Jan Cox Talk 3308

All Talk About Feelings Reinforces the Captivity of Temperament


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Notes by TK

Everybody is bound to their own temperament.  TALK about temperament however is another matter.  Talk about how one feels is uniquely human secondary level reality.  Initially, talk about feelings was necessary to foster civilized behavior.  Animals just ACT on their temperament.  Man’s talk about temperament is what underlies the feeling that something is wrong with life. 

All talk about feelings reinforces the captivity of temperament.  Talk about what you are does not reveal what you are, and you must know what you are to awaken.  Talk about yourself is always a distortion…an inadequate and unsatisfying enterprise.  (50:59) #3308

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Shearing The Wool From The Fashionable Man’s Cortex
JUNE 3, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

After overhearing remarks regarding people, talking-to-themselves,
this one ole sorehead thought:
“Boy! – that sure wouldn’t do for me! –
as hostile as I am, I’d end up for sure in a nasty confrontation with myself.”
(A man who overheard him think this, didn’t know what to think about it ?!?!)

One man believes that words are aliens from outer space.
(His brother thinks: “Inner.”)

Proffered one chap: “Reality is the totality of facts – not things,”
and a second countered:
“Reality is the totality of thoughts – not facts,”
and a third guy, hurriedly passing by (either late for a date, or on to something)
added the final word: “Reality is the totality.”

Out-there is one drama – in-here is another;
obvious as hell,
yet only the certain-man can see it.

On one planet, the local god has a variation of the spiritual approach
deities usually employ in dealing with offenses the creatures have committed
toward them: when one of them comes seeking metaphysical forgiveness, pleading: “What ever can I do to make amends for my terrible transgressions?”
he mutters: “Write me a check for eight thousand dollars.”

According to one source, a sure sign of low intelligence and breeding
is the saying of the comment: “So what!?”

Looking back can make you go back.

And according to one entertainment program, there is a world in that galaxy
where celebrities are paid to endorse reality.

And just about everywhere, people will say just about anything
to get you to either pay attention to them – or leave them alone.

The inner-outlier can always squeeze one more mile out of a gallon.

Suddenly at unpredictable times, this one man will say aloud:
“I only have one question (and that is): What is the question?” –
and after having heard this for six or four thousand times,
his partner will sometimes sigh good-naturedly – and sometimes not.

Almost every time he passes a mirror, this one chap will stop, get up real close to it, and say to his reflection in the glass: “Look – I hate to bring this up….”
then turn and walk away — leaving in his wake….

Talking is a team sport – even when only one man is present.

Nursing his drink in the corner, one feller says he often feels like stupidity is a mountain climber and he is Everest.
To more easily be able to slip into the place where The Secret is:
have no corners.
(One man’s natural mind whined: “You’ve almost ground me down to nothing!”)

One man who had a partner, denied it,
and another guy who didn’t, claimed to,
it’s known as the Partner Gambit.

In certain places, things abhorrent on a small scale become dazzling on a large one.
(“Now there’s no way that one’s about consciousness.”)
Being sure-of-yourself in second-reality matters is almost as good as having your
skull peeled back.

Things would be different for people in the city if they didn’t think they live where
they reside.
(“Yeah – and that the uncontrollable dog in their yard is theirs.”
Very good.)

Hearing people’s predictions for the future is almost as much fun as not.

Though no one wants to face it (especially man’s metaphysical delivery systems),
that which is received is determined by the nature of the receiver.
(“What the hell are you talking about!” is the official, unstated policy of the city’s
institutional trucking companies to this fact.)

In one land it is firmly believed by some that eventually a man named Phooey!
will be elected president.

The motto of one King was: “Put everything back like you found it,”
while a neighboring monarch’s was: “Rearrange everything you find,”
while a third ruler had as his motto: “Pay no attention to those other mottos.”
If (has been alleged) the thinking of the certain-man is almost like a third-reality,
(a place beyond both the Universe’s physical reality and man’s mental-only one):
it would be a place wherein mottoes could not survive.

Every day, one guy had but the same prayer:
“Sweet Caroline, don’t let me whine.”


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