Jan Cox Talk 3236


As Big as the Secondary Reality Is, It Still Totally Fits In Your Brain

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The ordinary mind can’t entertain the fact that its purview is limited to the inside of the skull; that the Second Reality exists only in the mind. It can’t be aware of this fact especially while thinking/discussing secondary matters. (35:04) #3236

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Paper For Those Who Want To Know — Not Imagine
DECEMBER 13, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

A certain successful father in the city went to see a famous spiritual teacher
to whom he said:
“My son wants to come study with you and there seems no talking him out of it,
so I will permit it and I will pay you the outrageous sum of money he tells me that
you demand, but in return I want one assurance: that you will not end up telling him that: ‘A man-of-understanding understands but one thing (and that is):
No one actually understands anything.’
Will you give me such an assurance?” And the guru replied with his own question: “Will you be paying in cash?”
Moral: The reason Life allows humans to criticize, scoff, scorn and ridicule it is:
It doesn’t give a damn what men think of it. Well! — ask yourself:
Would you stand still for living in a reality that was SO uncertain of itself
that it could be affected by anything the likes of you might say about it?

One chap urges all who will listen not to say that you do not understand a
particular matter if your only motivation for doing so is that you do not understand it.

One old would-be wise-man in city park pulled his blanket around him
a wee bit tighter and said:
“Life has hidden many secrets from man – but it didn’t hide ‘em real hard.”

Interesting Aspect Of Socio-Politico Dynamics.
Kings award pensions only to dead satirists.

Whether you are able to translate it or not: at least once a year all local conditions everywhere send out this coded message: “Don’t pick on me & I won’t pick on you.”

The kid asked the ole man:
“Since everyone seems to realize that the basis of knowledge is ignorance,
why do they not apply the same thinking to the matter of sanity?”
(“Attention passengers: The first person who can tell me what the elder replied
gets to jump out of the plane nude at no additional charge.”)

Proverb Update.
Every man IS an island, and everybody else, his beaches.

As some other court business was going on the King leaned over and whispered
to his Prime Minister:
“Is there some way we could tax the people for talking to themselves?”

Having a pet is many people’s single shot at domination.

Each morning as part of his hygiene routine,
one man throws open his skull and holds his frontal lobes up to the bathroom mirror while loudly proclaiming: “Hog butcher to my world!”

And one guy sharpened his tongue to help it get-to-the-point.

Whatever you’re having: life will pick up the check – which is fair –
inasmuch as you’ll be having whatever life wants you to have.

Outside the city in rebel camp they tell of one of theirs who progressed from: not-asking-for-mercy to: never asking for anything.

One man says that to much profit does he apply a certain mathematical formula to
all proverbs and parables he confronts.
(P.S. He has a half brother who pins butterflies on newly minted Physics theories.)

Highway Life.
The first reality has no stop signs – the second, no brakes.

If you seem to be alive and are not much excited about having consciousness,
you’re not completely alive yet.

Right after lightning had hit the roadhouse for the third time, the jukebox began to flicker and wobble, then played a song that had not previously been there:
“The word,
the word,
that secret exciting word;
from the few who know it,
nothing is heard – ah, that word.”
It flashed one more time, then resumed its normal operations (awaiting perhaps,

the next good storm).

When it comes to original thinking the rebel’s mind needs two speeds:
Good, and really good.

Local ignorance (passing as always for knowledge) laughed at the small size of
the man’s weapon, but the neural combatant countered:
“Have you looked in a mirror lately.”

The certain man’s consciousness comes to realize: “I am part OF the answer.”

Nothing that men do makes any difference – but if they didn’t do it,
everything would be different.

The certain man must have mojo –
even if he has none –
even if none exists –
he still must have some –
(sounding familiar?)

One computer instructor noted to another how many people don’t Refresh the materials they get off the internet from time to time, to which the second replied:
“Hell, their machines aren’t half the story.” (An unexpected comment that the first decided not to mentally pursue [inasmuch as he was already on the cusp of a migraine.])

A King asked his Prime Minister: “Which is preferable:
To predict such things as attacks, or be able to repel them?”
“To help compensate for the fact that you may always fail at the latter
is why doing gobs of the former is so important.”
The monarch pondered this for a few seconds, then said:
“So – if you can’t fly, then just as you jump from a building you yell to bystanders:
‘I’m telling you now that I can’t fly.’ Is that it?”
“You always were a quick study, Your Grace.”

Ah! — life in the city part of the mind.


* * * * *


We complete today’s News with further excerpts from
the ancient and revered writings referred to by some as:
“The Unexpected Statements,”
and by others as: “Ye Ole Erratic Expositions,”
(and as always, known to a few simply as: “UFN’s: Unidentified Flying Nevers.”)

Never laugh at someone else’s sad-story — until they’re out of ear shot.

Never put all-your-ducks-in-a-row unless they’re replacing the Rockettes,
(or will be part of a 12 tone row)

Never sneak up on an already agitated serial killer.

Never apply a full-court-press except to a full-court suit or dress.

Never bother to bring on a fresh pitcher when the bases are loaded
(and the first base ump is looking like he’s also had one too many).

Never take drowning lightly.

Never be prepared-for-the-worst unless you’re an astronaut with incontinence.

Never trust a used abacus.

Never try to keep a groggy French cab driver alert by continually shouting:
“Do you even know what planet we’re on?!”

Never give money to a god you can’t shake hands with.

Never take-a-number if you actually believe it will cause you to be better-served.

Never go on vacation where other people have been before.

Never spit-in-the-face-of-your-captors until you’ve first heard their offer.

Never believe that we’re all-in-this-together if it is the all making the declaration.

Never, “Go west young man — go west!” —
unless you have money waiting for you in Sacramento.

Never bother looking up the dress of someone named Guido.

Never assume that anything said was something actually thought.

Never wait-for-your-ship-to-come-in
unless you’re already there — dead-on-the-docks anyway.

Never actually count on miracles from products with miracle-ingredients.

Never, under the crushing-weight of the mid-day sun, look a sexton dead-in-the-eye.

Never pop-right-out-of-bed with the expectation of getting something
substantial done first-thing-in-the-morning.

Never expect to have a truly bone-chilling sexual encounter with anyone whose gender or species takes more than an hour to determine.

Never forget that those who advise you to roll-with-the-punches
are usually the same ones doing the punching.

Never change socks during an Equinox.

Never waste your time on most stuff.

* * * * *