Jan Cox Talk 3234


One Man Professes to Have Helped Many by Not Speaking to Them

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Find and observe a “motormouth” in a public place. Note the total lack of any thought process in his/her activity. The face is like an automaton with animation. The fascination with UFO phenomena is a manifestation and reinforcement of man’s forced belief in the secondary reality he has created. The expert syndrome: people want to and will believe self-proclaimed experts, who do nothing but state the most banal, obvious and self-serving nostrums imaginable. (30:52) #3234

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Only An Actual Man Can Make His Self Well
DECEMBER 8, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX
The Comedy Of Corrections

Everyone enjoys airing out their underwear;
the ordinary do so in hopes of attracting an audience;
the certain-man does it privately because it amuses him.

Notes one man: “I have helped millions of people – by not contacting them.”

Some Conversations.
“If you can’t quote yourself, who can you?!”
“That is the most subversive statement probably ever made.”)

If you’re a beautiful woman you don’t have to be egotistical.
“That’s not fair: what is there equitable regarding a man?”
Grow up.

“I am under tremendous pressure to be as I am:
from whence the feeling comes, I cannot say.”
“Cannot? Are you certain that cannot is the correct word here?”
“I am under unbelievable pressure to state matters as I do.”

“Nothing is as liberating as (in private) walking as ridiculously as possible.”
“Even better is that combined with thinking as ridiculously as you can.”

As a public service, one man offers to tell people where to go.

The less you feel that you know what you’re doing, the more you want to believe that others do.
(Waking-up to what’s really going on cures all of that, by the way.)

For a long time, for the particular ill that troubled him, one man believed in taking as many treatments as he could;
he eventually came to feel it was best to take as few treatments as possible.
(“But that was after he was mostly over the ill, was it not?”
It’s quite conceivable.
One man re-christened his father: Ain’t That The Way It Always Goes.)

How Easily The Mind Can Overlook Potential Useful Connections.
A man who had lost an eye found that by focusing his attention on the now
fifty percent blind area of his visual field he could cut by half the time it took him
to brush his teeth.

How Mind Too Commonly Works In Men.
After discovering he could read about any drug in the world on the internet,
one guy decided he wanted them all.

Any physic without side effects is a placebo. (Hell – it’s probably not even that.)

In the world of the conventional intellect there are no true and false thoughts –
only dominant and submissive ones.
Everyone’s brain leans on their mind.
(“Or with some people: vice versa?!”
If you say so.)

As long as you feel obliged to define it – you’re barred from understanding what it is.

For years when just driving in the city, one guy never got his Porsche out of third gear; then later in life he noticed he was sometimes slipping it into fourth, an action he finally denounced with the words: “Coaster! Lagger! Gravity-supporter!”

Technical explanations of how a thing works do not tell why the thing was placed where it is in the overall scheme of things.
One man’s greatest fear is that someday he will overhear Life on earth plaintively say to itself as it looks around: “What in holy hell am I doing here?!”

The certain-man’s approach to certainty is to be certain without any preferences.

In man’s affairs intangible there is no way past the fact that one fact can only be true at the expense of another fact;
this is where the certain-man’s special understanding comes into play:
he knows in a way that depends not on facts, not as his ordinary mind defines them.
Lightning for instance, just is: regardless of any facts about it.

Mentally operating in a polarized world is like living life inside a punching bag.

Thought one man:
“Hell – anybody can be popular if they have a talent;
think what it takes for someone like me!”
(“He wouldn’t by chance be in the spiritual guruing biz now would he?”
That’s not clear.)

Concerning any routine city affair which might be brought to his attention, one man holds this tacit attitude: “My nervous-system does not personally support this.”
Let your secret shibboleth be: “I won’t be suckered into anything” – which you live up to by not being involved in anything sucker-based (read: routine city affairs).

Those who understand nothing about life yet consider themselves spiritual or philosophical, commonly say they see life as being a series of specific challenges
set before individual men for the sake of increasing their personal understanding.
(Neat how that works out: pigs convinced that the swine life is for the purpose of learning to fly.)

There is no end to Life’s vitality (not that man can see — get over it!)

Compared to the normal side of everyday human life, one guy sometimes gets a moment’s grinning pleasure from thinking of his self (based on the secret inner life he leads) as a super hero he pictures operating in the city by the name of: Whackoburger.

There is no end to the vitality of human mental life —
except the one that normal human minds put on it.
As long as you do not allow collective humanity’s facts to hammer your consciousness into submission – you can’t run out of trail.

Every time there seems to be a conclusive answer – something just died;
don’t let it be more of your neurons and potentially explosive ideas.
(Pyrotechnical Tip: Stay near where the dynamite’s stored.)

City answers live in cemeteries.

Man’s standard factual realm is constructed of questions – not answers;
only the nervous-system-outlier who mentally lives outside the neural city is in a neural area wherein answers can be found.
The man-who-knows the answer cannot tell you the answer for the simple reason that when you try to bring the beast from out-there into the city – it disappears.
(Seems to be Life’s little attempt at sci-fi humor.
“Yeah – but at whose expense!?”
Ease up, old dude.
[P.S. Although it cannot be shown: only the certain-man actually surfs.])

To be an inner world rebel you must forever stay young.

Idiots (ordinary people) rebel against the world of acts,
the certain-man confines such activity to the realm of facts;
he may privately smile at the notions of god, truth, should-be and Santa Claus,
but never at gravity or stab wounds.
To be of routine consciousness renders you quite capable of wanting to
cut off your face to spite your nose,
(or an alternative approach would be to denounce a reindeer sleigh for not having a jet engine).

If you don’t always ask just one-more-question –
you’ll remain eternally part of the question.
Ordinary people think only as much about any given subject at any given moment
as their brain does automatically;
the special-investigator dedicated to cracking-the-case can only succeed by continually thinking about everything that captures his attention more than his natural born mind finds necessary (or even useful).
The reason that dilettante travelers never make it all the way from Paris to Istanbul
is that when the train seems to arrive in Istanbul – they get off!
(“That’s hard to believe.”
Tell me about it.)

Dead men can’t jump.
“And what’s so memorable about that?!”
Nothing – which is why it is constantly ignored on city courts.
Dead synapses can’t jump – and yet they spread all necessary second reality news.
“How can you refer to the neural energy normal in man’s second reality as: info?
You’ve always seemed to infer that it is something much less than
actual information?!”
True, but in city-based minds, mere distraction and information are interchangeable (e.g.): Pointing skyward and exclaiming: “Look! – there goes St. Nick in his sleigh,” and condemning the Santa shmeer as imaginary, are the same thing.
Understanding this is why simply being alive cannot drive the certain-man crazy.
You see – to order tea and then sit there through eternity, frustrated that it never arrives – requires that you be seated with Alice in wonderland.

On one world, the awakened man is known as: He-who-has-left-the-table.