Jan Cox Talk 3309

Never Speak Without First Knowing Every Word to Be Spoken


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Notes by TK

The awakened do not speak, in manner or matter, to the ordinary such that it would upset them. A surefire system for awakening: never speak w/o knowing in advance every word that you’re going to speak. (41:33) #3309

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Providing Custom Sanitation Service For The Certain Few
JUNE 6, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

In a battle on one world, one side settled themselves behind a barricade,
and defiantly proclaimed: “Here will mark our stand –
and ‘tis here, we are prepared to die!” – and the opposing side thought:
“Well how perfect for us, for ‘tis there that we are equally prepared to kill you,”
and they all lived happily ever after.

On one world in all their sporting events, both teams wear the same uniform,
the benefit being (they claim) that this way games go on so long that spectators
really get their money’s worth.
(“Okay – who won?”
“He who didn’t ask.”)

In one respect, originality loses its value the first time it is plagiarized.
When you’ve eaten someone’s knock-off Twinkies, your potential to appreciate
the real thing has been strangely skewed.
(“That’s why I stay as far away as I can from my congenital thoughts.”)

One guy says he suspects that in private,
most famous people are about as exciting as white bread.

Property News.
From a certain perspective, each person is the boundaries of their understanding.

Conversation Fragment.
“There’s a difference between talking smart and being smart.”
“Perhaps — but not much.”
“Well….okay….but there’s still some, right?”

A teeny little area near one man’s frontal lobes keeps fearing a raid by the Fun Police.

Only the defeated and the dumb remember the war.
Once an eagle starts to fly, you can kiss interest in the nest good-by.
Contrary to the claims of everyone else: The only way the inner-rebel achieves his goal is by NOT remembering where-he-came-from.

Planning your future is not the same as having a future.

One guy gives us our, Indubitable Fact Of The Day:
“Small mines give up only small pay loads.”
(“Pardon me, but are you saying, m-i-n-e-s, ‘mines,’ as in, gold mines,
or m-i-n-d-s, minds?”
“Ah! – you got me!”
“Hey Luke, how’d I get ‘im! – what’d I say?”)

In man’s spiritual, social and intellectual affairs, justice may not prevail,
but inanity does.

After hearing repeated references regarding people talking to themselves,
one chap sniffed with disdain:
“Now whatever would I be doing conversing with my inferiors!?”

“Gossip is always the same.”
“How about backstage?”
“Go see for yourself.”

Whatever it was, if it was actually you who did it –
you’d never feel a need to apologize or explain it.

To an outlier’s ears, all of ordinary men’s talk is hyperbole.

After some exposure to the ideas surrounding activity such as this,
one man wrapped up his grasp of it in these words:
“It strikes me as air conditioning for the mind.”

Cross-currents make only trial-size minds cross.

Looking intently (and not altogether pleased) at his head in a mirror, one man said: “There’s no doubt that I deserve the best – and look what I got.”

One man asks that someone present the following question to
the appropriate authorities:
“When certain information is said to not be ‘user-friendly,’
does that mean there is an inherent aggression in the information,
or that the information is aware of the antagonism with which it will be met?”

A Dialogue.
“Garbage doesn’t smell.”
“You’re crazy – it always stinks.”
“No, I mean it has no sense of smell, and thus cannot detect the presence of
any other garbage.”
“I don’t get the point.”
“But you still benefit from it.”