Jan Cox Talk 3220

Civilized Complaints Are Based On Men Mistaking Words For Reality


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

All of man’s civilization and complaints about same are based on man’s mistaking of words for reality. Consider what it would be like to be conscious w/o words; it would drive you crazy! The perfect metaphor for civilization: a man with cancer (but having no symptoms) who states that the cure of it was worse (more painful) than the disease.

Civilization saves our lives but makes them miserable; words give pleasure but enable dissatisfaction and complaint. Civilization depends on words. To fully realize the impact of words is to awaken. (31:51) #3220

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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NOVEMBER 3, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Said a father to a son:
“Consider: Everything that life does has some value to it,
and everything that consciousness says means something to it, but ask yourself:
Does all of it necessarily have any value or real meaning to YOU — personally? (And I’ll save you the trouble of saying it: ‘Man! – that’s a hard one!’)”

The prime snare for the man wanting to get-to-the-bottom-of-things is consciousness, which coincidentally (whether he realizes it or not)
is the matter he wants to get to the bottom OF – and also fortuitously,
is the very faculty he must employ to ever do so.
(“I’m gonna ride this horse ‘til it turns into the track,
and becomes itself, the finish line of the race.”)

A father gave a son another weapon to use in his assault on his inner status whoa: “From your own private investigation, compile a list of all the things that automatic-consciousness is NOT.”

One guy’s motto: “Never be TOO happy first thing in the morning –
unless you’re going to swallow a rattlesnake for breakfast.”

In a manner that lends itself not to adequate verbal description:
An awakened man is like the ultimate recluse, the supreme truant,
the pre-eminent émigré – and with no one the wiser.

Wounds to the body heal –
those embraced by ordinary consciousness can fester a lifetime.
(“Out damn spot!”
“Hey – watch how you speak to me: I ain’t your damn dog.”)

A man truly enamored of awakening never really gets old.
A man’s wisdom is in his consciousness – not his years.

When he heard someone say: “Small keys can open large doors”
(and after taking quick stock of the size of his consciousness) one man concluded: “ I’m in bang-up good shape.”

Dance Crazes Revisited (Or): “Let’s Twist Our Brains, Like We Did Last Summer.”
(Answer earnestly): Which would you prefer: To be quietly creative,
or be a dope with a good rap?

Duo Sound Bite.
“Hunger can’t be learned.”
“You mean: the certain hunger?!”

Words & Deeds – Deeds & Words.
In the primary reality it is deeds that count,
while in the second, words;
thus in the latter realm,
all can seem brave, clear and brilliant.
Can deeds fool a man? — but on the other hand:
Were Attila brought to Plato’s playing field,
he would not seem the inevitable Super Bowl champ.
(Says Gimmy The Jeek: “You puts your real money on your personal dream-team:
on a horse that may not yet even be in the starting gate,
but the one without which, you have no interest in the race.”)

The Contortions Necessary To Live In The City.
If you’re going to stoop low enough to accept an award,
at least be sure it’s a prestigious one.

As per his habit: as he sat in the library devouring sundry books,
something in one of them suddenly spurred a man to think: “That’s what I want:
an illness that causes me to pay people to inject me with poison as treatment,” and a passing silverfish mused: “No need: that is what you sit here doing to yourself.”
(Proposal: The wisdom of insects is as under rated as that of humans is over so-ed.)

By e-mail doeth a reader ask:
“If, as you continually suggest, seriousness is just a matter of foolishness,
then what am I supposed to feel about the matter of my death?”
Proposal: The apparent wisdom that can be conveyed by words
should cause a super alert person to go read carefully the definition of: can.

Down in the village tavern a critic of The Court confided to a companion:
“I suspect that the greatest ploy ever played by the King’s Intelligence Agency
was in their surreptitiously prompting in the people the belief that
they are little more than bumbling incompetents who should be deeply thankful for having His Majesty to direct them.”
His table mate mused on this for a moment, then said:
“That sounds suspiciously like my consciousness.”

When in doubt – pour on the adjectives.

Advised a father a son:
“There is no non physical danger as great as a man so asleep that he
snores when he speaks.”

Super Tip.
When in grave doubt – load on the adverbs.
There is no such thing as a sleeping-train per se –
only one with a slumber inducing motion when it runs.

Ordinary consciousness can always tell you what to do – once you’ve done it wrong.
(“There’s the verb thing again.”)

A man with a ladder has no insolvable gutter-problems;
a man with no gutters has no gutter-problems of any sort.
(“Which also means he has one less modifier botheration.”)

A hobby with even more frequent payouts than a juiced slot machine
is that of looking around for some irony.
(“I also found it profitable to study the records for the legislative intent of men
in their creation of the word irony in the first place.”)
To ordinary eyes: Life is a bicycle – with one of the wheels always acting-funny.

Friendly Or Not.
One feature of all belief-systems is: they’re user-hungry.
One leg of a two legged stool is always wobbly.
(“Pa pa – is that why you always gave me a tricycle for all of my birthdays?”
In acknowledgment of his up-commance, one father changed his son’s name to: Alberto VO 6.)

On one planet was a guy who told his own nervous system:
“Listen – if you’re going to get mad: do it fast, do it hard, and even faster – forget it.”
There’s nothing necessary to say to hormones, but with neurons – well……………
A father said to a son:
“One man saved his greatest outrages for his furnace. (Bet you thought I’s gonna say: his self. Come on – admit it! – didn’t ya, didn’t ya?”
“Well what do you expect when it’s you talking to your own consciousness?! –
what else could I do!”
“Hey – you’re confusing me now: that has to be ME saying what you just said,
and YOU the one hearing it.”)

And the swan of city sanity just sailed in — just in time to terminate today’s news,
and save the minds of mundane, genteel readers.


Just as a computer has no interest in the meaning of the words you type in,
only caring about the impartial binary code they represent,
so too is man’s automatic consciousness’ relationship to the thoughts that in it appear.