Jan Cox Talk 3306

In Secondary Reality, Two Things Can Occupy Same Space


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Notes by TK

In the secondary reality, two things can occupy the same space…which is impossible in the primary reality. Multiple religions can exist co-located; ergo: conflict. There is no conflict in the primary world; there is dying off of the old, creation of the new. Primary reality is a stasis of sorts, stability; secondary reality cannot be stabilized; conflict and tumult is its essence. Secondary reality is like man has opened a door into an empty room and life doesn’t want him to know it’s empty, and thus keeps its ‘objects’ in constant motion (like the wind: invisible and unperceived unless in motion). (38:42) #3306

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Reporting The Stories That Profitably Shake Up The Few
MAY 30, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Conversation Excerpt.
“By comparison, man’s normal thinking always looks bad.”
“By comparison to what?”
“You don’t have the ability to understand.”
“How do you know that?”
“If you did, you wouldn’t have asked the question about it.”
“Dammit! – ain’t that always the case!”
While curiosity can be considered a sign of intelligence, the continual asking of
man’s oft repeated questions signals something quite different.

In talking seriously about man’s inner-only-world,
a person can (for the moment) turn it into whatever their thinking wants it to be –
and with no harm done! –
in that it will snap right back into place and be ready for the next person’s personal interpretation thereof.
No matter how you may treat Santa (even dismiss him)
next time you look in the place where he resides – there he is –
ready for whatever may come his way.
What mere reality can match such a realm!? Hah!

Even if you can’t sing, you can sing someone else’s song,
which will largely distract others from realizing you cannot sing.

When you are labeled a scholar in a particular area, you are then free to speak in a tone of authority that shows you expect your words to be taken most seriously.
(In Reality Sector 7-C, intellectuals get patted on the head by warriors.)

One dude was so bad that he shot himself before he went on his killing rampage.
On one world the reason most comedians don’t make it is they hold out
the punch line ‘til the very last second.
Every day Life thinks: “I have got to get a leg up on the Universe! –
tomorrow for sure!” – but a cosmic tomorrow never comes.
The certain-man’s relentless neural efforts are what flat-lines his line-of-time,
sparing his drowning in the ever-churning illusory sea of Past & Future.
When your ordinary mind is forced to be-here-now, what does it do? – it vanishes.
(“Neat trick.”
“I can’t take credit.”
Known only to the few is a magic trick in which the trick automatically does-itself
just by the magician thinking about it.
“Double neat!”)

Concerning a man’s journey, struggling to awaken from the dream,
a father said to a son:
“Those responsible for your imprisonment are necessary for your freedom.”
“Does that mean their attitude toward your captivity changes over time?”
“No, your understanding of those to whom I refer changes in such a way that you realize you can, with the flick of an eye/I, turn them into what you like: friend or foe, captor or emancipator.”
“What a bunch a wussies they must be.”
“If you only knew.”
“What are you trying to say?”
“If you only knew – you’d have The Secret.”

One man has a prison hidden under his desk……….well,
he does whenever he crawls under there.


As they stood in the main entryway of the great library surveying the impressive scene before them, a father waved an arm toward the area on their left and said to a son:
“Just think what you’d know if you knew everything in every book in the
Social Sciences & Humanities Sections.”
“Which would be what?”
“Just think.”

Snatch Of A Conversation.
“So, you’re legally blind!?”
“No, legally stupid.”
(Not everything must be made official.)

Without the concept of sequence, numbers would mean nothing;
without the concept of sequence, words would mean nothing;
having the concept of sequence helps hold man’s mind to the status quo.
In one land they finally figured out the fatal flaw of their ancestors’ time:
Things made too much sense.
(Flying sideways is how they eventually got the hovercraft to work.)

Ordinary people who believe they hear voices from the future
have been conned without the physical presence of a con man.

One guy’s conclusion:
“Those who learn how to start a parade never go back to watch it.”


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