reason not to eat,
nor is being innately stupid any reason not to still pile-it-on.

People who don’t realize what’s going on with Life feel that
something terrible is going on.
Whenever the lions laying under the tree would deign to acknowledge the crows
in the limbs above, they’d at best mutter: “Speak for yourselves.”

Merely mentioning something to a rebel’s mind can be as good as trying to explain it.

One man discovered that with great effort & an abandonment that came naturally to him, he could fit a metaphor into a metonymy, then cram ‘em both into an allegory.

Communication with an awakened man may be entertaining — but it is useless —
unless you’re half-awake yourself.

One guy who thought he’d been particularly mistreated by Life,
(but also believed he’d borne it heroically) said: “I can take it” —
(which proved to be a damned efficient attitude —
in light of everything that happened to him after that).

If you don’t care what people think of you – they won’t much.

On a button worn by a certain inhumanly ferocious and blood-thirsty warrior,
(printed in letters so small that you have to get your face right up to it to read it)
is the message: “O! – Hi there!”

One god says that his job would actually seem boring to a human.

One afternoon while puttering around in his back yard,
a man suddenly bolted upright and exclaimed in his head: “A noun is not a home!”
If men had any notion of what words are doing to them, well……let’s just say that
it wouldn’t be a pretty sight (leastwise not for a pretty young thing like yourself).

One guy’s take on the whole affair is that the only reason metaphors are necessary
is because reality doesn’t actually exist.

The Great Seeing.
One good I is all it takes.


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Contrary to published reports, two of the eight man team that writes Jan’s Daily News were not electrocuted last week in Peru.