Jan Cox Talk 3231

Consciousness Unable to Remove Itself From Its Own Concepts


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Notes by TK

Ordinary human consciousness is incapable of realizing that once something is registered therein, it cannot be erased or altered. To wit: the concept of god; whether affirmed, denied or deemed indeterminate is wholly irrelevant, for either position supports the existence of the concept. Consciousness, unable to divine the origin of its concepts, is powerless to remove itself from their influence.

To realize the origin of your concepts and their ubiquitous presence in all men’s thinking and that consciousness cannot conceive of this reality, is to awaken. This is, in effect, to remember what you were like before you were conscious: to see the origin of consciousness. Only then can the affect of concepts be removed from the nervous system. (34:20) #3231

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Reporting On Matters Just Barely Audible
DECEMBER 1, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Sequence For Composing Popular Songs.
First you write about: Disappointment with a lover,
then: Disappointment with your leaders,
then: Disappointment with god (and ultimately if necessary):
Disappointment with the music-buying public (because of their you-know-what).

A man notes:
“A nice benefit of being upset by the injustices men say they see in the world
around them is that it keeps them from zeroing in on the big one
extant inside of them.”
(“Inside the brain, to be more exact!?”
Hey — what possible sort of injustice can be taking place inside a man’s brain?)

Nervous-system-rebels are spared the expense of guns;
if they want to commit suicide all they have to do is open their mouth the wrong way.

“Everybody’s a suck-up to somebody.”
“How else would flocks hold together!?”
“Or civilization.”
“Or our minds.”
“Our ordinary minds.”

To an opened eye: no one impressed with their self is impressive.

After reading the many acclaimed texts trying to explain what is going on,
one man mused: “Any song that wanders more than a few steps away from the tonic
is at least mildly amusing.”

“If you live in a steel building it doesn’t matter that you have termites.”
“It always matters that you have termites.”

Whenever he would suffer one of those particular inner wounds one man would announce that they were “not releasing the victim’s name at this time,”
when in fact he had no intention of ever doing so.

All talk attempting to explain man’s verbal behavior is the supreme example of
talk that is nothing BUT talk.

On one weird world is a creature (in fact the most intelligent one there)
that calls itself everything but what it clearly is.
Query: Why aren’t you moved to wonder why? — really moved?

“Giants can stand in piddling puddles without harm.”
“Standing in piddling puddles will eventually harm anyone.”
“Even the nervous-system-rebel?”

While the info in circulation among ordinary men is based on conflict,
that used by the certain man affords instead an enlightening view of their contentions;
amounting to an otherwise unavailable, scientific scan of Valhalla.
(“Much superior, wouldn’t you say, than a fanciful one of Vesuvius.”)
Though you can go the wrong way on an imaginary street and suffer no damage,
reverse the situation and this is not so.

“There’s one part of the brain that is certainly more fun than the others.”
“You don’t know that; the only reason you say it is because it is the only part
that speaks.”
“And talk is one of the things I enjoy most in life – so there!”
“Boy! has it got you snookered.”
Men lacking an understanding of actual morality are always looking to establish
some institution or program to instill morality into the lives of men.

A Political Scene Revamped.
Voice heard coming from under that tree over there:
“I regret I have but one extra head to give to my awakening.”

Said a father to a son:
“There is nothing ever going on outside of you (even so-called, world events)
that is equal in value to what is taking place inside of you;
certainly nothing worth losing your attention to at the expense of it being focused on
your own consciousness.”

The more you let your mind think about a particular thing
the more significant it seems to your life, even though it may have none.

Immediacy is the secret to beginning – stopping of ending.

One man sometimes enjoys introducing himself as: “The late me.”
(“Being far too humble,” adds he, “to include: ‘late, great me’.)

In prison, everyone’s a loudmouth (even run of the mill mutes).

Just as real men are not impressed with other men’s tales of wives and children,
neither so is the awakened man with other men’s acclaim within the context of
the teaching they follow in pursuit of this aim.

Conversation overheard just off the main showroom floor:
“The most important word in making a sale is, ‘Yes’.”
“It may be second.”
“Then what is first?”
“I’m sorry: I’m not at liberty to reveal that.”

A (To Some) Annoying Reminder.
If you do not find being alive humorous (frequently verging on the ludicrous)
you’re not awake or enlightened – forget about it.

People with nothing useful to convey love to say:
“Knowledge is power.”

Inquires one man:
“How much more than half shot does it cost to be completely done in?”

(Although he kept notes – he never looked at them.)

Sign in one man’s establishment: “Only Tap Shoes Allowed In The Embalming Room.”
(Says one guy [making much racket on the court]: “I’m not strung out – I’m RE strung!”)

A Kid & Pop Quiz.
“What is the greatest modern example of man’s consciousness in action?”
“Men being interviewed.”
“What is the greatest ancient example?”
“Men being interviewed.”

If you don’t see the humor in the conscious part of the brain treating its invention of “you” seriously, you and it will never catch on to what’s really going on
(that last “you” being the supreme in silliness).


* * *


We wrap up today’s News with more excerpts from the ancient occult writings know to the select few as:
“What’d You Say?!”
Aka: “Why’d You Say That!?”
(Though their technically correct name be: “UFN’s: Unidentified Flying Nevers.”)

Never criticize the rich – even if they are all dumber than you.

Never lend your car to gypsies or a loved one to the Argentine military.

Never take it one-day-at-a-time if across town they’re having a “two-fer sale.”

Never tell a customs agent that his wife smells-funny.

Never read a book just-because-it’s-there.

Never shout for the return-of-the-Monarchy at a soccer game.

Never move your lips while reading heavy-material;
never read heavy material.

Never try-as-you-might – they might come to expect it of you.

Never stick out your tongue and make rude noises at a government building.

Never admit that you know-the-score.

Never eat-the-last-bite – unless that’s all there is.

Never lend money to a man in a hot air balloon.

Never vote for a candidate from another planet.

Never act too sure of yourself — unless you can be sure it’s you doing it.

Never ask a nude person to put-their-clothes-back-on (unless you’re really tired).

Never let them appoint you Head of the Federal Reserve anything.

Never forget to raise your full hand if the secret police call your name –
never just a finger.

Never pay homage to a shrine that’s on a flatbed truck.

Never agree to anyone else’s bargain.

Never point-out-the-flaws in others if they seem to be the sort who don’t want their flaws pointed out (you can always take it out later on dwarfs and the bed ridden).

Never trust an army with an answering service.

Never have your people call their people unless their people are your people.

Never expect to achieve extraordinary greatness if your name is: Just Plain Bill.

Never take a whoopee cushion to a séance.

Never expect to split-the-difference with an armed man.

* * *