Jan Cox Talk 3242


During Study of Thinking, Guess What Falls Back Into Thought?

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The major focus among men is the body; next is feeling. Intellectually focused men are rare. The capacity to think about thinking is rare and limited. The mind soon tires of such pursuit even when it has the capacity to do so; the frustration threshold is very low. Thinking seems to offer no substance for proper exploration—no satisfying handhold or end—it short-circuits to itself, which seems pointless. But without understanding consciousness: no liberation. (27:14) #3242

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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But What’s Done Is Done For The Escapees
DECEMBER 27, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Publisher’s Note: While what the certain man’s private rebellion is about
might be put in five words or so, the news items reported here daily could be seen as that concise info splintered into thousands of bits for your more likely consumption,
and comprehension.
(Editor’s Note: The only good publisher is an absent publisher.
Publisher’s Note II: The Publisher doesn’t have to take this kind of crap from an Editor.
Editor’s Note II: If they’re alive and normal: everybody has to take some kind of crap from somebody.
Publisher’s Note III: You’re skating on thin verbal ice, buster!
Who actually needs an Editor anyway?! [Or more accurately put: Who uses one anyway!?])
In-house wrangling is always interesting (if you’re a five year old).
“How about a forty-five year old?”
That’ll also work: it in fact is how people of ordinary consciousness keep themselves distracted enough not to be concerned over being of ordinary consciousness.
(“Between my partner and me in here, we’ll eventually figure out what’s going on
out there……once we get past arguing over who’s in charge in here.”)

A man attempting to wake-up and stay that way amidst everyday life
is a man running a never ending race.
(File this under: To Put It Mildly.)

A father’s note to a son:
“You can be upset in hormones,
and you can be upset in neurons,
but if you have a choice, take the latter.”

If there is one thing the nervous-system-rebel can do it is employ the:
either lay down and surrender, or press on regardless of the apparent futility.
One man raised the Ellington and behavior bar by changing the words of the tune thus: “Do Something ‘Til You Hear From Me.”

While on their way to a neighboring planet for a day of fun,
the kid suddenly announced to the ole man:
“Jeeze! – I forgot your shades,”
and the elder abruptly turned the ship around and headed back home;
the younger then exclaimed: “Come on! – all because of a pair of lousy shades?!”
and the ole man softly replied:
“You still don’t get it: the key word here is not shades, but, forgot.”

To be viable in this universe requires movement,
and with all movement comes resistance;
some keep moving – some cave in,
no one cares which you do – except maybe you (if you’re one of The Few).

One man used to call the station and request his favorite song;
for awhile they played it;
and for awhile they didn’t;
after awhile, he didn’t care.

In his (unique) secondary reality: man is his own ultimate hobby.
(How could it be otherwise!? Except for the few).

Consciousness is a broadcast station that plays forever, tuned to one station (WYOU); there is however a secret switch in the mechanism.
(“Don’t you just love secrets!”
Media Critic’s Note: There are two ways to tell that you understand the
television version of these news reports: You turn the show off, or you don’t.
(“Pardon me, but aren’t you really referring to my own consciousness?”)

Question: What is the one thing that those who do not have a clue will never say?
(Yes, five of the six words which constitute the correct answer are contained in the question.)

Handing over his normally stocked head at the Return Desk of reality’s local library,
the man said: “I believe this is over-due.”

When you are running the inner endlessthon: life is a thrill a minute (if you want it to be).
(“That’s precisely what I like about being my own boss:
I don’t have to take any – aw forget it! –
I don’t have to offer explanations any longer now that I am in this line of work.”)

Free Mental Health Tip.
You cannot go totally nuts unless you are serious.
(“That belies everything I know as a trained professional.
(Of course I don’t actually know anything – but still! – I AM a trained professional.
And that’s all that counts.)”
Maxim Update.
Serious is as serious whines.

Only those who don’t know, can lie about it.
Free Suggestion For The Few.
You could ponder this idea, held up beside man’s historic, and near hysterical admonishments about lying.
Cows cannot abide the idea that sheep might be putting them on.
(“You’re still actually talking about consciousness, aren’t you!?”)

The only feasible Introduction that could be offered for the inner rebellion
would be to say: “Here it is.”

The kid said to the ole man:
“I don’t want to ever live anywhere but here.”
And the elder questioned: “Do you mean: right here?”
And the younger affirmed: “Right here!”
And the oldster pushed: “Do you mean EVERY ‘right-here’?”
And the kid replied: “Yes indeed! – you could not be more correct:
each and every here.”
“Well all right!” said the ole man, “that’s different.”
Employing only a consciousness that runs automatically and selectively
will serve any human well in their living of a normal life;
the same however will catch a rebel’s dick permanently in his head zipper.

In man’s singular, specialized intangible realm of things spiritual, cultural,
and philosophical: the guy-in-charge of any particular area ain’t really in charge unless everyone interested therein says that he is.
(Cf. the physical top dog.)
“Hey – don’t wait supper for me.”
“Hey! – if you don’t hear that I did – I didn’t.”
(“Now I know that this one must somehow be connected to consciousness.”)

A father told a son: “Once you’ve said IT – all the rest is silence.”


* * *


Today we feature yet again more from the clandestine chronicles
labeled at different epochs as:
“Pronouncements That Can Push One Over,”
or: “Peculiar Propositions,”
(But always known to a few simply as: ”UFN’s: Unidentified Flying Nevers.”)

Never accept that the bells-toll-for-thee –
there’s bound to be someone else with the same name as you.

Never go mountain climbing with a compulsive hand washer.

Never come right out and call the Secretary Of Commerce a “fool” to his face
(behind the back’s good enough for everybody, including government officials).

Never take-a-back-seat to anybody,
(unless they’re already in the front seat and you’re too tired to fuck with it).

Never offer to braid the hairs on the back of a woman named Bruno.

Never forget that you too, once-were.

Never ask for seconds at a hanging.

Never say that you remember a song if you really don’t – unless you just want to.

Never believe in a god with a middle name.

Never lay-down-and-take-it — you lay down and let somebody else take it.

Never admit that you know-the-answer to anything.

Never jump off a tall person blindfolded.

Never study History at a university that has a chain saw for a school emblem.

Never sit in front of a fan while awaiting bad-news.

Never let a fry cook see you naked.

Never believe anything that was originally said, written or thought
in a foreign language.

Never enroll in the Calamity Of The Month Club.

Never seek a second opinion – only a dope seeks a first one.

Never trust a cake that’s already cut.

Never just assume that Shakespeare was goy and didn’t mean what you thought he did the first time you read the line about: the-unkindest-cut-of-all.

Never bet on a race not to the swift.

Never call the head guard by his first name if it’s real sissy sounding.

Never write down anything worth forgetting.

Never look-out-the-window of someone else’s car.

Never donate to a charity that meets in a deserted uranium mine.

Never agree to donate-your-brain before you’re dead.

Never admit that there is anything you can do-for-yourself.

Never expect Rust-Away to be the cure all for all human ills.

Never give a cemetery as a reference.

Never take anything for granted (unless you naturally don’t care anyway).

* * *