Jan Cox Talk 3237


The Quest Teaches Only the Seeking, Not the Awakening

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The “secret of life” everybody seeks is already in them, in their consciousness. But the mind rejects this truth as incomprehensible: for how can it be true if the mind can’t feel it is so? If it were true, men would not ‘seek’; would not bother to study the bible and practice meditation. In effect, all disciplines teach: enlightenment is unnecessary; pursuit of the discipline, the dogma, is sufficient—indeed salutary and indispensable.

Yet only the relentless rummaging about in your own consciousness will ever do the trick. Awakening is not separate from your own mental workings and reality: it comes not from study of secondary matters. (30:26) #3237

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Inner Sailor’s Secret Charts
DECEMBER 15, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

One Monday a man pondered:
“Why do those who deal in matters of the physical world,
when they speak of their activities, seem less like they are trying to prove something
than do those men whose interests are in spiritual & cultural affairs?”
(He immediately slapped his silly face for even entertaining such an inane question.)

In the city everyone seems to agree that you have indeed found a life worth studying
in the case of a person whose most memorable act was suicide,
(especially when committed at an early age).

Behind the contrived illusion of each man’s public persona lies the real illusion.

How The Mind Of Cells Works.
A cancer under medical attack left word that when the end came
it wanted its obituary to say: “It succumbed after a long battle with a man.”

At least once a day one guy says to his automatic-consciousness:
“Unfortunately, due to an error in this morning’s start up procedure,
I will be unable to accept & process your normal incoming thoughts.
Thank you for your patience and understanding, and better luck tomorrow.”

In the city one man quickly learned that when he was asked to play his guitar:
in-his-own-original-style – what was actually meant was: like-everyone-else.
(“Hey! – the city didn’t get where it is today by caving in to new stuff;
you must remember where the city is and the responsibilities it shoulders.”
Another public service announcement brought to you by Life,
through the facilities of unthinking human consciousness.)

“Talking about how ill you are only increases your illness (and same for aging) —
luckily this has no counterpart in talking about how stupid you are.”
“What d’ya mean, luckily?!”

The one question which no one of true honesty should (wants to) ask their self is:
“How really different am I internally today from how I was at age fourteen?”

The Trililoquy Of The Three OTHER Wise Men.
First: “I speak from experience.”
Second: “I speak from a position of objectivity.”
Third: “I’m speaking from a phone booth.”
The city is a busy place – that’s why you’ve never heard of a trililoquy –
there’s no time nor space over there for a third voice;
wine is made from the stomping of two feet,
and such similar mentation is all that’s needed to produce truth in the city.
Another community encouragement message brought to you by the:

Believe – Don’t Think Council.

Through certain unspecified efforts one man says he now feels closer to being his self than he does to being what he seems (though he has to admit that’s just how it seems to him).
One man’s private view: “When it’s gettin’ harder to tell –
you’re startin’ to leave hell.”

An uncle advised a kid:
“A man who won’t cheat hasn’t got a chance,”
and a cousin intruded: “No – a man who won’t cheat doesn’t want to win.”
“Nay, naïve relatives,” injected an in-law, “a man who won’t cheat is simply dead.”
They all froze and pondered this for moment —
each one awaiting the others to proffer a fitting rebuff.
Life favors hyenas in skirmishes with gazelles —
but hedges its bet when they tangle with lions.
(“Fair’s fair,” declares a statement issued by The Fairness Institute.)

As all priests, counselors, public officials and other examples of civilization know: nothing is better for the soul of a normal human being than — giving advice.
(And certainly nothing equals its pleasure.)

In one land it was said that the darkness gradually increased each night by
feeding on the stars; this frightened many; intrigued some; perplexed others;

and the digestion of the Universe proceeded a tempo.

In locations where things move faster – dumbness moves slower;
in a place where believing is not accepted as thinking,
the rhythm of all activities is the same as the actor’s heartbeat.
When what you understand matches faithfully what you do –
you cease to be listed as an Understudy in the Playbill.
(Yesterday’s consciousness IS the fat lady.)

The notion that man has sinned, and that this represents a separation-from-the-supernaturally-supreme is the city’s unwitting adolescent attempt to portray how the thinking that automatically appears in men’s consciousness
disconnects them from higher neural potentials.
(“Son, it’s not that something has gone wrong in the life of man, it’s more like a matter of a new communications system under construction but not yet in operation.”
“And there’s always something like that going on in the city, right pop?!”

A good father never talks to a son about illness, failure & death. (Well, not a good rebel father.)
Blood kin to those who think blood kin – something more spectacular to others.

Believe It Or Gargle GunselOil.
Everything that a human being will ever say will make sense to some body.

Another sure sign that you’re in a dream is if you’re simply too busy to wake-up.

Scratched in the ashes at the squirrels’ last camp site, an owl found these words: “Those-who-know discover seventy minutes to their hour – then fifty – then ”

A father cautioned a son: “Although men will say that it is the softest wind
that breaks the strongest tree — if it happens they will still cry irony.”

In one brain (sorry) city: the only ones who show up for certain celebrations are out-of-towners.

To think in the manner normal to ordinary men you must boldly go where

everyone has already been – and stay there!

The local god in one place (also known as: conditions) in an effort to ride the popular wave of consumerism, initiated a program of ostensible honesty-in-advertising
which he kicked off by announcing to those in his charge that prayer wouldn’t do them any good – not in whatever way they believed it would when they decided to do it.
Tyrants not totally sure of what they can get by with (aka: Life in this Universe)
quickly discover the benefit of making the people periodically doubt a connection between cause-&-effect;
cows who don’t realize where they’re going make much more pliant travelers.
(“Pa pa: does the significance I seek lie in men not facing up to where they’re in toto physically headed – or should I be looking instead at what goes on similarly in the conscious part of my brain?”
The true son of a nervous-system-rebel knows the answer to that one soon enough,
on his own.)

A man pondered: “Is a suitable step toward original thought,
thinking more now than you have to?” – and immediately heard in his head:
“It couldn’t hurt.”
(“Pater: can anything he might do in the service of trying to solve-the-case,
actually hurt the certain man?”
“What harm can you inflict on a dead body.”
Query: Who, save the man who’s discovered what’s really going on,
can think of his own mind in such terms?
And who but one who understands nothing would respond to this question.
“Daddy dearest: can you actually determine how much a person comprehends
by the types of questions they will try to answer?”
“No better method has ever been found.”
“That’s pretty blood chilling, huh?!”
“For those wired to enjoy it properly.”)

By nature is man’s thinking process cold —
and by extraordinary activities do the certain few heat theirs to the boiling point,
(marked on the metric scale as: the awakening point).