Jan Cox Talk 3210

Cinderella’s Glass Slippers Only Invite Thoughtful Analysis


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Thoughts about the external world were cautionary in nature in primitive times. It is true today as well. Whereas animals cannot be cautious outside their instinctive purview, man can be. Cautionary thinking in response to the secondary reality generates unease and can lead to depression and neuroticism. It is “man wrestling with an angel”: jousting with chimeras. Intangible matters cannot be learned about (stored effectively in memory trace for use later) thru the senses, it must be taught thru words.

Such learning (entered into the brain via words alone) is subject only to cautionary thought; cannot be analyzed impartially and seen for its vacuity. Once Cinderella’s glass slipper is the property of consciousness (believed), all clinical analytic thought about it is impossible because there is no such thing!…outside of the brain’s belief. Yet bibles are written about god’s existence and doings! Whole religions sprout and flourish, engage in conversion by the sword and hold sway over entire civilizations: dream-brain-world. (58:08) #3210

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Unshackled Man’s Unencumbered View
OCTOBER 8, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

There are two purposes for human language: the primary one is for men’s consciousness to have a means of relaying survival significant information,
the other is to keep consciousness from being alone
(which could potentially lead to a certain uncomfortable realization).

“Jeeze! – have I got a stomach ache!”
“With a head like yours, it’s no wonder.”
“I didn’t say I have a head ache – I’ve got a stomach ache.”
“Yeah, but look where what’s in it went through to get there.”
Questions regarding nourishment aren’t necessarily best left to prison nutritionists.

Says the conscious process of one man’s brain: “With all due respect to the
circulatory system, but I personally do not approve of self clotting.”

One man speculates: “Just as the nice feature of being totally nuts is that
when you are, you are not aware of it —
same as with being asleep and unenlightened.”
(He now wants it known that he objects to this being classified as speculation.)

Regarding The Matter Of Primary Residency,
One man says he divides his time between being at home, and not
(and adds that it is surprising how lopsided is the split).

Whenever the promoters of a publicly funded activity mention the cost thereof
they commonly say: “Now I know that this sounds like a large sum,
but in the overall scheme of things, it’s really not,”
which is also a verbal twittle-twat that thoughts pull on consciousness
in a different context.

One guy is so aggressive that he eats his own lunch!

There are two natural positions for consciousness: Automatic and the other one,
(it is possible however to develop what amounts to a third one
[though hardly anyone seems interested in doing so]).

One man selected his self for an in house Communications Award.

Common among people who have struggled to awaken is the question:
“Am I now fully awake?” – and there is a sure fire way to tell: Is there at least
one thing, one idea relating to man’s intangible world that is normal to your
automatic consciousness which, even when you are not in that state,
you still believe is serious and meaningful? –
if so — you’re not.

At the conclusion of his remarks in city park, one of the speakers cum philosophers passed out a resume which noted that he had once spilled coffee on Umbardo Echo,
is a sometime contributor of cartoons to the New Hawker magazine,
has competed in a dozen triathlons and written five plays — none of which he has read.
Thus can strut intellectual insouciance in the city.


To the certain man, being in his ordinary state of mind is like having his
consciousness trapped in a world wide verbal/mental network in which he is
perpetually bombarded by endless automatic and meaningless input from
every other consciousness on this planet: like a hapless dog in the middle of a
wide highway, pinned amidst the frantically running traffic all around him.
This is humanity’s normal mental condition, the one in which all of its spiritual, philosophical, and cultural activities take place, and those of normal consciousness
are not bothered thereby, but a few people born with an anomalistic gene are greatly so and spend much of their life (wittingly or otherwise) manifesting this displeasure.
“But why on earth would, should a robin be displeased with being a robin?”
Why, indeed.

Under routine human conditions: the morality-of-the-moment
helps define the moment. (And also aids in stabilizing the verbal scenarios needed
to camouflage the emptiness behind the concepts of morality, and the-moment.)
Language alone has afforded man the ability to give nothingness a name,
and thereby take it from the realm of the non existent to that of the clearly so:
“What do you mean you don’t believe that Krastockia exists!? –
if it did not would we be standing here discussing it?!”

The prisoner’s treatment for damn near everything is: Irritation.
(A built-in feature of ordinary, network consciousness.)

There is no way out of a closed-system,
save from a non standard view that the system is not actually closed:
a perspective supported by two factions: the believers in a supernatural force
outside the life of man, and those who think that man’s consciousness is
unnecessarily confined to running automatically.
Note: While episodes do seem to come to an end – there is no end to episodes.
Lungs know that for every breath out, there needs be a breath in.
Question: Where stands consciousness in this matter?

The sewers of one city said to the people:
“Acting like you’re sick can be the height of efficiency,”
but what you might notice is that all the infrastructures of ordinary consciousness
have the innate advantage of exclusively defining the words they employ,
such as: efficiency.
(Adjusting his kingly crown, mused Dr. Johnson: “It’s good to be Lexicographer.”)

And now (as required by law) this test:
Can you think of something shocking without your emotional circuitry tingling?
(“Okay mister smarty-arty: How come if in my mind I picture myself, let’s say,
riding a bus, I can also imagine me going to any location I can think of?!

Explain THAT!”)
“Pa pa?…”

“Don’t ask.”


Some things are not possible — though those confined to their natural born consciousness can never correctly see which ones they are.

* * *


The string is pulled on today’s News with more lines from the ancient
book of writings informally known as:
“Advice Apparently Intended To Bewilder,”
(but whose official title is: “UFN’s: Unidentified Flying Nevers.”)

Never have an important prescription filled at a bus station.

Never bother to put on your glasses for anyone who begins what they have to say
with the words: “If you can just see your way clear to…”

Never just assume that what you’re experiencing is real-life.

Never count-your-chickens while wearing white gloves,
or within ear shot of any IRS agent.

Never expect to get complete strangers interested in helping you catalogue
all of your possessions in alphabetical order;
now if they are perfect strangers, you could have a different situation.

Never be impotent – even as a joke.

Never assume that what you’re experiencing is actually what-you’re-experiencing.

Never believe that you are ahead-of-the-game just because you read the book
in hardcover.

Never fake anger – it’s just as cheap to actually be angry.

Never allow yourself to be locked up overnight in a dark closet with anyone who incessantly refers to their self as: “My self.”

Never rush up to a professional body builder and say: “Quick! – what’s your age?”

Never make the effort to pay particular-attention to anything you’re doing;
you’ll discover in later years that it doesn’t make any difference.

Never, when it’s immaterial to you, hesitate to verbally acknowledge your debt-to-those-who’ve-gone-before (this seems to make them feel a lot better —
especially now that they’re gone).

Never save anything that can be thrown-away (and definitely vice versey).

Never bother looking for a short-cut unless you’re surrounded by that
notorious gang of hooligans: Hell’s Midgets.

Never make a fool of yourself by believing for a single silly second
that you are going to definitely remember something just because you looked-it-up.

Never operate on the blind-assumption that money-saving-coupons will actually
save you money.

Never read an authorized biography of anyone you like; it will bland-you-to-death
(and the unauthorized one will yuck-you-into-submission).

Never accept a C.O.D package that immediately greets you by your first name.

Never take a freight train or divorce lawyer to be-your-friend.

Never believe anyone on the government payroll who says that anything they do
will be for-your-own-good (even if they’re a family member.)

Never expect that the center-of-the-civilized-world
is going to treat you much differently than you were treated back-home.

Never (now that you pass for an adult) bother to say: “Darn, I hate that!”

Never forget: Things that look fishy – are fishy.