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City Mind Requires Like/Dislike, Just the Starting Point of the Few


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Notes by TK

Every proposition has dual facets that the mind takes to be comprehensive, conclusive, i.e., the presented choices encompass truth and falsity. Each choice is either completely true or false. The ordinary mind works on contrast: like/dislike; the dichotomy of binary options. The revolutionary mind takes such options as mere starting points in an investigation beyond both. (48:33) #3310

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The Manual For Models From The Unconventional Assembly Line
JUNE 8, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

Noted a man to his self: “I find that my attention can be automatically drawn to
my digestion, and it can be drawn to my thinking, but the one place it is NOT ever automatically drawn is to that special type of thinking lurking in me:
the only sort of which I approve and personally benefit from.
What’s wrong with my automatically anyway!?”

Everything that man says and thinks he is, is in his consciousness,
and his consciousness is in his brain, and his brain is in his body,
which is run entirely by chemicals and electricity;
question: Why would any man be told such a thing? Jeeze!

When certain types of battles commence,
the generals who show up wearing the most medals, get the biggest bullets.
In city corporations, the board member who has best proven his self an idiot
is the one on the way up the ladder of second-reality success.
(“Why would you ever change chowder-heads in mid stream!?”
injected the current C.E.O.)
Thinking more than you have to does have the downside of potentially
interfering with publicly recognized success in your city pursuits.

What is more fun for ordinary people to talk about than their impotency
(most of the time) to handle their ever-shifting inner conditions!?

While looking at men one day, Life mused:
“I can’t believe they haven’t all caught on yet.”

Creating extraordinarily original stuff in his head is, for the certain-man,
all joyous celebrations, wrapped into one activity.

Sighed a man to his self: “So little time – so much to think about.”

Being a laborer with ordinary consciousness in Life’s great enterprise
is like experiencing the thrill of adventure without the adventure.

Once an ordinary man has talked about his self to his satisfaction –
he doesn’t have much else to talk about.

Pondered one chap:
“If you once knew something extraordinary – but have now forgotten it –
do you still deserve some credit?”
Sure – why not.
“Which does me – what good?”

If you have to ask someone else (such as maybe, a spiritual teacher)
“what good” something has done you – it hasn’t.
“I would have eventually figured that out for myself, right?”
Sure – why not.

The great adventure cannot be pursued using a compass obtained from another.

If you can think maximally – you can speak in shorthand (especially to yourself).

More About Life In The City.
Having a blowout at ninety miles an hour is not necessarily a problem;
having on your new white trousers at the time can however, prove embarrassing.

Amplification Of A Previous News Item
While looking at men one day, Life mused:
“I can’t believe they haven’t all caught on yet,
making them all want to DoTheThang.”

Found written on an alleyway wall:
“Ordinary philosophy is the attempt to wipe your ass in an earthquake;
ordinary religion is the attempt to dry your eyes in a hurricane;
ordinary art is the attempt to quench your thirst in a desert, and ordinary thinking is
the attempt to become more athletic by reflecting on baseball statistics.”

A band of radicals in one area wave as their verbal vexillum:
“There is but one question attached to all endeavors: What is the desired result?”

Offers one observer:
“The benefits of men’s ordinary thinking are about the same as
that of low cholesterol cyanide.”

The extraordinary thoughts that help awaken a man never go through re-writes,
or revisions; they may later be entirely replaced (even forgotten) but never edited,
(for one thing: what other part of your mind is to do such?)

There is a singular freshness to awakening thoughts
that the certain-man recognizes instantly.


Sang a chap for no discernible purpose:
“I’ve been über-fied,
I’ve been goober-fried
and the fat content of my thinking remains unacceptably high.”

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