Jan Cox Talk 3218

The Few’s Resistance Is to the Intangible, Not the Natural


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The Few are natural ‘resistors’ of the ordinary flow of man’s thoughts, actions, institutions etc. They do not however resist natural instincts; their resistance is to everything intangible, to everything people say. The proper pursuit and analysis of this fact, to fully understand it, would invoke awakening. (39:12) #3218

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Steers For The Strays Who Can’t Be Spooked Into The Holding Pens
OCTOBER 29, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Show Biz Update.
One way to tell you are about ready to have your own show is that your favorite things in the whole world have become: grinning, being alone, and going to bed at night, because of the great excitement you feel as you lay there anticipating the marvelous new adventures that await you in consciousness tomorrow.
What an thrill extraordinaire to know that the thrill is in you.

The guys were just a’sittin’ around jawin’:
“Druggin’ and drinkin’ and raisin’ hell is a young man’s game.”
“Yeah — and my onliest question is: ‘How long can you stay young?’”
(And the kid asked the ole man:
“You reckon even that one could have metaphorical significance for the likes of us?”
“What can’t!?”)

To stay current one man has announced that he too is bipolar:
sometimes excited about waking-up and at other times doubly excited.

One fellow ponders: “Men commonly say that writing and talking about their life
acts as a catharsis, but why is never the same said about the living of their life?”

When one man was told he suffered from low-self-esteem the only thing that struck him was: “If you knew the self from which I normally suffer,
you wouldn’t be in the least surprised.”

A father said to a son:
“The secret is to privately stay so internally boisterous that you’re always right at
the edge of extreme disruption – right up to the edge, my boy – the very edge.”

“What is your personal perception of people suffering over honestly held conflicting religious beliefs?”
“Well, how about men struggling because of differing political views?”
“Then how about idiots?”
“Ordinary people.”

How Mind Works.
A man with a terminal illness who heard that sudden volcanic activity occurring simultaneously at multiple locations around the world was predicted to bring about
the destruction of all life within the next two to five years, thought: “Well finally something good about knowing that you’ll be dead within the next year.”
(This kind of talk made one guy opine: “If we had just two things in & about us
that worked like the mind does – we’d surely then have all matters by-the-tail.”)

One man hated the notes that he made to his self……
well…..maybe, hated is too strong a word, but still…..

Once you know how mind works —
you know how it works regarding any particular matter.

Speculates (or: opines) one guy:
“Either one of two things is true about you if you can’t second-guess yourself:
You either have a way too slick self,
or else you’re just jivin’ yourself about even having a self.”
(He adds that he prefers: opines.)

Even Ordinary People Know That Their Everyday State Of Consciousness
Won’t Do For Real, Useful Work.
When ordinary people need to do useful mental work they want their consciousness
to be in a state other than its natural one; children know instinctively that when studying for a test they must shift from their normal state of mind to one of focused concentration (and same with adults doing their taxes, or trying to absorb technical information etc).
When circumstances require that consciousness do useful work, people world-wide want theirs in a different and better state than its natural one for the time needed
to complete the task;
the certain man wants his consciousness in another state permanently.

There is one world where the people’s primary source of nutriment is yawning.
(“Yikes! – I wouldn’t go there on a bet!”
“Don’t bet on it.”)

At the swearing-in ceremony only one man seriously swore to do-his-duty –
and he was the one man without one.
“You either do it because you want to – or you never do it.””
“But mightn’t it be that you: have to!?”
“And the distinction you think you are drawing is?”
If forms of life do have a duty it is to live –
and to live most efficiently is to live as the creature you are.”
“But where then do those trying to permanently change the workings of their
consciousness fit in?”
“And that’s your notion of a joke?”

In Re One’s Real Obligations.
Over in this one place, everyone is in arrears.

As the maturing young man was ready to join the civilized culture of his times,
a local maven so advised him:
“In the city: a man with few pretensions is a man with few friends.”

The time between the itch and the scratch is
always open to the three percent discount for early payment.

In one realm: if you have a license to practice your profession, you don’t need talent.
(“And that my boy is what man’s intangible world is all about!”)

“What is the only thing the certain man never thinks about?”
“The inevitable.”
“But isn’t there an exception to that:
How he would be if he didn’t keep up the effort to take his consciousness out of
automatic mode?!”

A Complete Survey Of The City.
Those IN trouble ARE trouble.

“What is the answer to: ‘Why do you do the things you do?’”
“Try again.”
“Habit and instinct?”
“Why didn’t you say that to begin with?”
Art is as art does,
and what it did was what it was.
“Pa pa: Do all things really speak-for-themselves?”
“Hello? – is somebody there? – did I just hear something?”
The roots-of-coincidence do not run deep;
were not the tongue and ears of consciousness adjacent so that it always, and instantaneously knows what it is thinking,
how would ordinary men be able to so freely swim out over their heads
in the sea of illusion-passing-for-certainty?!
The roots-of-coincidence do not run deep – but those of torpidity sure do.
“I regret,” haled a consciousness, “that I have only myself to delude.”
A demanding man demanded: “I demand to know where humans ever came up with the idea that they can fool-themselves? No other animal or plant is stupid enough
to make such a ridiculously impossible statement about their self – and yet:
humans are the ones at the top of the life’s heap. How in the world did we
accomplish this while being in a certain respect, the dumbest of all creatures?
I’ll tell you how in one word: Consciousness!”
“How ‘bout in four words: Life wanted us to.”
“How ‘bout in eleven words: Life wanted us to and that’s why it gave only us consciousness.”
“How ‘bout you learn to count.”
“I don’t have to: I have consciousness.”
Question: How can you prove conclusively that you are conscious?
Note: All who are satisfied that they can do so – aren’t – not to the extent they
could be if they could see past the question and out over the edge.

If called on, the first thing always out of one man’s mouth: “First off let me say
what a huge fan I am of who or what ever it is we’re talking about…..”

One man offered his self as a model for: The Center For The Prevention Of
Physical Abnormalities & Psychological Anomalies.

Ordinary men’s natural motto is: “I don’t want any trouble” —
an approach that just won’t do for the few.
(“Yeah, even my middle name is Excessive.”)

There is an internal edge in man unknown to the mundane:
a precipice that is the furthermost outpost of what his natural consciousness
perceives as the limits of reality;
a few men discover by special inner sight that a continuing universe exists beyond their routine awareness.
Normal humans employ the term: going-over-the-edge to indicate insanity:
a loss of reasonable consciousness;
the man who has awakened is experienced in going past an edge that marks
the commencement of his personally realized consciousness.

(“It’s all in the wrist,” said the pro to the duffer.)


When ice water finally freezes is when the certain man steps past the furthermost edge.