Jan Cox Talk 3224


Entwined Minds

The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Everyone is connected emotionally and mentally; this is noticed only momentarily and in regard to a particular situation. One example: a lynch mob. The use of unaccredited quotations among men in their conversations is both nourishment and telltale of the underlying connection among all men. The dynamic seems to be that certain words make people feel good to say and repeat, but there is more going on: an exudation of connection; an emission of entwined minds. (38:19) #3224

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Self-Midwifery Guide
NOVEMBER 15, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

He holding presently forth at Speaker’s Spot in city park barked:
“What annoys you most?” and from throughout the crowd received a flurry of replies:
“Other people talking!”
“The consciousness I normally hear in my head,”
and in the direction of that last response did he direct the remainder of his comments.

The Perspective Done Up Mathematically.
From a certain view (for a few): from the number two – it’s all down hill.

(“Well now let’s see now: There are thoughts & feelings;
right & wrong;
win & lose;
inhalation & exhalation;
good & evil;
profit & loss;
being smart & being stupid [which of course brings up the big divide]:
me & everybody else – I don’t see the problem with two?!”

One voice said: “It’s hard to figure some of this out,” and another voice agreed.
(“That’s just what I need! – some other dunce agreeing with my dunciness!”
“From a certain view: from the number two – it’s…”
“Yeah yeah – I got it!”)

Don Sanchovee so instructed his flankflog:
“On the grand adventures worthy of knights such as wee,
your most important requirements are: an empty mind and an empty bladder.
(Not necessarily in that order of significance.)”

How Mind Works.
Many people who say they don’t believe in astrology will also admit with a
sheepish smile that they still steal a glance at theirs in the newspaper every day.
Another example of how-mind-works, right in the midst of it denying that it so does.
Novas, black holes and comets are sure sights to see, but nothing in the universe comes close to the kind of stuff taking place right here on Earth. (And it’s free for the looking.)

A neighbor so explained his dug-up yard:
“I thought I read that if you don’t push worms around, they’ll push you around,
when it actually said: ‘words’.”
(And a choir of savannah sparrows began to sing:
“You’ve got to – ae-rate – the improbable,
plough under — the habitual,
latch on to the uncommon,
don’t mess with mister: Hey! – It’s Me Again.”)

The certain man’s top challenge is to stop talking:
first he stops talking about his self, which he finds forms the largest part of
all his needless and sleep-conducive talk;
then after he becomes less overtly talkative, he realizes that the talking that is the
real problem – no one ever hears – no one but him – and usually even he doesn’t; in that he (his consciousness) is totally submerged in the doing it.

The certain man’s greatest challenge is factory noise:
for god’s sake: somebody call OSHA!

One special doctor’s most current thinking on a certain matter is as follows:
“The primary cause of men’s prevailing mental condition is condensation.”

Some who start off waiting-on-a-bus end up catching a plane,
and some who start out waiting-for-a-plane end up catching a cold.
Note: A lot of things in life should be done as though you’re waiting on a bus.

“So doctor: you’re saying that what man most urgently…”
“Yes: an emotional dehumidifier.”

“Everybody except the man trying-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things
is playing suck-up to life.”
“Including those who curse it?”
“Especially them.
Only the man struggling for the certain goal treats life properly.”
(“Which is how?”
“That’s not for me to say: you can only conclude that for yourself.”)

“Pleading for mercy (even in secret) does one thing: fattens the obesity cells
in consciousness’ delusion of: help-from-without.”
“Wait a minute! – then where do you place psychiatrists and rabbis and gurus?”
“No – why do you not (to yourself) explain how you see men separate from Life –
fish from water – fantastic dreams from their sole source: human consciousness?
If Life enjoys any help – it can only come from itself,
(combined with the Universe’s benign non-interference;
as for the matter of mercy – again, you’d have to speak to the Universe about that, [and as far as doing that, by the way: good luck.])

One voice said: “Some parts of this really get lodged in my thinking’s throat.”

One guy says he’s about half concluded that trying to wake-up
is like an exhalation attempting to breathe the incoming inhalation.

Doing things is important – talking is not.

One inner outlier has a secret ploy he plies:
He won’t do anything unless his buddies do too.

“Well,” it said: “other than that – how are things?” –
and it replied: “Other than that – there ARE no things.”

On worlds that are ahead of their time – there are no such worlds. (Not publicly anyway.)

All places not worth going to always have a travel agent. (And one quite aggressive,
it might be noted – indeed were he not, these places could not continue to exist.)
“There is one of the unusual beauties of city songs:
They don’t exist unless they’re sung.
About what other thing in this entire universe can such a thing be said?!
When you get down to it: what goes on inside of man’s brain makes the activities
in star nurseries look like child’s play.”
(“Wow! – it must be something really special to be a human,” mused a moon –
no it didn’t – they’re too dumb to muse.
“But we’re sharp enough to make up stories whereIN they do.
Man! – what powers we possess!”
“Yeah – if we could only implode and become our own black hole!”
“Dream on dude.”)

One voice said: “It sure is hard to make sense of some of this,”
(and a passing meteor shower ignored the comment).

Little Known Legend Popular Among Some Deities.
The concept of anthropomorphization is what first gave gods the idea of
creating men.
(A consciousness that can get itself around this little item can get itself around
life’s entire story.)

Noted one man’s head:
“It is quite surprising how still stays the universe immediately around me,
and how violently active are things inside of me.”

The big-question is: “Am I getting worse, stupider, even more asleep?”
and the big-answer is: “Don’t entertain such questions.”

Doing things is important – talking is just fun.

A man whose latest findings were earlier reported on sends his revised version:
“Try to wake-up is like a lung attempting to distinguish between an inhalation
and an exhalation.”

Says a fellow: “If age can masquerade as wisdom
then why can’t youth – never mind.”

Just as simply seeing a beautiful woman makes a man feel better hormonally,
so similarly does peeking into the land of enlightenment do to the certain man neurally and hormonally.

A wombat who wrote material that many found enigmatic,
when asked if it all made sense to him, replied:
“If I don’t go back and read it.”
(Exactly why a man-who-knows eschews replays.)

As entertaining as may be the ability to present the certain man’s challenge
in a multitude of metaphorical manners — ultimately it sours,
contrasted to the inability to do what is needed to vanquish it.

“It’s surprising what you can get by with when you’re terminally ill.”
“Or when you just say that you are.”
“My gawd! – what a lesson must be therein concerning awakening!”

I have enemies – but I am not an enemy.


This late breaking email just in:
“I have been enjoying your Daily News for several years and just heard someone say that it contains stuff that
you can USE! Why am I just hearing about this!?
Yours,” etc.