Jan Cox Talk 3252


No “I” Til “I” Is Thought, Then Being Thought, Hides Within Them

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The most fun can be had by just turning your attention inward to your own mind: ever available and fruitful. An example: there is no “I” until “I” is thought. The brain runs in two modes: automatic and focused. Focus always involves the physical world—some problem extant thereof and needing solution. When in automatic mode, you are unaware of it. All attempts to awaken are efforts to depart this automatic mode.

To focus on “I” is to make it present, to give a sensation of substance, dividing consciousness into a duality of an acting I-entity and its observer with a memory trace. To do this, unforced by external necessity, is to court awakening. All that’s required is to remember to do it…then DO IT. (45:40) #3252

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Eye-Opening Outline
JANUARY 19, 2005 © 2005: JAN COX

From the common basis of taking man to be basically an uncivilized creature with a dark and dangerous unconscious underbelly that must be suppressed by a more social and orderly mentally-driven “I” – some men are then deemed to be
deranged and anti-social for evidencing an “I” that is insufficient for the task,
but this ignores another possibility: that men can suffer instead from too much “I” – also resulting in an uncivil sense of isolation.
(“Where O where is the happy medium! – the sunny spiritualist —
the cheerful clairaudient — the nonchalant necromancer?!”)

Once a man begins to understand for his self the normally unrecognized nature of Life, what then is proper action for him? – should he undertake good works for the benefit of others with the full knowledge that nothing is actually to be accomplished,
yet working with the realization that a proper task for the few can be to undertake a task that is impossible, whilst remembering the certain man’s attitude,
which gives no weight to ordinary outcomes;
or might such a man do something else?……maybe tug on loose threads he finds
in the mental fabric of Life?

After closing some books, movies and graham crackers, a man pensified:
“Screw all the eternal metaphysical questions, there is only one that interests me:
Why do most people not want to hear about other people’s problems but still want to talk about theirs? – that’s the question I want answered – why? –
why dammit?! – why are people like that? – what on earth causes people to be like that? – indeed, can there actually BE a ‘cause’ for such insane behavior?! –
I can’t stand I! Of all the weird things humans do, this is the weirdest – and dumbest — and most baffling. Christ! – if I don’t get an answer to this I’m gonna gonna go fuckin’ crazy!”
He paused to sip some milk……….then said:
“Of course I could just be putting me on with all this.”

A man who understands what is going on sees the processes of Life producing a chancy kind of order, one which seems to eternally totter on the edge of chaos.
(“Where O where is Captain Stability on these ever shifting seas of uncertainty?!”)

Life will allow ordinary men small glimpses of little secrets,
for no matter how astounding they may be they are almost immediately forgotten,
lost amidst the constant swirl of their mental sandstorms;
but there is a Big Secret whose long range effect is so potentially disruptive
that any awareness thereof is kept from routine men.

An experience — no matter how astounding — is not understanding.

The initial report said that he had not been harmed in the incident, which was followed later in the day by the statement that he had not even been involved,
and finally on the eleven o’clock news it was said that none of the people involved in the reporting of the story up til then had actually been reporters — or people,
and that everyone who had heard anything about the reputed episode should just forget about it. Is that all clear?

A story about a matter — no matter how interesting —
may not be about an actual matter.

According to the latest information: 52% of the people disagree

One man lives by one brief rule: “I never vote for anybody who asks for my vote —
which leaves a pretty big hole in my life – but then again, my mother always encouraged a holy life.”

Men say words that make them feel good (god, love, money, etc)
in the same way vultures support Zoroastrianism.

Being able to afford anything he wanted, one man has a brain trust
which directs his affairs (it’s pretty neat: it’s in his head — and he calls it his mind).

The most important talent in doing a voice over is the sound of sincerity
(which is why men’s minds are in charge of theirs).

One man secretly makes fun of his self (though he doesn’t take it personally).

A man in a hospital who’d been diagnosed with an ill that can be fatal or not,
and one with no symptoms to mark the distinction,
asked a passing doctor about the matter who told him:
“As long as you think about dying – you’re not.”
(And someone later told him the man was not a regular doctor.)

If a man is bemused by serious writings devoted to childish dreams regarding the expansion of consciousness, waking-up, achieving-enlightenment and so on,
what would be his reaction to books composed of readings from such works? – and how would the editor of such a collection feel when the book receives critical praise.
(And as always in Jan’s Daily News: what is literally talked about may not be what is actually referred to.)

Everybody plays yes man;
everybody plays yes man to an unrecognized top banana;
everyone’s top banana is the voice in their own head;
everyone automatically plays yes man to this top banana.
(A few people however do not find him up to the role.)

Outsiders can’t write properly about a place – that doesn’t stop them from trying,
but outsiders can’t tell you anything useful or correct about a place (which also doesn’t stop ordinary people from enjoying their words).

Breaking News.
A real-deal-man never uses the word, however.

The more he understands the greater becomes a man’s hunger for non-standard
mental fare; if he is fortunate he will find ideas that initially help keep him going –
until the day he discovers that such are in his own brain.
A real-deal-mind is its own favorite author.

Plants are known to develop a toxin to discourage its consumption by certain predators, who in turn will then develop a detoxification mechanism to counter it,
then the plant will increase the potency of the poison, and the predator will expand its capacity to neutralize same, and so on,
all occurring in what appears to be a closed system; considerable profit is possible for the few in their consideration of this life-wide dynamic, particularly as manifest in
the highest echelons of the human nervous-system.

One man was pleased to hear that he was 12 percent of the way

The human concept of fame can be seen as a reflection of Life’s limitless impulse for growth (particularly through man) in that when fame is acquired it gives its recipient a sensation of personal development: the development of another self:
the one that is now famous.
It is tricky for a human to actually BE, and not want to be known for their being.
(“The way I handle it is to remember how quiet and unassuming a volcano is
except in the moments it is erupting and being what it truly is.
[Aka: The great, Shut-Up approach.]”)

You can believe you live for you,
you can believe you live for others,
and you can believe you live for a god;
fact: everybody lives for the same thing.
Zeus was finally done in by Oscar Meyer who encased him in a kielbasa.
In a closed system: All ends are the fitting end.
(“But don’t you see: right there is the difference between men and the gods:
we can imagine them having any abilities we can think up – which they can’t do
for us – unless of course you see the gods as representing the human mind to
begin with – and then you’re faced with, ah hell, let’s not start down that road
again, doing so always gives me such a headache.”)

Fact: If a real-deal-man gets a headache it will be from a real deal cause.

In the physical realm, open and free societies afford the greatest possible movement for the 3 Forces inherent in all of Life’s activities, while dictatorial, conformist governments suppress conflict and opposing views, directly inhibiting at least one of the Forces; such systems thus produce no meaningful growth.

The few should be able to see all of this in a personal manner, inside their own head.
Everyone who awakens is the father of their own country.


One man pondered: “Does man just imagine the gods or are they imagining us? —
including our consciousness’ ability to dream up such questions?”

And another guy says that before he dies he plans to think every thought possible for a human to think.