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Consciousness Can Exist in a Third, Extracted Reality


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Notes by TK

Negative human emotions are funny, in a way…in you. They are NOT funny when another person has them however. Then they are deadly serious and worthy of respect. Secondary reality is the outlet, playground, for thinking that is not required to be involved with primary reality, i.e., solving physical problems.

Secondary reality literally creates itself as each mind makes up whatever outlandish and foolish pronouncements as well as serious philosophical/psychological speculations. But consciousness can exist in a third reality; this is the domain the few desire to place extracted thinking from secondary reality. (41:49) #3301

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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How To Be An Internal, Unknown Big Deal
MAY 18, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

A couple of features of the uncommon interest known variously as:
wanting to wake-up, achievement-enlightenment, etc. are that to profitably pursue their common goal you must be a quite normal person — and you must also be a natural freak; and in addition to all that, you cannot become trapped in either life-style;
at the very least you are a secret person within your visible one:
a secret person clutching at a secret which no one can clearly define.
For a few — what a life! — what a stupendous way to spend six or seven decades.

Though not noted, the men most remembered by history stared a lot.
(The city doesn’t trust a man whose eyes are overly active.)

You can try to sound enigmatic to cover up your lack of understanding,
or you can speak in that manner for the purpose of causing those interested in
your subject to have to mentally participate in what you said;
indeed in some instances, almost forcing them to really think.
Thus when you hear cryptic (but perhaps intriguing) comments,
you may be confronting a moron or else someone who knows something you would
enjoy discovering (at least in part) for yourself.

One man commonly concluded his comments by saying:
“Of course you only have my word for that,” then one day it hit him! – “Yikes! –
and so do I!”

While no one knows the exact time – everyone feels that it is too-late.
Only those working to crack-the-case can slow down the internal flow
sufficiently to be-on-time – to be in the present.

You are physically always subject to conditions,
and if you are ordinary, likewise mentally.
(“Pa pa, does everyone have to be ordinary?”
“What’s your suspicion?”)

Continuously there are people who suddenly, for just a moment,
seem to be on the verge of coming-out-of-it;
but whatever causes this, passes and they are quickly back to normal.

In some duller areas, criticizing others’ hobbies is itself a hobby.
In the city, for the natural inhabitants, there is always something to do;
perhaps meaningless and delusional – but still, something.
(When you are fully enamored of second-reality, one kiss always leads to another.
[Aka: You can’t keep a good hallucination down.])

For the certain-man to remain the special man he is he must forever be an avant garde version of his self.

Words can trample all over you and you never notice;
indeed, if you are normal – it is a certainty.

In the city it is not necessary to know your mind size: one filter fits all.

It takes no originality to build bridges to places you have already been,
but to fashion spans to untouched territories – now that’s another matter entirely.

In a subdued voice, one man confides:
“I only sing duets; not necessarily from my own desire – that’s just the way it is.”

No matter how many times you refinance your residence in the city,
you will feel that you are still in the vague debt in which you started out.

If, past a certain point, the more effort you make to awaken, the looser you don’t get – reexamine your methods.

One man shares these thoughts:
“Many of the world’s great thinkers have said that all civilizations seek to tell a story;
(obviously the world’s greatest thinkers are mostly pinheads).”

The certain-man’s mind (when it is functioning as it should)
is always either creating, discovering or entertaining itself.

A father gave this city advice to a son:
“Put on the suit, go to the office, talk about profit-&-loss, play the visible role,
but in your mind always hold the picture of the throbbing, passionate heart
within the breast of every docile sheep & dimwitted cow.”

Is it clear to some by now that everything humans have ever put into words is,
to the certain-man, metaphor and allegory?

Reveals one chap:
“I hate what the condition of my stomach can do to my emotional and mental states;
I only wish I could hate as much what the condition of my mind does to my mind.”

A leap of faith: A guess made by an ordinary man that apparently and surprisingly proves valid.

Everyone that a normal King appoints to his cabinet he deems to be men of the
highest caliber (since they are all him).
You can’t be as powerful as is possible if you have a queen (that is) a partner.

Though he understands that he would be deemed a contemporary chauvinist
were his personal sentiments known, one man says his private attitude toward
his automatic talking-consciousness is that of the classic coarse man toward women: “Shut up and get on your back.”

Most of the people who say they want to wake-up really just want to be pacified.

The Inner World Of Words Vis A Vis Television Shows.
You can talk about things (Antiques Roadshow),
or you can talk about talk (Meet The Press),
or be like the nervous-system-rebel and tune in to the unauthorized pirate stations.