Jan Cox Talk 3270

Each Moment, Focus On Silent Rather Than Talking Consciousness


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Only the few are irked enough by talking consciousness to seek to limit it by focusing on silent consciousness, as and when they can, to greater or lesser degree, moment by moment: that is all that’s ultimately required. (43:33) #3270

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Behind The Scenes Peek
MARCH 7, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

Some folks wish their friends and family would become rebels in the hope that it
might stop them from complaining.
Generals say there is no wrong reason for joining the army, nor for dying for the king, (which wraps that one up nicely).
“Truth tell, Pa pa; are there any wrong reasons for a man to want to wake-up?”
“Better word than wrong would be, foolish: any dream a man has that waking-up
will give him powers to engage in sleeping activities to a heretofore
inexperienced degree tops the list (such as being so enlightened that you can
instantly make your adversaries see the errors of their thinking, and if not:
vanquish them) it will not happen & it does him no harm (other than add to his delusions).
Before you crack-the-case you have a thousand-&-one plans built around the
secret information you will uncover, but once you see what it is, all plans are off.”
“May I assume that comes not as a bad thing.”

Once you catch onto what is really going on, nothing after that is ever a bad thing.

Regarding his own mental line-up, one coach says he has adopted the infinitely changing designated-hitter rule whereby any time he doesn’t know what he is doing
or should be trying to do, he calls someone who’s at least freshly stupid to the situation to the batter’s box who thus may potentially be capable of some meaningful, new approach. (He admits it has scarcely proven beneficial in practice and yet the mere adopting of the policy has strengthened the team’s resolve [or reinforced their resignation, he says he has trouble distinguishing the two.])

One ole man’s advice to the kid: “Never take an answer as an answer.”

Myths are only real and worthwhile as long as men believe in them —
and as long as the horizon seems to recede and the sky appears to expand,
men need myths.
Once you can say, bed, and once you can crawl under one in fear –
the haints will appear.
”Do not forget son: You carry the snake – you carry the snake-bite remedy.”

Who will Life’s neural history remember: the king who captured ten thousand,
or the thought that freed one.

In the second-reality market place, the price of prattle is tied to the cost of breath, (though none seem to take it seriously).
Otters skim right over flood warnings in the papers (if you haven’t noticed).
Now that the region has been freed (and because of its cute name)
everyone now wants to say they are from Okaydokaystand.

Amidst what he hoped would be the final lap in his race one neural runner revealed:
“I now clearly find two distinct views flow every question (pant, pant):
My view, (pant) and then my other view,” (pant, pant,)”

The driver looked up in the mirror to face all the children, kings and squirrels in the bus and reminded them: “Psychological influences on man occur only in his special inner reality and also remember: man made up that inner world.”
(And for once the riders did not hoot and holler, but rather all quietly began to examine their prune separators.)
There are two ways to get somewhere in the city –
but neither of them will take you any place.

Without Mary, the lamb would not exist and without the lamb, Mary could never know with absolute confidence whether she existed or not.

A king exclaimed:
“A man who will not take my metaphors seriously shall not marry my daughter,”
and with one voice the entire village shouted back:
“Giggle, snicker, chortle and guffaw!”
Insiders’ Royal News.
The most difficult move for any sovereign is to overthrow his self.

Every time one investigator discovers some new tactic that aids in his cracking-the-case and waking-up, he also realizes it contains a short-cut,
but as soon as he applies himself thereto he forgets about it being a short-cut
and it becomes the new main path down which his inquiries take him.
Point Being: The reality of what the short-cut is will one day blindside him and his eyesight and pep-level will dramatically increase, causing his eye balls to pop.

There is often some difficulty in getting parts of Life to make sense from the human mind’s perspective: like a break-away state fighting for freedom from a motherland whilst condoning slavery in its own midst, but the super-alert, special-investigator trying-to-solve-the-case sees another level of “logic” in the ongoing affairs of Life wherein what appears to ordinary minds to be matters most complex and ironic,
(if not outright insane) could not be more simplistic, predictable and quotidian.

One guy’s secret joke about his self is that he will sometimes suddenly think of how he is in a certain regard compared to how most everyone else is in that same regard and about his self will ask the rhetorical question: “How does he do it!?”
“And he calls that a joke?”

One guy likes to use the word quotidian (when there is a cornucopia of other quite sterling synonyms available: banal, mundane, prosaic) and ‘tis most certainly its
breast related sound that has attracted him to it.

Said a father to his son (a bright bibliomaniac):
“Generally, were you able to have a lengthy conversation with the metaphysical authors whose works impress you, you would be greatly disappointed – severely so.”
“That seems most strange!”
“So better than spending your time daydreaming about private chats with these famous personages, ponder the strangeness (as you put it) of what I just told you and what might be behind its reality.”

Have you yet to ponder this: City gods never smile,
while those out in the bushes are a riot.

On this other world is a law which decrees that anyone who says they have
discovered a great secret is either still searching or dead.

One apparently well-worn city-ite says:
“Studying the beliefs of others is almost as instructive as not studying them.”

Disclaimer on the ticket stub read:
“While the tent may remain the same,
a different circus may be presented therein each evening.
Our sister operation offering the antipodal is located just 2 miles beyond this location.”

One man has a Refresh button in his mind –
everyone does –
most people never touch theirs.
Once someone has expressed a sharp feeling about a particular matter
they scarce care to revisit it – not for the sake of reexamining it, they don’t.

Talking about how others change people’s lives saves you from having to
fuck with them.
Words can be social armor much superior to the best Kevlar can offer.

Men will soon become accustomed to being a prisoner’s roach-on-a-string,
just as long as they aren’t too often jerked around unexpectedly.
“It can be surprisingly comforting to have someone else totally in charge,”
curiously: A line that could be said by Life but never is.

A father said to a son:
“There is an ongoing world-wide public display of Life’s entanglement with the
3 Forces for all to see though, none but me think on it past the reflexive level:
The United Nations: after five thousand years of ceaseless conflicts, it is undoubtedly man’s best chance at preeminent peace, his best overall hope for the future and yet it is the most hated institution on the planet;
unless you are part of the starving-and-war-ravaged class being fed and protected by UN services, or part of its bureaucracy and suppliers who are on its payroll, you likely despise the UN; the middle class of the civilized/industrial world, when asked about
the UN commonly spit and denounce it as a gigantic conglomerate of wussies;
(the gutless town council compared to the lone, heroic, sheriff prepared to enforce
the law no matter what degree of immediate violence is called for)
yet any sophisticated human with a brain operating up to the species average, upon but several minutes of sincere reflection cannot but realize that the UN approach is the only rational course to take – and yet it is detested world-wide by a
substantially sizable segment of the human populace.”
That clearly being the end of his present comments, the father stood and left,
while the son began to consider the meaty situation the elder had presented.

Scattered haphazardly throughout the world, Life harbors a formidable gang of men who are ready at an instant to swallow a hand grenade for this-or-that irrelevant
inner purpose, but in spite of these periodic, unsettling blasts,
Life clearly continues to make its way in a particular direction.