Jan Cox Talk 3302

Third Reality Encompasses 1st & 2nd, the Locale of Awakened Mind


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Notes by TK

The third reality simultaneously takes into account, encompasses, all of primary and secondary realities. It is the place where extraordinary words can live. Awakened consciousness is third reality but it, too, is intangible.

Belief in any secondary reality concept (e.g., God: Yahweh, Allah, Krishna, etc.) automatically precludes third reality/consciousness. You can’t limit yourself to secondary reality polarity and understand what is going on in life. (43:50) #3302

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Buoying The Body & Mind Of The Inner Outlier
MAY 20, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

No matter the dance you dance, you pay the same cover charge as everyone else for your presence in the city ballroom.
Once you’ve accepted the hearty Queen’s invitation,
it doesn’t matter then whether you take sugar for your tea or not –
you’re trapped at the table-of-easy-marks.
(Also in one hole known as: If you let your mind put the thoughts of others in its mouth, you lose all personal discriminatory taste.)
Cows comfortably amidst the herd can’t tell one thought from another,
nor realize that the ones it hears in its own head, it has heard before elsewhere.
No one knows what they’re going to say next because ordinary minds cannot fathom
a line distinguishing their in-here from the out-there.
Life tells standard men what it wants them to think,
and even more quietly assures them that this is what they wanted to think.

Even though a normal man’s mental state is directly impacted, if not determined-by
his emotional one, about which he can seem to wield little-to-no influence,
the nervous-system-rebel is like a little hummingbird who, in spite of the conditions, feeds in a hurricane.
While only a few avail themselves of the ability, a man can emotionally feel-like-shit, but simply by making conscious mental note thereof (and perhaps having a small chuckle thereabout) shed his self significantly of the mood merde.

The extraordinary adventures experienced by the special explorer are not
peopled with heroes and villains, but by everyday men and women engaged in
the everyday behavior appropriate to them;
what makes the enterprise extraordinary is that the explorer sees their lives
for what they are, he peers into the essence of ordinary human existence.
Some men see aliens from space;
the certain-man sees the men who say they see such things.
(A father asked a son: “Would you rather know what you presently believe
you want to know, or know the facts?”
“You know, now that you ask me in that manner – I don’t know.”
Question: Do you know what he means?)

After hearing an expert mention the number of cells in the average human brain,
one fellow looked suspiciously at his own head and said: “I want a recount.”

When the natural, ordinary thinking in a man’s brain speaks – he listens –
and generally takes what he hears quite seriously.
Query: Can you give this real mental scrutiny and then say it makes acceptable sense to you? If so, your mental scrutinizer is a junker.

Expansion Of A Previously Covered Story.
The extraordinary adventures experienced by the special explorer are not
peopled with heroes and villains, but mostly by his own uncommon analysis of
such concepts. He properly working to solve-the-case does not so much
think-about-other-people as he does study the thoughts that magically appear in
his mind about them.
There’s a reason it only rains in Spain on Tuesdays, but thinking/talking about the Iberian peninsula and the second day of the week will never lead you to what it is.

One native creature attempting to tell other natives to change behavior native to them is akin to telling a territorial aggressive wolf to take Sundays off.
Commonly do common men speak of humans as being eternally flawed rather than being forever human.
(“Curious, huh?!”)

The silent areas of a man’s nervous-system will speak the script they have been
given long before his talking-consciousness hears it overtly in his head.

Unlike when you’re young and nearer to normal, when you’re dead (and closer to super-normal) the different days of the week do not have an individual feel to them.

One chap once labeled this unusual activity as:
“An Insider’s View Of The Inseam Of Life’s Trousers.”

What follows is claimed in one land to be that world’s shortest interview:
The Interviewer says: “We have with us today Mr. So-&-So whose highly unusual ideas are being widely and wildly discussed. Welcome, Mr. So-&-So.”
Interviewee: “Hello.”
Interviewer: “Before we get into your most provocative ideas, will you tell us something about your background?”
Interviewee: “No.”
Interviewer: “Well thank you sir, and that wraps up this interview.”
This email just in:
“I say! I must ask again why the inclusion of such material as the above when on numerous occasions you have stated most unambiguously that the sole subject of these Daily News stories is consciousness?!
Yours For Faithful Follow-Ups To Stated Intentions,” etc.
No question about it: when you‘re caught you’re caught.

“And thank god I’m finally dead and it no longer matters to me.”
Okay, is anyone going to say that they don’t see how that one is about
nothing but consciousness?