Jan Cox Talk 3238


Metaphysical Questions—Milked From Observed Reality

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The TV interviewing of non-involved bystanders for their reactions to an event is the perfect analog of ordinary consciousness functioning.  Metaphysical questions do not occur naturally to man; they must be made up from the basis of observed reality.  (32:23) #3238

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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When Only Outliers Have Stradivariuses…..
DECEMBER 17, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Another Unregistered Law Of Reality.
There is no such thing as sincerity, based on the irrefutable principle that nothing can exist unless it has an anti counterpart,
and in this instance there being no such thing as: non-sincerity.
What is more sincere than a lion’s roar? “Yeah, and less heartfelt.”
All corners of the body of Life feel, but only one organ thinks about it’s feelings & has conjured up the idea of sincerity: human consciousness: this Universe’s sole purveyor of the faux & that which it takes the trouble to verbally identify as allegedly non-faux.
On one world, the real is known by the fact that no one bothers to mention it.
(“That sounds suspiciously like a rebel camp to me.”)

As he increasingly began to realize what is actually going on, one guy would periodically say to his self in light thereof: “Don’t take it all so seriously,”
to which Life one day finally reacted by whispering to him:
“That view’s okay for you individually as long as you remember that for humanity collectively, it’s necessary that they do so”
(and the guy said that he’d remember……………………………another little joke, don’t you see.)

As by Lake Simile the ole man & the kid strolled, and trout were leaping & spitting,
the nipper mused: “The shadow of the past weighs more on man than a hippo
with a tuba,” the elder stopped to drop kick a pine cone and as he watched it sail said: “Kid, if your ability to actually understand ever catches up with your ability
to turn a cutesy phrase, me and the whole great out-of-doors will be sorely impressed.”
(One version of this legend concludes with a confusing scene having something to do with murder/suicide while other renditions have no ending.
[Gives your own grasping abilities something to do.])

One man pictures: TryingToDoTheThing as:
Attempting to wise up while there’s still time to enjoy it.

One man’s hallmark is sparkling personal insincerity.
Notes he: “When you have freed yourself from the false sense of the personal
such ostensibly related sincerity is not possible anyway (put bluntly):
why bother to fake the fake?!”

Beastly Sociology?
The consciousness of ordinary people tends to judge the activities of other cultures
as more honorable than their own.
Query: What do you reckon to be the point of this?

A sure sign that you’re asleep is if you simply don’t have the time to wake-up.

Life has constructed ordinary human consciousness to expect life to work as per
this frequently heard announcement:
“We will begin the entertainment just as soon as you listen to the following
important public service message.”

In the singular realm of man: true is true and false is false and nothing you can say
will change it – unless you can actually think.

Anyone who needs principles to live by needs to wake-up.

In some places – in some cases: pseudo excitement costs even more than – wait – that surely is supposed to say: “Costs even less than…” aw, now it’s all screwed up. Never mind.

The Relative Status Of A Complex Structure
(If Not Radio Audience).
“Who knows,” soliloquied a major organ, “what conspiracies lurk in the hearts of cells.”

Conditional sight is a stance routinely and unwittingly promoted by man’s institutions;
conditional sight is blindness.

In the singular world of man: true is true and false is false and nothing you can say
will change it – unless you learn how to actually think. (Okay, more exact):
unless you’re one of the few who can actually think.

In some things, some men can be taught and some cannot;
in a certain thing, some men pretend to get taught but no one IS.
(Address all complaints regarding this, someplace else.)

One nice feature of wholly not-knowing-what-you’re-doing is that you’ll never realize it and will thus avoid one more matter to suffer over.
Density has its rewards – but only for the fully committed.

In his relentless, though unscripted drive to get it done, one man today decided to become deaf, walk with a limp and smile all the time.
Nothing is stronger in the physical life of man than habit.
“And same with his dream world, huh?!”

One city team has a great victory song: they never have any victories – but they have a hellava victory song.
(“Pardon me: but haven’t you just indirectly described man’s entire cultural reality.”
Why you should be ashamed of yourself!)

Another hint that you may be on course is you no longer are concerned that your phone has been out of order and you missed calls.
(“Hey! – are you being metaphorical again…..or are you speaking literally?…..
hey, but either way: I don’t like it!”
You would hardly expect those plugged into humanity’s normal communications network to do so.)

There are no impostors in the city; if prince charming should show up at
snow white’s door — who there can deny his existence there?!

Once on a holiday (whilst kicked back on a balcony overlooking the beach)
one man (just as a momentary, one time thing) thought of the special thinking
of which he was capable: the one that fuels his run-for-the-special-inner-goal
by opposing the thoughts that Life & his DNA naturally furnish to his consciousness,
by the title: The Venomous Lice On The Rats Of Destruction —
and was suddenly struck by the absolute brilliance of the noon day sun.
(There is no cutesy like the cutesy the certain man lays on his own inner world.)
“You know: dracula is not nearly as impressive when seen in his underwear.”
“Yeah, or as his self.”
“Yeah – when you’re able to see people for who they are.”
“Yeah – which ruins everything, huh!?”
“Yeah – assuming you and me have the same understanding of the word: ruins.”)

Once on a holiday, while laying on the beach, a man looked up at a balcony
in the condo behind him just in time to see rats dance a jig.

The city is filled with those who continually misunderstand what other people say – which in no way holds them back;
the certain man understands that everyone misspeaks and mishears
and thus heeds only his own voice and ears.