Jan Cox Talk 3199

Two Subjects of Talk: Technology and Mythology


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Without the YC/Yellow Circuit there is no fear of death. YC serves the same function for BC/Blue Circuit that the Geiger counter serves for the RC/Red Circuit. The Geiger counter protects against undetectable harmful physical forces; YC saves BC from paralysis arising from an otherwise undetectable knowledge/fear of death.

All man’s non-science cultural institutions (read: mythologies) are not to explain man to himself; they are to allay man’s BC fears—make him feel better about himself, alleviate self-doubts and unease over the future. Man either talks of the physical world (technology) or, everything else—to wit: mythology, period. (40:43) #3199

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3199       There are things only the yellow circuit can do, man’s ability to think, and without any question it is a survival tool. The Geiger counter was invented to figure out how to measure something that man’s physical being could not. The yellow circuit is going on about something, just thinking, and invents something to save the red circuit. The yellow circuit invents another range of products for the blue circuit to save its life-myths. Fear of death requires a yellow circuit, that it be put into words. Then it’s totally flummoxed by it because the yellow circuit cannot perceive of its non-existence. Myths save blue circuit sanity. If the yellow circuit is not talking about technologies it’s soothing blue circuit fears, the social sciences and gossiping. Men talk about football more than they play. All talk about football to politics is mythology.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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It’s Always The Right Time For The Rebel
SEPTEMBER 13, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX
A Glossary Of Terms Fabricated And Requisitioned By One Man (J.C.)
In Order To Better Speak Of Certain Features Of That Private Inner Exploration,
(Replete With Related Travel Tips).

(Part 13 of a series which broke lose on August 31. In that this collection covers copious years there may be further additions to all definitions.
Words capitalized signifies that they have appeared else where in his comments concerning this nervous system expedition.)

A – Z
(On A Loose Knit Spree)

Marksmanship: (1) To hit anything – you must aim at it;
you don’t aim – you won’t hit.
(2) Everybody aims at something;
ordinary men are given their target along with the belief that they can hit it;
ordinary men’s targets are illusory (as in: unsubstantial, intangible, incorporeal —
non existent).
(3) A few unconventionally wired humans have the resources to sense and aim at
a target not even suspected by the routine, which can only be hit through
an extraordinary aiming process:
one which cannot be taught – only pulled up from an unmapped well,
deep in the unexplored regions of the mind.
(4) In essence (in a quirky way): the nervous-system-rebel aims at his self –
but not the one everybody around him sees.
(5) For the certain man there is but one target: The Aim.

Psychosomatic: (1) From the rebel’s view: all non physical ills are psychosomatic,
be they diagnosed by priests, psychologists, political thinkers,
sociologists or philosophers;
if it is making you sick, and you can’t touch it,
you are suffering from normal human consciousness.
(2) The man dedicated to Solving The Case has no taste for sickness –
even when he is sick – which is the only useful treatment.

Privileged Information: (1) Silent information; the only information useful to the nervous-system-explorer, because it is original to him and only he knows it.
(2) Privileged Information is information that cannot be told.

Purpose: (1) The purpose of a thing cannot be stated;
nothing works to its stated purpose; everything works to work:
if it’s here – it’s working, and failure to meet its stated purpose is part of its working.
(2) Only the certain man realizes the purpose to things (which is why he never says).

Real Rebel: (1) The Real Rebel knows that everything ordinary men believe to be true about all intangible matters is not – and neither is its opposite.
(2) The Real Rebel forgets what others remember and remembers what others
never notice in the first place.
(3) The Real Rebel lives his inner life as if it were a calm in a storm –
and/or as if it were a willfully stirred storm in a stifling calm.
(4) The Real Rebel is indifferent to what frightens and excites others, and foremost: indifferent to his self – the one pictured by his establishment consciousness.
(5) The Real Rebel might be: cheated – but never taken;
sick – but not suffer;
tired – but not disgusted;
anxious – but not desperate;
down but never beaten.
The chopping block distinction between The Real Rebel and his many dilettante imitators is that if you are the real deal, then as long as you are breathing,
your efforts to go ever further in the inner exploration, never flag.

Regal Collusion: Whereby friendly kings lead their countries into war with each other for mutual benefit; picture C & D Forces as the two kings, then ask yourself:
“Where would they meet to plan such sorties, and what might I learn from this
about the goings-on in my own Yellow Circuit consciousness?”

Reform: The substitution of one habit for another.

Status: The driving force in the city (after food and sex).
The concern for one’s position in the pack is shared by all so-called social animals (read: those with a Blue Circuit) and is significant to their health and survival, but man’s version extends into his Yellow Circuit, which he alone possesses,
and manifests itself in ways that only the queen of hearts could make sense of.
Proclaims she: “When there’s nothing material to fight over — fight over nothing.”
Without thin air, man would have no cultural world.

Sincerity: (1) At the ordinary level it reflects a person’s concern over the connection between the Two Voices (public and private) which forces them to present to others
an image of one who has no voice speaking within them that differs from the one speaking aloud: this is the living definition of: Sincerity.
(2) Each person’s premier thespian effort (albeit under duress).
(3) The private investigator’s Sincerity is willful, and in this way its pretense
is not at all like everyone else’s.
(4) The rebel will hug Life and say: “I love you guy” – then forget about it.
(Real Acting is the certain man’s eternal saving grace.)

Truth (At Ordinary Levels): (1) The noise people make.
(2) A subject consciousness created and likes to talk about
(without actually getting into the subject).
(3) What a person agrees with already.
(4) What maintains the Yellow Circuit’s status quo.

Talking About The Aim: Dividing reality anew so that a few might glimpse
the original unity.

Twin Big Bangs: One: when this Universe began, and two: when the Yellow Circuit appeared in man’s brain and allowed consciousness to commence.
Ever since (in the former’s case) it has been creating new worlds, and in the latter’s, same deal.

They: (1) Primary source of undiagnosed conspiracies: “They made me do it” –
“They say that…”
(2) The unseen voice of man’s collective consciousness,
(or: Life distracting men’s minds as it gives them their medicine).

This-Is-More-Trouble-Than-It’s-Worth: The internal puzzle-solver’s method for
dealing with certain sticky choices:
the willful abandonment of anything ordinary men label a problem
on the basis that any attention given it will be more-trouble-than-it’s-worth.
If, in any bothersome situation you perceive but two possible choices, courses, treatments, solutions – then neither of them will ever be sufficient,
but just beyond the visual horizon of ordinary consciousness lies a third something, always another leg to the seemingly unstable stool that when seen, renders all
strictly human problems irrelevant (more-trouble-then-they’re-worth to say the least).

Valuable Ideas: That which is original with you.

Verbal Wrap-Up: Words have the captious capacity to apparently wrap-things-up
in such a fashion that matters seem to go from here-to-there;
setting seemingly solid support for the Straight Line Illusion;
creating the mental illusion that some intangible affair has come to a conclusion,
but things do not come to an end, especially in man’s second reality,
but continue to recycle and cannibalize ad infinitum.
What this pleasing wrap-up marks is the limits to ordinary consciousness.
(Among rebels, wrap-ups are an endangered feces.)


aut transit — aut mori