Jan Cox Talk 3260


Nepotism or Incest? All Words Are Cousins

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

More on the concept of talk being separate from man—not an innate function. Talk is an activity that is not natural to consciousness; consciousness is of a different character. (34:33) #3260

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Routine Words Bring Peace To All But A Few
FEBRUARY 9, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

Those who most noisily insist they are anxious to fight-the-powers-that-be
have no idea what the powers really are.

In Re Intangible Construction Conditions.
One man privately describes his present mental circumstances as being: pinned-under-the-debris.

Men who have no substantial insides have no choice but to speak of themselves often and highly.

If a cow doesn’t intangibly stick-with-the-herd he can’t even be a cow.

In Re Intangible Communications.
One chap says that mentally he sometimes feels he’s been permanently put-on-hold.

“When you don’t know what you’re talking about it doesn’t really matter
what you’re talking about, now does it!”
“Yeah, but how ‘bout even when you do?!”
“Gee – I didn’t expect you’s gonna go all serious on us.”

The results of everything unreal are always guaranteed.

Being stupid suppresses your appetite.
“For what?”

Often one man looks at his self in a mirror and thinks: “If I can survive this,
I can do anything.”

As long as you can whine there’s always the possibility you’ll get noticed
(if not become celebrated).

Mulled in one man’s mind:
“I don’t know which I detest the most: people who understand nothing,
or people who understand nothing but think otherwise. No, wait:
who I hate more than any is someone who would think what I just did…… and yet –
I am such an ole sweetie.”

If you need someone to suggest something worthwhile for you to think about –
you deserve it. Okay, require it.

Every spring one man refashions the lower part of his mind to be more suitable for warm weather activities.

Notes one man: “Almost no one remembers where they were at the moment they heard I had awakened. Which seems fair enough.”

One poet considers his magnum opus to be the work entitled: “Yes!”
(which reads as follows): “Maybe.” (A revision of the original version which was: “No.”)

“If you don’t immediately see how a trick is done, assume it’s not a trick.”
“Or else that you’re too dumb to catch on.”
”Well….I was trying not to say that.”

An ordinary man attempting to make his mind sound interesting
is like the Grand Canyon offering to whistle a bit of its latest symphony.

One guy led people to believe he was seriously ill so that whenever he was asked
how things were going he could say: “Some days are better than others,” in a voice that to him sounded unusually insightful and filled with gravitas. (Something he so loved.)

A man mused: “I can read a book – and pretend someone else is talking to me,
or I can talk directly to myself — and perhaps have a worthwhile experience.”

The deeper the hole — the louder it can cry.

If you can calculate your poverty, you’re not yet sufficiently poor and stripped.

There is one state which attacks its neighbors every nine or eight years —
just because of the alternative.

There’s a bus driver in the city who claims his full legal name to be:
His Royal Highness Prince Malcom De La Cruz, but refuses to answer any questions thereabout, always with the explanation: “I’m late starting my route already.”

The emptier the hole — the more passion it can portray.

Men lacking a dick normally have a mission.

One fellow would often caution his self: “There there now –
let’s not get too smart for our own good” – and he never did.

Unnoticed Nepotism.
Another reason speech’s veracity is suspect is that all words are cousins.

A special-offer that has conditions attached is no special offer;
all special offers have conditions attached.
(“Is this why the man-who-knows always goes coach?”
If not cargo.)

A mechanic proposes: “If people had to back up everything they say,
everyone’s reverse would be shot to hell by now.”

“Being civilized is pretending…”
“Okay: is assuming man to be other than he is.”

One guy says he now finds comfort in understanding that all conclusions are inadequate.

“Just to keep everyone on their toes,” (as he phrased it) one King as he would stroll among the people, was followed by a crier who continually proclaimed as soon as
His Grace had passed: “Here comes the King – here comes the King.”

Nobody likes a bear who doesn’t talk about his self,
but a bear who doesn’t talk about his self doesn’t care if people like him or not.

In a shocking urn of tevents, one man, after years of saying:
“I’m telling you for the last time” – actually did.
Thoughts come and thoughts go, but synapses are forever.
(“Hey! — you could’ve said the same thing after the previous story, in fact,
you know what I’ve come to notice: that you can say almost any damn thing
after any of these tales you tell. And by the way:
shouldn’t that fact itself be telling me something?”)

“Hey pop,” said the kid with a puzzled expression, “can you help me with this condom?”
“Son, I believe you mean, conundrum.”
“Something tight you pull over your head, right?!”
“Okay! – let’s have it.”

To some of his nervous-system outposts a man announced:
“If you die by fame, you die by inches,” and several twitches muttered under their breath: “But at least you do die!”
Putting gold leaf on muddy gullies is no longer a mere amateur sport.
When wheelchairs have rockets the lack of jump shots will no longer distinguish the mentally challenged.
“I don’t think you meant to say, mentally.”
Hey! – welcome to the team!

Pigs will never be civilized in the manner of house cats,
in that within pigs there remains far too much pig…………………as opposed to house cat.
“What you just said doesn’t seem fair.”
Those outside always say that about those inside, and…
“Let me guess: vice versa.”

This email just in:
“When I first started reading your Daily News I felt you were wanting to help me;
then I began to suspect that you had no particular interest in me personally;
now my feeling is that you can just go to hell.
Yours,” etc.
If neurons can lie then rugs can lay.

One guy’s job in the city is to more or less do nothing at all.

As he acted like he was dying for the fortieth time that year, the ole man pulled the kid up close to his face and said:
“You gotta remember: Make fun of them before they can make fun of you.
The end may indeed be near – but you can never count on it being THAT near!”

Everything passes;
everything arrives;
everything stays for a while, then breaks down.
All aboard – all aboard.

There’s one form of reality that never has any news (well, more precisely: there used to be).

In a shot at maximizing fiscal efficiency, one city simply announced that
everyone who is guilty should just turn themselves in.

A notice seen posted in the city for short while (then vanished):
“There Is No Such Thing As: Self-Combobulation
(Although Some People Do Practice It Around Here).”

One professional-strength ole sorehead says what he dreads most about being dead
is having to just lay-there-and-take-it.

The basis of ordinary humor follows the outline that marks the limitations of the
human mind.

Each morning immediately upon awakening one man raps his self on the side of the head and says: “Stay tuned for further developments.”