Jan Cox Talk 3273

The Rebel Has No Neural Homeland–Outside His Head


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

There are 2 types of written culture: textbooks and teachings. The former conveys factual experience and attempts to understand life; the latter conveys thought and attempts to understand consciousness. Only the latter can succeed; understanding external life is ipso facto unattainable. Teachings arise from “magically” appearing thinking w/in a man’s brain; thinking over which he has had no hand in creation and control.

Teachings are offered (and accepted) as matters of fact when they are not. In seeking to understand life, men are really seeking to understand consciousness; that is all that is required to instantly understand everything men want to understand. But men will investigate everything BUT consciousness in this pursuit.

Consciousness has no natural inclination to study itself. Why so? All that is necessary and utile for awakening is inside your head—not in written teachings. (44:11) #3273

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Rebel’s Exposé Of Needless Conflict
MARCH 14, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

The outlier’s perspective of ordinary man’s inner world could be tied up with these verbal ribbons:
Only the uncertain is necessary in the second-reality;
only the second-reality is unnecessary;
only the unnecessary must be vocally defended;
thus only the second-reality must be vocally defended because it is both unnecessary and uncertain (and the final wrap up): Only the uncertain is unnecessary.
If the word unique has any relevance it is in its application to man’s inner-only, secondary world of reality;
it is what defines man;
it is what gives man his superior powers;
it is what allows men to forever dream of a better environment tomorrow
and live partially in a dream today;
man’s inner conceived second-reality is mankind’s boon,
and the certain-man’s private bane.

To keep his writing fresh, this one author keeps his mind as far away from
his normal thoughts as possible.

The D.I. told the knight recruits:
”It is good if you can be shot and not be injured,
and it is good if you can be cut and not be injured,
but it is better still if you can be insulted and not suffer.”

Remember: The true rebel has no neural homeland.

On his shoes one man wrote respectively: “right” and “left”
so (says the man) his feet can devote their attention to more important matters.

Also remember: Though everyone (including the rebel) is born in a particular temperamental zone, the latter has no allegiance thereto.

If the angry are accepted as man’s intellectual beacons, real thinking hasn’t a chance.
(A goose asks if you’ve noticed that animals lacking a melancholy streak to their nature are scarce represented in poetry anthologies.)

One conventionally concerned city-ite says:
“It’s not so much me I’m worried about as it is my nervous-system.”
And notes another guy:
“I am never troubled by my condition until I go into my I-mode,”
which spurred still a third chap to muse:
“Can you be conscious without having a sense of mental-I at its center? —
is that the trick the certain-man is able to do?”

The ability, authority and attractiveness of the second-reality is in its uncertainty.
If men’s minds wanted a conclusive deity they would have never moved their view from the physical external world to the inner one.
Thought knew what it was doing by having mind create gods from intangible scratch.
Man’s entire second-reality is based on the pliability of Little Jack Horner.
Did not consciousness operate beyond the laws controlling physical reality,
men would be but baboons in britches.
(Recall: ‘Tis a boon, but unchecked: also a bane — to some.)

Local conditions in one place (working under the name of god)
decided they didn’t want the creatures in their care to like them –
that is, until they realized what it would require.
There are several activities that would be suicidal for a flock that an individual sheep here and there can pursue in safety.
For a few: A boon – for the many: catastrophe.

All mirrors have an intelligence of their own and after thinking about this,
if you say they do not – there is your proof.

Nothing mind can discuss is perfectly to scale – unless everything is –
and if everything is, then there’s no need for scale.
The awakened man’s eyes are both telescopes and microscopes
(and the nose bridge that holds the two together).

The collective thought and reality of man is whatever Life needs it to be at that particular moment and location, and while this is healthy and required for the many,
it offers little nourishment to the inner outlier.
The manna falling on everyone will not feed the few;
those who find the internal promised land cater their own expedition.

Those who can’t take it – take a break.

When they hear this activity spoken of, many people say they don’t understand what is being talked about – when they do.

Those who can’t take it – take a break – often permanently.

The ole man told the kid: “The most thorough waste of time possible for a person
is to get angry about second-reality matters,” a comment which then the lad could never not remember every time he would get angry about some second-reality matter.
(“That’s right Pop – fuck up everything for me – PLEASE!”
(“My pleasure — what’s a genuine father for!”)

While first-reality conflicts can break your toes and crush your ankles, worse still
is how second-reality ones can splash mud all over your inner dancing shoes.
From a more expansive, unnatural view: consciousness is hobbled by the normal thoughts Life automatically provides.
The man who would have a comprehensive garden must cultivate his own flowers.

One man began referring privately to his natural thinking as:
Wanker’s Central.

An Unrecorded Growth Chart.
At first he awaited the calling of his name with great anticipation;
then gradually became bitter whenever it was not called;
after that he often would not respond when it was called;
he finally changed his name and moved – and ultimately stopped attending
roll call altogether.

Once you have a stone castle — you can stay in a temporary tent.

The gauge of success in the first-reality is to live;
in the second it is to claw your way past your critics – then become one!

No matter how repressive may appear a particular inner government,
it will always be sufficiently open to allow the existence of the Irony Party.

Over a flaming birthday cake a lad said: “’Tis time to grow up and get serious” –
then he keeled over dead – (amidst much applause).
“It’s good to see things going as they should,” said one man –
(speaking on behalf of every ordinary man.)

All local conditions want to be known as a god;
and if they can pull that one off, they then want to be known as a reality.
The Universe giveth and the Universe taketh away;
Life giveth and Life taketh away — but only from itself.

One superlatively, second-reality stamped city chap says he is starting his own personal: Illustrated Dictionary, saying that the time has surely come for
all pictures to have their own words.
From Attila’s blood does Lancelot’s image emerge.
Children and ordinary adults from nothing create something and forget the process;
the few never do.

Once you have found the key: there are parts of the toy you can wind
unnaturally tight without putting unprofitable strain on the rest.

What real rebel wants to hear whatever follows the words:
“This is going to be non-disturbing…”