Jan Cox Talk 3303

To Awakened Consciousness Everything Is One-of-a-Kind


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Notes by TK

Storied havens such as Shangri-La, Camelot, Eden, Utopia, etc., are metaphors for the third reality. To awakened consciousness everything is one-of-a-kind. Sort of like how popular songs are unique and endlessly nourishing to men. One-of-a-kind-nesses are like cobblestones on the road to enlightenment. Everything in second reality is fungible: barren, inedible. (40:24) #3303

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Redefining For The Few, The Concept Of Intelligence
MAY 23, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

The dreams potatoes have of heroes come in two flavors:
those of super potatoes, and those of another vegetable family entirely;
question: which do you see as having the greater potential for superiority?
(“Are you insinuating that one’s own home town could be as interesting as
a foreign locale that has captivated one’s mind, but which one has yet to visit?
I must say that I find this somehow disturbing and now wish that I had not tried to unravel and understand it to begin with.
[Is there any way that you can make this train back up?]”)
Well, sure — everybody wants their money back after the train has
jumped the tracks.
(“Pa pa, how old do you have to be to start teaching yourself to pre-wreck?”)
“Just old enough to ask about it.” (There’s no trivia like tuber trivia.)

One man was so into humbleness that when he wrote his autobiography
he gave his self a pseudonym.
(Muttered a passing defrocked attorney: “God obviously loves a moron.”)

In one land, a doctor will only call you under two circumstances:
when your last tests have revealed that you are seriously ill – OR:
when you haven’t been to see him lately and he has a house note due.
In one place they use Doctor as a metaphor for the inherent King in your mind.
(Also in the rougher part of town, it is sometimes known as:
“The thoughts that appear automatically in your mind will surreptitiously
kick you around like you can’t imagine.”
Counters the thinking normal to one man:
“Anything that goes on behind my back is of no interest to me.”)
And there it is sports fans: A blindingly brilliant description of: Being-asleep-and-of-ordinary-consciousness.

On one world, talking about a matter will always make it sound more serious.
(This world, [in case it wasn’t clear to you at first blush] is in man’s mind.)

If you’re not ready for a sexual relationship to fall apart,
forget about counting-the-ways-I-love-thee – there is only one, and it cannot speak,
(plus, attempting to count the ways will ultimately and fatally
loosen the wheels on any little love wagon).
(One father’s tip to a son: “Let hormones do their job in peace;
neurons already have quite enough to talk about without getting herein entangled,
[what with that entire inner reality they’ve created for man’s distraction].”)

In his efforts to get-his-way, one man would often tell people that he was dying,
and one day someone told to him that such a gambit was not really going to
do him any good; he pondered this for a bit, then curiously asked:
“Are you referring to dying, or saying that you are?”
(as he was simultaneously thinking: “This could be important……maybe?!?”)

Fragment Of A Conversation.
“Don’t look for morals to those situations where none exist.”
“And where might that be?”
Question: Can you answer that question?

There was this one fellow who would often preface his comments by saying:
“I probably shouldn’t be telling you this…” –
then one day he suddenly seemed to start heeding his own musing.
(In a certain obscure quarter his popularity quotient immediately rose.)

As evening was putting out the gin and looking for the olives, one dry chap confided: “There are some parts of Life that I enjoy, and some that I don’t,”
and from the shadows a voice reciprocated: “Life says the same about you.”
And a man listening to all of this mused:
“Life (leastwise as it appears in the stories here) sure will put people up to
making a lot of semi-humorous and meaningless little comments on its behalf……
and you know what’s weird, until I started reading your Daily News,
I never noticed this.”

A neat story with no moral attached is much more than a mere story,
or else is the man whose mind can read such story
and not itself attach a moral thereto.


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