Jan Cox Talk 3312

With Time, the Talk of Experience Becomes the Experience


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Notes by TK

There are two categories of human experience: physical experience and the verbal descriptions (to others and to self) of same. Scientific descriptions are a small subset of verbal rendition. The two categories are absolutely distinct and separate but humans do not distinguish between them. To quit verbal recounting and embellishment of experience is to suspend complexity.

The physical experience of being alive is not complex; the mental entanglement of reiteration of it is. With the passage of time, talk of experience assumes the same simple form of the experience itself: more along the lines of a laconic scientific description. (55:41) #3312

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Inner Travel Guide
JUNE 13, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Everybody has a windup toy in them, which Life has thoughtfully already wound up, and just as thoughtfully has caused men to call by another name entirely.
(What a little joker Life keeps proving to be!)

One man will only think about matters he has heard other men mention.

Everyone’s a dedicated Pole,
and those who aren’t are dedicated Catholics,
and those who aren’t dedicated Catholics are dedicated Democrats,
and those who aren’t dedicated Democrats are dedicated Kowalczyks, and those who aren’t dedicated Kowalczyks are dedicated Members Of The Human Race,
and those who aren’t dedicated Members Of The Human Race
may be candidates for enlightenment.
A scorpion among centipedes is impotent unless he identifies his self
(sorry, that should say: IF he identifies his self).
Suddenly hearing a samba being played in Uzbekistan reveals that a rebel has again shaken his consciousness free of the trance.

If a particular place to shop is an important part of your itinerary,
then you are an ordinary traveler.

To many would-be sojourners, the words/thoughts of others represent Shangri-La;
to the certain-man, only his do.
(“I guess that saves you a lot of money.”
A lot of something.)
Footnote: Only Life would think to have those hired to do voice-overs on
travelogues of foreign lands to speak with an appropriate fake accent
even though they speak the native tongue.
If you look at this from a certain perspective it can lead you into a surprising
realization concerning the activity that ordinarily and mechanically goes on in your brain, and which men refer to as thinking.

Previous Story Amplified.
To be on the safest possible side, you should not think about matters that
you have not heard about from other men’s words.

Press release: “Inside his skull, one man has more ______ per square inch than any other living human.” (You fill in the blank.)

Based on his experience, apparently there is always more-where-that-came-from;
for a time he thought this impossible, but by gawd his own experience has
proven otherwise.

The city area of one man’s mind was commonly known as,
The Winter Capitol Of Iceland because of all the, well you can figure it from there.

One man’s ordinary thinking could put his consciousness to sleep so silently
and effortlessly that even Dr. Kevorkian is envious.

Maps of the world mean nothing to a man whose attention is fixated on Warsaw.

Military Update.
One guy uses the inborn area of his mind as a practice firing range.

Pretending you’re from some other place will cause those of ordinary mind
to believe you’re more intelligent, and one man will eat only food he prepared.

Mentally living-on-the-edge is what keeps the rebel alive mentally.
Like a reptile laying in the sun, the certain-man arouses his self by exposing his mind to the bombardment of uncommon thoughts.

International Trade.
His own self-gained understanding is the only product one man will export.

Those who don’t-know, won’t admit it – and neither will those who do.

The uncommon part of his consciousness became to one man,
a symbol of what he had become.

The trick is to get thinking out of its natural environment — your thinking;
only then does it actually have some place to go.

Not having a dog (but being a man) one guy became man’s-best-friend.

From an early age, the inborn part of one man’s thinking pretended it was Homer,
and began telling him what proved to be a lifelong, captivating saga.
(“I say old chap, I don’t believe that particular dynamic is confined to
but one man……no, not hardly.”)

The true traveler attends to no story but the one he has created
through his struggle to awaken.


Jan’s Once-Only-Told News
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