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“Sleep” Applies Only to Those Attempting to Awaken


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Notes by TK

You’re only asleep when you think you are. To hear/read “man is asleep” and be impacted by it (i.e., your nervous system is attuned to it and reacts), creates the circumstance of your own sleep. It does NOT put you to sleep; it, as it were, catalyzes your awareness of sleep. The ordinary, who think they are not asleep, are not asleep! (41:27) #3305

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The Journal Of The Unusually Sane — But Abnormal
MAY 27, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

And again you ask: “What is this strange activity you few pursue?” –
it is the effort to do that which is extraordinary –
and that which from your view is extraordinarily useless.

(One guy’s private name for it is: H.B.G.H.S.B. —
How Bubba Got His Swagger Back.)
Poets have sung: “I have seen the face of beauty — and joy engulfs my soul,”
and prophets have said: “I have seen the face of evil and despair floods my mind,”
but where is he who sees the picture frame that holds such inner views?
Just thinking about kumquats will never reveal their nature –
you must think about your thinking of kumquats.
(But normal trains find it unbearably tedious, trying to pick up their own tracks.
Only the specially-wired man can double-back on his self.)

Storytelling Gone Awry.
There is a fable that tells of a time when gophers and eagles were in partnership;
the tale goes on to say that the fable is misleading in that what really occurred was
that at one time gophers and eagles were the same creature;
the story notes that such errors are generally not noted, and is what rots the heart of standard fables (which is to say): misuses words and perpetuates the confusion
that man experiences due to his mind’s ignoring of the distinction between first, physical reality, and its special second, intangible variety.
One guy says that words would not suffer the bad rep they do,
did not men so mishandle them.
Note However: Ordinary men handle words just as they are supposed to –
it is only among the certain-few, engaged in that certain-search,
that other needs and possibilities privately arise.
If your native neural language is French, and your thinking speaks to you only in French, you will never get out of France.
Those wanting to pursue the Great Expedition must discover how to have
the conscious part of their brain speak to them in words that are totally original;
no already known language of rhetorical structures will do;
words must become guideposts that are unique to your individual inner journey.

The dissatisfaction of being a city-based philosopher is that one’s inner, mental voice never seems to carry above the noise of the stomach and the stench of
inactive neurons.
Running inside a wheel is not the real frustration;
not realizing that your own mind is the wheel, is.

The ordinary seek vacations in faraway places, whilst for pleasure,
the rebel hardly needs leave home.

In observing the normal effects of aging, a chap ruminated:
“With the decrease in a man’s sex drive, a woman loses her ability to influence him; why does nothing similarly occur between my automatic thoughts
and my consciousness?”
The treatment man receives at the hands of Nature, only a fool tries to describe.

The further you are away, the more ominous appear the gods.
(Also the thoughts that automatically pass through your consciousness.)

Those who have nothing special in their life
often like to think they have a mission in life.

From a mass collection you could pick the certain-man’s diary by the fact that
not once in it does he refer to his self.
(Indeed yet another expeditious name for this off-the-books-pastime could be:
Science Made Personal.)

The so-called grace-of-the-gods is not man’s greatest comfort: that comes from habit.

After listening to some of the creatures in its charge incessantly chant:
“We would know the Truth! We would know the Truth!”
one reality finally said to them: “Okay – but also know this:
it will be charged to your account at some unexpected and inopportune future date.”
(The certain-man’s approach to this takes place in silence and secrecy.)

The religious speak often and angrily of “the enemy,”
while the certain-man never mentions him –
and if he did, it would be with smiling affection.
(“I’m cute when I’m dumb.”)

After a slow and uncertain start,
humbug and balderdash are now making great headway.

What common men refer to as romantic love most resembles:
domination without violence.

Confides an ole sorehead sitting in city park:
“I have heard it claimed that no man can tell the whole and complete truth about his self no matter how hard he tries nor how long he spends doing so, and to that I say: ‘Thank god! and: who cares?!’ ”

A religious voice once said: “The existence of the Devil can only be doubted by
those in the grip of the Devil.”
(Those trying to arouse themselves from the dream – take heed.)

The routine optimist is a man who acts like he believes that the obvious and inevitable can be at least postponed.

Business News.
The many seek an ongoing merger,
while the few work to establish their own private enterprise.
If you’re trying to crack-the-case and you find yourself in good-company –
you’re in bad company.
(Only run-away sheep are worth the wool they’re written on.)

If it’s not your habit – it’s barbarous.

Someone once wrote: “If man is truly a reflection of god, then god must be a coward,
a sadist, a thief, an idiot, and a liar,” which literally sounds defensible,
but then ask yourself: “How could this be so?” –
and there’s only one circumstance in which it can be so —
a circumstance which ordinary consciousness is incapable of grasping —
curious, why? — because consciousness provides the sole circumstance in which men ask such questions and ponder such puzzles.

Some have said: “You must suffer to be noble.” (So that explains it, does it?!)

The many commonly dream of returning to a non-existent past,
while the few struggle to move forward — into a no time, into a no place.

The true rebel is he who will not even bow to the laws of mathematics.

It has been humanly said: “Evil is that which is not in accord with Nature,”
but who wonders how man gained the miraculous ability to mentally perceive
that which is beyond Nature (as he calls it)?
Common man claims to be astounded by the presence of “evil” in life,
but not so by the apparent existence in him of the capacity to ascertain such
an unnatural thing.
How is it that a creature with two eyes can see a matter that requires three
without anyone ever noticing the discrepancy?

Sheep shit is Truth to a wheat field, and rotted meat Enlightenment to a possum.

Much of mundane mortal talk is an unrecognized attempt to
adjust one’s self to the inevitable;
if you allow this to happen to you,
you will never experience the secret, liberating name-change.

If you are not driven and sustained by ideas original with you –
your name is still: The Many.

Those who deny the existence of gods on the basis of their failure to show compassion in their overseeing of human affairs never consider how consciousness came to apparently display the features which ordinary men attribute to their concocted deities.
The correct question is not: “Why am I like I am?” but rather:
“Why do I think I am like I am?”
Only one ship in a billion will make the effort to examine its own keel and barnacles.

Words are the music of the mind;
some hear funk, some hear country, others, madrigals:
(appeals to the hips, the heart and the intellect);
for the man attempting to solve-the-mystery, words serve a cause beyond these obvious three: they are the sole trail of clues available to the special-investigator,
and as his inquiry progresses, words increasingly sing to him,
secret songs of such elation, that he oft expects his brain to explode in joy;

such are the private words that are the music of the certain-man’s mind.


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