Jan Cox Talk 3271

The Paradox–The Aim to Awaken Depends on Talking Consciousness


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Talking consciousness is especially insidious when it assumes the aim to awaken, and talks about same. This subverts the focus on silent consciousness. The paradox: the aim to awaken depends on, has its source in talking consciousness. You can’t awaken w/o it. Its tone of voice is unchanged from that of the meaningless babble when it speaks to remind you of the aim. What can you make of that? (33:22) #3271

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Certain Man Knows That Only One Person Knows For Sure
MARCH 9, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

A special-investigator in one kingdom says: “Ignorance doesn’t stand in the way of solving-the-case, neither does stupidity, bad luck or metaphysical misfortune;
the real hindrance is indiscreet seriousness, and alas: many of my companions do not understand the word, indiscreet.”

This same inner outlier tried a hard-nosed scientific approach to the matter:
“Premise: If there are innate matters of objective seriousness then they were on this planet prior to conscious man’s appearance: So: what were such?”
(For reasons, inter alia, this is why our kind of special-investigators are not usually invited to the regular private-eye conventions;
their interest is in cases that produce stats, supported by billable activities:
matters foreign to the special dick’s field of passion.)
Ordinary minds want to know who shot cock robin and what’s being said about him
(now that he’s ka-put!) while the certain-man’s thoughts are always on the complete scenario that allowed cock to appear and seemingly meet his end.
Aka: Everyone else wants to know the details of Red Riding Hood’s story and how it ended while the rebel wants to know: “Why cometh there to be such stories –
but once they are: How cometh no one to recognize their origin?”
Personally clearing up this simple-sounding query sets the certain-man’s mind free – free from entanglements that other minds never even see as such.
Aka: The awakened rebel leaves a prison which none of the other six billion detainees see as a prison (in other words):
What he accomplishes is a non-accomplishment from their view.

Said one member of city council: “I move that we establish a
National Useless Enigma Day to honor our poets, which was followed by another member’s reaction: “I for one personally resent that comment, for I respect and understand what our poets attempt to do.” Then the first councilman grabbed the mic again, pointed to his colleague and said “In that case: I propose that we use him as fireworks to celebrate the Day and as proof of my resolution.”

As concerns the usual sequence passing for progress in the affairs of man,
one ole timer said to the kid: “Consider bunky: If you never got sick in the first place, how could you ever get well?!” And the lad asked: “Has anyone ever pulled that off?” And the elder replied: “Flip through the neural pages of history and watch out for obscure instances when there seems to have been an unexpected but delightful explosion that covered everyone in goo (or who later read about it).
One village’s view of what makes city buses amusing is their insistence on trying to drive a straight course when such is clearly beyond them.

If you allow someone else into your art (to sing your song, read your poem,
interpret your writings) it is no longer art.

Rubbing his hands together with that inverse glee emblematic of ole soreheads,
one of their ilk recently exclaimed: “A really neat thing about overcast days is that
you can’t tell when the sun actually rises.”
(Was about to add that it’s a good thing more ole soreheads don’t go on to become
full-blown philosophers, but suddenly such a comment seems already dated.)

One kid says he has selected his heroes objectively, but when it was pointed out that they were all just external reflections of his own inner dreams about his self he scoffed: “Mere coincidence! – just like the rest of life.”

Remember: A man with just the right attitude can be upset about anything.

A reader emails:
“It seems to me that in your writings, reason is routinely and royally askewed.” Well, as-kews me!

One guy’s lips suddenly announced: “The day of meaningless small-talk is over!”
He then looked at his partner – his partner looked at him – and in unison they both cried out: “What’ll we do NOW!?”

For you who just don’t get-it, who simply can’t see the stranglehold polar-based reality has on human thinking consider another example:
Why have you never noticed that the only people who talk about equality are the privileged and the unprivileged? No one else cares — no one else notices!
(“So you’re saying that thinking about stuff like that will wake-you-up?!”
Well it sure won’t make you sleep any better.)

Terpsichore Tip Of The Day:
If, as soon as you step on the dance floor, they offer to play your favorite tune –
run for your life!

One man gave his neural occupation as: “The construction (for use by would-be mental giants) of shoulder pads for pygmies.”

“If far I see,
‘tis an anomaly.”

According to Hollywood insider lore:
the first sight gag was the appearance of talking-Adam.

A reader writes:
“If, as that old line urges, you could: run-for-your-life then why do not more intelligent men do so?”
Sir: Where have you been.

There is no such thing as: no-such-thing.

One of the city park’s philosophers recently declared to passersby:
“Has oft been said that: ‘Women love love – not their lovers’ — and I say to you: Hormones know what they’re doing.” He then grabbed his backpack and ran.

In all ordinary kingdoms, no matter the people, the religion or culture, their
Defenders Of The Faith are in fact the local guardians of Life itself,
in that men must be able to dream of having some greater purpose than is evidenced by their insignificant individual existence.
From a much further away view it could be noted that only the imprudent attack religion while only the inane support it.
(No matter how the game changes, Life manages to keep all his hands covered.)

Politics are for those lacking the mental balls to engage philosophy.
(Soap operas for semi-men.)

One man will reply to questions only if his replies are not listed as his opinions
(in other words): He will only answer queries if his responses are put down as facts
and not opinions.
(“Seems a fair enough trade for me to spend my valuable time answering their questions.”)

There’s a new chap wandering through city park with a happy face and active arms crying out for hours on end: “Can you believe it? Can you believe it?”

In the ballroom, at the conclusion of their last song the leader of the orchestra noted: “Words that rhyme have a secret connection,” which was picked up by the tenor saxophonist who added: “Yes – just like all other words,” and by the back bar stood a father and son, the latter who waved his arm toward the dispersing dancing couples and injected: “How is it that even with the clear connectedness of all of men’s mental operations they fail to recognize similar arrangements in the world outside their head.” (His old man at that moment realized that the lad was old enough to stop drinking.)

Animal Husbandry Amidst Mastery.
A “fixed” king will never again sing.

During the regular: “Let’s Be Positive Time” at the weekly Ole Sorehead Anonymous Meeting, one would-be reformed burr-brain spent his turn on this offering:
“At least a man-with-a-long-way-to-go can go a long way.”
(Some of the other attendees seemed to find this interesting….not many….but some.)

One guy’s slip-tee motto is: “Going crazy’s the easy part.”