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The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

When silent consciousness succeeds in inducing talking consciousness to tell the truth, to confess its insubstantiality, the two are closer, more in accord and physical consciousness feels better for it. It is possible for the Few to feel the presence of silent consciousness subsisting talking consciousness’ babble. To be merely, exclusively one’s talking self is to be overwhelmed and disconnected from what one actually is: physical consciousness. (35:15) #3268

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Secretly Reporting On The Only Sure Thing
MARCH 2, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

Whenever, on your own, you discover something totally new to you, there is no way you can describe it precisely to others who may be interested in such matters,
so it doesn’t much matter how you describe it.

In man’s first-reality you can get even but not obtain justice,
since there is no injustice;
in man’s second-reality you can obtain neither, yet man’s thoughts serenade him,
Oh! to the otherwise.

After hearing a television technician say he had never seen a set on the blink
that could not be brought back to life with the rightly-placed, sharp slap a guy said:
“Why’d you tell me that? – you knew damn well I’d have to try it now on my mind.”

All ordinary minds ridicule other minds and in a curious slant (with some justification).

When a man speaks up during a conversation concerning some intangible subject
it is to make-a-point – even if he does not have one, or has never thought about the matter before and thus has no analytical, historical basis for his opinion –
he still wants others to feel that he has made-a-point.
(If there is anything equal to the human mind, it must be on Fantasy Island,
[or in Odin’s shorts.])

For those who keep asking “What is all this?” – if it will make you happy, think of it as: The Philosophy Of Consciousness.

The certain-man’s mind thinks of his thinking as both shepherd and butcher.

In a crude way (if you want to be crude) though the powers-that-be
do not want the people to be financially independent,
they encourage their efforts to become so,
similarly do the normal circumstances of life seem to urge men to wake-up to reality.
Magic shows and carnivals do not survive through the efforts of physicists
and chemists.
(Note: Only the awakened man has his own hand down his pants.)

The supply of inane ideas always exceeds any actual need there for.

In order to control, automatic thoughts appear to be at your service.

The ideas needed for the special-investigator to crack-the-case
never come from any group or institution.
If the answer is: Man’s-collective-thinking, then the question is of no interest to
the nervous-system outlier.

“There is nothing more on-the-money than bad news; even if it is stuff you have no intellectual certainty of (like global warming, the increasing extinction of bird species) you can just feel its validity; you hear about it and instantly shiver and just know
in your muscles that it is true.”
“You’re putting me on, right?”
“Well, I started out to do so, but after going through all that, now I am not so sure.”
There Are Some Things NO Body Wants To See (like an elephant blow his nose
really hard!)

In one land they tell the tale of a man who finally realized the Answer,
but who never grasped what the questions were.
(“So it’s come to this?!” he supposedly said.)

City Life.
Whenever the Lamb wants to grill, he has to get starter fluid from Mary.

Medical Alert.
If you allow age to take from your thinking that which it takes from your muscles,
you will accept the sad generic dose of the inevitable scheduled for everyone.
The certain-man’s unflagging private motto: You can always fight it.

In one place, several of the ole men got together and created themselves
a kid in common.
(“Now I know you’re pulling my leg.”)

Paradise was lost as soon as someone said: “Hey look – it’s paradise.”
(And conversely, man’s second-reality was firmly entrenched in his thinking
the moment he first thought about a matter therein.)

From the Minister Of City Etiquette comes this tip: A man without a bone-to-pick – will pick someone else’s.
(Conjunctions may not seem as well armed as adjectives for instance,
but they can still do some damage – yes sir!)

There is some truth in all proverbs, but much of it may not be in the proverb.

Whenever he wanted to change his mind, this one guy would.

All proverbs will confess and give-it-up – if you know how to mistreat them just so.

Only those who don’t know what ThisKindaStuff is – care that they don’t know.

Whenever this one guy wanted to change his mind, he’d give it a handful of quarters.

Overall reality lets everyone make up their own reality,
but allows only a few to create one that matches it.
(“You want to get the chickens accustomed to seeing only broken pieces of
egg shells.”)

If simply being alive is almost more than you can bear –
write a book about the way you feel, and if it’s not your fault — dedicate it to Life.

Remember: To be an authority in any second-reality matter you can never get to
the point and tell the truth about the matter.

For some unknown and certainly unexpected reason, several times during the fight,
a party broke out.
(“So, it’s back to consciousness and automatic thought, eh?!”)

After hearing that a neighboring monarch had burned all the books in his kingdom, this one king (in his desire to, stay ahead) had all of his book writers torched.
(After the flames and festivities were exhausted he received a bill that cost him everything he had.
Kings do not rule alone, though only the rebel’s populace knowingly participate.)

Wisdom For The Day (according to one chap).
It’s never too early to call and say that you’re gonna be late.

In the moments of silence between the First and Second Movements of the symphony a man in the audience suddenly stood and said: “I know how rumors get started…” – then paused; slowly surveyed the faces facing him, then continued:
“Rumors get started the same way that everything else does.” (He then sat back down.)

Throughout history there have been several well-known people
(and you may probably expect some more in the future).

To get his canine bud to take a distasteful pill, this one guy would slip it into a dab of peanut butter and when the shaggy one would gleefully swallow same,
the human would often smile and say to his self:
“Don’t you realize ole chum, it’s a trick,” and after the hundredth time of doing this
the dog finally thought: “But don’t you realize when a trick’s done right –
it doesn’t matter.”

The Inner Dance.
One of the partners sighed: “If we would talk more about our differences,
perhaps they would diminish,” and his partner whispered: “Perhaps” –
they continued to glide across the floor: forward, backwards; first to the left,
then to the right, sometimes whispering in one another’s ear, sometimes not,
but all the time dancing – forever do they dance.
(In one place the certain-man is known as: He Who Went Outside To Lean On A Car.)