Jan Cox Talk 3213

The Few Require No Cultural Models of Principle


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

It is serious for a human being to believe that he derives his strength for living from external law or credo, whether adopted or inculcated. But living a ‘righteous life’ by principle is untenable by the awakened. Ethics and law are necessary for civilization but not for the Few; their lives require no models: they ARE model.

Principles do not drive men to act ethically, words in consciousness do. Why the subterfuge by consciousness? The ‘ethical’ behavior of a man who instinctively wants adulterous sex in a bar arises from nonverbal admonitions against same invoked in and by his consciousness. Why the indirection, the ‘tar-baby’ of ethical standard and law? (40:17) #3213

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Serving The Sole Sauce That Tingles The Few
OCTOBER 15, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

“What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen?”
“A man saying something that made him laugh
and then not being struck by the impossibility of such a thing.”

An ad caught a man’s attention that said: “Get in touch with people just like you,”
and caused him to think: “I wonder if that actually includes me?”

One man said his idea of heaven would be a place where you could
grade your own test –
then someone pointed out that he was already in such a place. (“Oh.”)

A father said to a son:
“In man’s primary reality, every noun in real life is a verb (which is to say):
in the physical world no object has an importance outside of what it does,
while in man’s second, cultural reality,
objects may exist only for their attractiveness.”
“‘May’? – is that not the only reason for their existence.”
“Sometimes you do me proud my boy.”

In The Middle Of A Conversation.
“And of course that being apropos of nothing,”
“Contraire – everything is apropos of something.”

Said a father to a son:
“Think about it: If ordinary consciousness amounted to anything,
you could remember everything you ever thought.”
(And the lad instantly had another one of those extraordinary head hurts
unique to his blood line.)

Conclusive evidence that a person does not understand what waking-up is,
is that they can explain what it is.

On The Dramatic Front.
One man says: “It’s bad enough seeing ordinary people being themselves
without having actors struggling to pretend to be ordinary people.”

Once a sizable crowd had gathered, the city park philosopher declared:
“My topic today is: Three Sure Ways To Tell That You Are Dangerous,”
he paused for a moment, studying the crowd, then said:
“But now, looking at the type of people here around me,
it is obvious they do not need to be told this.”
(Though some believed they heard him say: “… it would obviously do them no good.”)

Man’s mental-only, spiritual/cultural reality is the planet’s most complex structure, and one which is kept from collapsing solely by his incessant palaver thereabout.
(“Quick Pierre, say something – the damn thing’s about to fall!”)

A father noted to a son:
“It always comes down to this: chin up & press on.”

To strengthen their hold on power, kings continually frighten the people with alleged threats to the kingdom which only the present monarch can properly repel,
same as the thoughts naturally present in a man’s consciousness do to
the rest of consciousness.

The Curious Counterbalance.
The more that men civilize themselves the more likely they make it for them to
run afoul of the law for uncivil behavior.
Every new intangible matter man creates in his second reality
brings with it its own antimatter.

Dialogue Continued.
“Okay, you’ve told me all kinds of other stuff before, but tell me straight up:
what are the absolute weirdest words you’ve ever heard come out of a
human being’s mouth?”
“ ‘I lost control of my mind’.”

The premise for all creatures’ lives is the search for a stable energy base,
reflected also in a non physical fashion in man’s consciousness,
(i.e. the concepts of god, infallible scriptures, secret transcendental knowledge, etc).

An Unrecognized Outlier’s Inner Law.
All distinctions alienate – and all distances make men aliens.
(And your immediate question should be: “To what?”)

As he drifted down a lazy afternoon’s canal a man mused:
“Can a person with rhythm still get pregnant? –
and would a sharp dressed man sleep with his self to begin with?”
Heretofore Unrecognized Historical Foot powder:
The negative concept of incest arose from man’s observation of the
thoroughly despicable manner by which the human intellect normally feeds itself.

Romance At The Edge.
The world with the biggest lips makes the best kisser.

While walking alone in the woods a fellow thought:
“With every breath: a man drives another nail into his coffin,” to which he replied:
“And since while alive, every man wears two suits: he has twin biers awaiting him,”
then for an instant they both focused their attention on the question of what it is that
a man throughout his life does that assists in the construction of the
second final receptacle?

Question: How can you determine the degree to which
something is of the second reality.
Answer: By how much it talks about itself.
(“Pa pa: what are the superfluous words: ‘degree-to-which,’ and: ‘how-much’
doing it there?”
“It must be intended for a general audience.”)

Wind Swept Definition For City Minds.
Sanity: The first piece of buoyant debris an individual’s consciousness spots
upon suddenly being born into the chaotic ship wreck known as: Human existence.

Our Equestrian Question Of The Day.
What mount will men drive with greater passion and determination
than a non existent one?
(“If there be nothing beneath me – I charge confidently into the fray!” –
be ordinary man’s unstated battle cry.)

Another Fairy Tale From The Collection: “It Could Have Actually Happened.”
While hanging around trying to figure out exactly how-it-is-done,
one man figured out how to do it.

One man was greatly disturbed when he read of a new malady called: mad-cow-disease – (“That’s WAY too close to home!”)

A son said to a father:
“You once told me a tale of a Muse-Of-Wisdom shooting Old Age because of
the latter’s receiving too much credit that should be restricted to the former,
and I have a question: In this regard: does Old Age continue to be shot
and reasonably dead?”
“My boy, here’s a new story for you: Hormones once threw neurons a
surprise party, but when neurons walked into the room, they never did realize
what had happened.”
If you live long enough – everybody becomes smart,
(have you ever seen dead people given a failing grade?)

Concerning Travel In The City.
All round trips leave out one important point.

As he headed for the break-of-day-door a lad’s mama shouted to him:
“Remember: Serious people are dangerous people,”
which caused the boy to pause mid step and ponder – then reply:
“But everyone I know outside our family is serious?!” to which she responded:
“See! – a boy should listen to his mother.”

Legend says there was once a kingdom where those who say:
“I understand it – I just don’t like it” were shot.


Aut transit — aut mori.