Jan Cox Talk 3205

Belief: It Absolutely Is, What You Believe It Is


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Thinking isn’t thinking unless it’s original to you. That burst of “ah ha!” may be triggered by something unoriginal, but it is still original to you. Belief is based on the binary: you accept or reject matters w/o the possibility of verifying it because of its intangible nature: it is what you believe it is. Another can believe otherwise (and you can’t prove his error) and a debate ensues. Physical reality can be verified one way or the other a priori and thus is not binary: it is what it is; there can be no question, no debate. (34:37) #3205

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Sweetest Sounds E’er Heard By The Few
SEPTEMBER 27, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX
That “One Man” Makes The News Again (Along With Consciousness)

One man says:
“You can be well and write about illness same as you can be awake
and write about being asleep………………………I think?!…………..
…………….or do I have this all twisted around?”

“Curiously: even though men proudly profess their freedom,
in certain circumstances they pride themselves on their mechanicalness,
such as automatically saluting when they see their flag,
or impulsively bowing to a priest, and like that.”
“But they don’t find such to be curious.”
“And that makes it doubly curious.”

One beer drinking man always asks his fellow imbibers what brand they’re having,
and solicits their comments thereabout,
in a most splendid example of humans pretending interest in
completely meaningless matters.
(“Hey! – you hold on just a second there bub,” injected local conditions,
“you sure as hell better be just talking about beer!”)

Many people run for elected office who do not really want the position,
but just enjoy the campaigning which gives them the opportunity
to sing their own praises publicly and it not be considered crass.
(Although: “I’m-so-sweet-I-could-just-eat-me-up!” is one of the key features of
a wolf pack’s leader.)

Life At Night (For The Few).
Every time one man would go to bed with some of the equipment left running –
he’d later wake to hear it going, and chuckle.
(“Dear Sir: To say that I don’t get that one, would be life’s premier understatement.”)

One man advertises his self as: “State Approved,”
while another chap announces: “Come Visit Our New Location!”
(No question about it: In the city it pays to

One man agreed to die within a reasonable period of time
if they would promise no biographical film of his life would be made afterwards.
“Oh! – no danger of that,” they assured him.
(“Hey! – you better really be talking about people and not brain cells,”
barked a voice from some place.)

When a faith healer’s power was challenged on the basis of him wearing a toupee,
he responded: “Why hell-fire! — it’s a miracle I can afford one!”

Everyone distrusts the government –
except while on guided tours of the White House.
Ordinary consciousness spends its life on guided tours of itself.
(“Mein Gott! – I’ve been totally bamboozled! – and as impossible as it sounds – by myself!”)
That is actually a misstatement: consciousness is deluded by the thoughts
provided to it which lead the tours, and even that description is lacking,
it’s more like a room that has been completely filled with water,
and then told by the water that it is a water-reservoir,
and it now doesn’t have any non water filled space in which to sort out
its own essential nature (to wit): a room.

Primitive men have language primarily for the purpose of conveying
useful information to one another;
civilized men mainly employ it to talk each other into doing useless stuff.

First thing every morning, one man looks into his neural pool and says:
“Okay ladies – another day.”

One guy’s consciousness at least gives the thoughts that normally rush
to appear in it credit for being septic-tank-safe.

Once a day the consciousness in one man makes him look down the barrel of a gun
he keeps and says: “There’s a bullet in there with your name on it,” and replies:
“You don’t scare me,” then lets the guy go back to whatever he was doing.

When one man (who sleeps on his stomach)
read that only 3 % of the world’s population does so, he rolled the other 97% over.
(Missing headline: “How life SHOULD Be.”)

When he was by his self, one man’s consciousness would periodically say:
“You can’t talk to me like that, you stupid son of a bitch!” apparently to either see
who it thought it was speaking to, or else who believed they were hearing it.
(“No doubt about it: if you know what you’re doing,
you can have more fun just with yourself than anybody.”
All the dumb-asses on one planet have banded together and call themselves:
The If-You-Know-What-You’re-Doing Gang. [A catchy name always helps.])

One vehicle mused: “The great thing about being a police car is that
you don’t have to be fast enough to catch other cars, just have a radio so that you can call your associates up ahead and tell them to stop whoever is running from you.”
(“Damn!” exclaimed consciousness, “Why didn’t I already think of that?!” sardonically.)
“Well, now that you’ve opened that door: Have you considered the fact that
nothing is or can be superior to consciousness?!…….well, at least nothing of which consciousness can be conscious. (Hum-m-m – you don’t see this as a rigged game do you?)”

One guy’s theory is that people only go to movies and appear to enjoy them
to keep from embarrassing actors.
(“By god: this better really be about Hollywood and not my head!”
“My good man: do you believe that everything is a metaphor for something else?!”
“Well…..either that – or the other way around. I think?!?”)

The Contact Game.
If you don’t want to hear from people – you eventually won’t.
(“Does life run a great post office or what!”)

At the end of most days, standing alone, facing the sunset, one man softly says:
“Too little, too late.” (Then even softer, smiles –
[though he’s yet to decide if it’s at his pretension, or his honesty……or his pretension.])


* * *


While going through boxes of his late father’s writings, a son found a large notebook covering a period of many years in which his pater had put down precepts he had personally developed and apparently intended solely for his self, and which the progeny (knowing the elder as he had) realized were behaviors & attitudes his father had found conducive to his life long aim of expanding the scope of his consciousness, but after discovering them, the younger now perceives them to be a legacy
the old man subtly bequeathed him for his own use.
What follows is an excerpt from those papers.


Treat others verbally as though they can do no wrong.
(Triply true for those closest to you.)

Focus your attention; do not let it diffuse.

Do what is necessary for the body then leave it be.

Whatever job you have to do – do it.

Resist everything that seems to be you.

Never speak of your health, wealth or age.

You must become a controlled, uncritical witness to what you do:
that is the cure for your doing things of which you disapprove.

You have no right to suffer.

Remember that real thinking is being able to remember something
without thinking about it.

Do not discuss The Aim with others.

When you are condemning – you are falling.

Ask yourself continually: “Who are you going to listen to – me or you?”

Attention should stay in motion; there is a lever to focus that when held,
produces this condition.

Remember to remind yourself: “Everything I think of naturally is useless to my Aim.”

Most things in man’s everyday river should be left to float along as they are.

See that “I” is not the center of things.

Don’t be sick; if you are, don’t suffer over it (much less enjoy it).

Always be thinking about what thinking is.

To ever get free you must first see that your confinement is natural
and is no fault of yours and not directed at you personally.

When you talk about your problems, you’re talking archaeology.

Ask yourself: “What am I going to say next?”

You do not have the right to say/think: “Oh, that was just me being me again.”

It is your duty not to whine.

It is your duty not to complain.

Look at humans as a process – not as things.

Abandon all useless effort.

Don’t play the part of resistant-force to other people’s ideas.

Never mention anything you’ve accomplished.

When you see problems, it means that you’ve fallen down again;
it is only from that perspective that they are visible.

Any time you must say “I” – always be insincere.

Your aim is to ignite and keep hot the highest levels of your own nervous system.

Don’t engage in hostile humor.

Remove yourself from the routine human drama and engage solely in
your own conscious theatrics.

Don’t apologize for your interests.

Be prepared that every constructive change destroys the status quo.

Get above the noise.

Don’t serious to death.

If you need to sever a connection, do it in one abrupt slash and never look back.

The Aim can’t be something it’s not.

Don’t stare – not externally, not internally.

There is no place for periods;
this is speeding up – not slowing down (much less stopping).

Treat everyone as though they hold the key to The Aim.

Don’t identify yourself.

Always try to see life not as others do.

When necessary: appear to take what another hands to you, then drop it instantly,
(they’ll never notice).

Never confide anything to “I”.

Fake being awake.

* * * *