Jan Cox Talk 3275

You Must Believe in the Imaginary to Be Wounded by It


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

You can’t experience discomfort except in areas you’re aware of. You can only experience mortal (human) problems in areas you imagine you’re aware of (i.e. secondary reality). You must believe in the imaginary to be wounded by it. People w/ problems give others problems. Thoughts w/ problems bring more problems. All automatic thoughts have problems. (25:47) #3275

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Publication For Those With Lights In Their House
MARCH 18, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

In the conscious area of the brain, two modes of activity are possible:
thinking and dreaming; one is mental activity that is focused-on,
and which goes-through some object or conditions outside the mind,
while the other is feelings poured directly into consciousness.
Not having a constant, real-time realization of their difference is what the few have historically referred to as a state of mental slumber.

From our reading audience comes an email from a gent who says he has reason to suspect that he is not the actual author of the previous emails he has sent us,
but says upon further reflection he would urge us to take the entire matter as being
a metaphor for something else. (He says he believes this will work for him).

After a lengthy study of their people, one kid asked his ole man:
“Why is it that man cannot find this truth of which he so often speaks?” –
and that night the elder told him a bedtime story:
“There was once a lad who desperately wanted this very special toy.”
“And?” prodded the boy.
“But if you actually located it – it disappeared.”
(Does not that qualify as: very-special!?)

Exempting the scientific knowledge of the universe:
all the other knowledge known by ordinary men is knowledge invented by
ordinary men.

One man says that earlier this year he suffered a minor stroke,
(although the stroke says it was the other way around).

In the city, the most substantial defense is to forever stay-on-the-run.
(Ideas in retreat
can always stand the heat.)

The collective thoughts of your community are the hallowed institutions in your head, (and vice versa).

If they offer to make you a Marquis, ask for a Dukedom;
if they give you that, insist on being a Prince, and if they deliver on that,
demand to be made King, and if you succeed at that,
first thing you do is have them all executed while there’s still time.

Remember: The majority is always right;
also remember: Only the majority believe that those on one side of the bus are right and those on the other side aren’t.
(Aka: Obviousness Number One Hundred & Eighty-Seven):
You won’t get to Cleveland unless you get on the bus marked Cleveland.
In spite of their sputtering protestations to the corncob: Ordinary men DO get
what they want – they just don’t understand up front what Life has made them want.

One of city park’s philosophers said: “I find it quaint that men speak of the
passing-of-time when it is we who go and time that stays.”

In some ways a snappy saying is like a snappy hat…..not in many…..but in some.

Though not generally realized: the gods of some realities have a second job:
many of them are lexicographers.

A real ruler never forgives anybody…..he doesn’t have to….he simply forgets them.

Sang one wag leaning against the bar (perhaps a little too far):
“Life is just a sentimental journey – to nowhere.”

Mary & The Lamb (Emblematic Of Other Famous
Internal Dance Teams).
Noted the Lamb: “If I don’t eat Mary she’ll sure as hell eat me.”
It’s not as much a matter of the King actually annexing everyone’s land
as it is his endlessly attempting to do so;
mind is relentless in its efforts to consume all of consciousness
and only the certain few offer any resistance.

A reader emails: “Before I started following your daily writings
I either thought about a lot of things, or else I thought I did.”
The Queen of Hearts becoming uncertain of her authority is the opening needed
for a real game of crochet to occur.
From one perspective: The ordinary are madmen dancing serenely with themselves.

More Regarding Where Animals Can Reside.
Man is the only creature who has an indoors.

“Remember,” chided the King’s favorite historian, “assassinations have never
affected the course of history (except for those twenty-four hundred instances I already mentioned.”
‘Twas noted that he is His Majesty’s favorite, right?!)

With exasperated finality the captain declared:
“This time you are all going to have to get off for good:
I simply cannot keep sinking and re-sinking this old tub indefinitely.”
(Clearly not a city trained skipper.
The good news however is that Mary can’t swim and the Lamb can’t get wet.)

“In man’s second-reality (la la land): some things cannot protect themselves.”
“Hey, I thought that there, everything protects itself;
I thought things have to, to survive?!”
“Sir you are correct: Allow me to reshape that:
In man’s second-reality (la la land): nothing can protect itself —
though everything appears to.”
“Does that contribute to the confusion men have concerning this special area?”
“You could say that.”

More City Tips.
Don’t look for metaphors in the King’s interrogation chambers.
If an ordinary person gets on the verge of actually thinking individually,
their synaptic knees will buckle, and they will give in to their sheep genes,
tumbling headlong into humanity’s collective mental activity.

A chap pondered: “Is it possible that words can now support the very structures
they purport to represent?
Might the success of the British parliamentary system be due to the fact that
it is conducted in English?”
Ordinary men who underestimate the effect words have on their lives, their consciousness and their conception of reality, are doomed to remain ordinary.

“A rhetorical question is as good as a regular question.”
“What do you mean: ‘as-good-as!’ – it’s a lot better than!”

A city mechanic’s latest theory is that brakes are to forward motion as silence is to talk. (An idea which his brother says is viable & flyable only if you have a mind like
a ’58 Chrysler hemi-head).

More Dual Palaver.
“Why should you ever try to do this?”
“What this?”
“This this.”
And there my friends, IS the reason more don’t do this.

As they lowered the old warrior into his final resting place,
evidently the most that could be found to say over his body was that
he had an unflagging interest in good whiskey, hot sex and fatal incidents.
(Upon hearing this, many of the people present who didn’t even know him, cried.)