Jan Cox Talk 3198

All That Consciousness Talks About (Outside Science): “How I Feel”


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Consciousness as the overseer/monitor of the three circuits. All human learning and knowledge fits into two divisions: technology and mythology. Technology always comes first in the evolution of human culture, then, as that yields free time, blue circuit arises, based initially on red circuit reactions, e.g., fear, pain, pleasure, joy etc. The BC drives the YC to invent mythologies (i.e., storytelling about feelings: psychology, sociology, theology, history etc.); the RC motivates YC to develop survival-enhancing technology. Basically, all that consciousness talks about (outside science) is: “how I feel”. (45:16) #3198

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3198       Consciousness as being the general monitor and sometimes the overseer of the three circuits, not just a part of the yellow circuit. The red circuit is the first that mn talked about. As soon as he had some time he started talking about the blue circuit. All knowledge is technology or ‘humanology’ (or mythology). Man did not invent religion first and then agriculture. What we call emotions came directly from Red Circuit reactions, then they got ‘Baroqued’. The first thing written were laws and agreements of civilization. When the red circuit left stuff in your consciousness you will either be yammering of something physical (technology) or how you feel (storytelling).

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Promoting Ears, Not In Arrears
SEPTEMBER 10, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX
A Glossary Of Terms Constructed And/Or Especially Used By One Man (J.C.)
In Talking About That Magnificent Expedition,
Along With Travel Tips Apposite Thereto.

(Part 11 of a series which broke out on August 31. Words capitalized means they have appeared else where in his comments concerning this subject.)

A – Z

Symbiosis: A relationship wherein two organisms depend on one another;
beyond the biological context, there is a unique non physical symbiosis between
all humans whereby they transfer sufficient verbal energy amongst themselves
to keep alive in their thoughts man’s many belief systems: in the animal world, symbiosis is merely helpful; in man’s cultural one, it is imperative.
(“Keep talking Horatio, or the boat will surely sink.”)

Threat: (1) Living under threat produces heightened physical efficiency in
living creatures, and the one in play is: the loss of life;
in the special conditions of man’s cultural life there is also a continuing non physical threat which is: the loss of status,
(there is also an unconventional threat needed by the individual pursuing The Aim;
a threat that only he can provide or comprehend).
(2) Even though Life overall benefits from living under threat,
individual components therein can suffer from what men label, stress;
the singularity of the certain man’s self generated threat is that it is all benefit.
(When ordinary sailors crash on the shit shoals, everyone holds their nose & moans;
the rebel salt sails only the inner seas that he has fashioned.
Who but the man laying down the pavement for the new highway
knows where it is really going.
Aka: Submit to no surgery that you do not perform.)

Time (Parallel Times): (1) Men live as though in a tri layered gaseous environment wherein the different strata both move omni directionally and overlap;
thus there can appear to be one time while three are actually extant.
(2) The bottom layer of time is related to the idea of man’s Red Circuit and to the past; the middle level is relevant to the Blue Circuit and contemporaneous time,
and the upper Yellow Circuit can be seen as representing the future (compared with the other two; for it is here where men can picture scenes not physically possible; actually plotting the future of Life).
(3) Each man has a genetic clock plugged primarily into one of these three layers –
but time can change in a person (for example): a Yellow Circuit man who has been working to solve some technological problem takes a break, goes into a bar,
has a few drinks, tries to pick up a girl not his sexual type, gets into a fight:
his time shifted: he internally traveled from the future back to man’s past.
(4) He who would get-to-the-bottom-of-things must discover how to ride above this natural trilateral temporal atmosphere in which collective humanity lives.
If there is one thing that awakening from a dream does it is free the dreamer from
his distorted sense of time.

Transient Systemic Anomalies: What every human system suffers;
known in the city as: problems (primarily: emotional botherations).

Triads: (1) Ordinary consciousness sees only two legs to every stool (situation) whereas three are always present;
it sees its view and what opposes same, but does not see an ever present third leg, without which there would be no intangible structure sufficiently stable to be
perceived by routine consciousness.
No stool will stand on two legs; no matter their features, without the third leg,
the first two are useless, and would have never even come together in the first place.
(2) Triad describes your mentally perceived connection to everything; your family, friends, government, dog, and these triadial connections do not remain static,
but are forever shifting in their relationship to one another:
the same situation experienced by your automatic-consciousness’ thoughts.
(This probably has no connection to the Three Circuits or the Three Forces,
or the fact our brain perceives a three dimensional Universe.)

True: Ideas that are debatable and amendable (as opposed to correct & useful).

The Ultimate Know-Yourself Method: Take yourself out of the mental picture,
then look at everyone else.
The Equation (I + Not-I = Everything) explains everything –
everything that people have no interest in having explained.

Universal View: As opposed to Local View, it runs at right angles to men’s
routine, 3-D perception:
your view is Universal when you can look without you being at the heart of
the looking.

Unstable Stability: (1) It is the nature of being alive; Life itself is continually
off balance; the only completely stable physical condition would be death.
(2) Growth does not proceed in an orderly, Straight-Line manner;
Life expands by staggering; first leaning a bit this way – then tilting a little that way, via a constant interplay of the Three Forces.
(3) The inner rebel understands that certain things can only be accomplished
when he is off balance; when his own willful efforts have brought about a
personal state of Unstable Stability.
The jack who gets the giant’s gold does so amidst what the other characters in the story perceive to be chaos and uncertainty.
(“The unhurried eye of a hurricane, old chap.”)

Unreconstructed Consciousness: The facility whereby a man can look at his self
and miss the point.

Voices: (1) In each person is a public voice and a private voice,
(also the unspeaking Primal Force voice common to everyone).
(2) The public voice is the upper voice; the head voice; the audible voice;
it is the sophisticated voice, and the one favored by those more inclined to think-of-acting than to act
(3) The private voice is the lower voice; the chest/heart/stomach/pelvic voice;
the muttering voice; the crass voice, and the one more given to action than reflection. (It is closer to the Red & Blue Circuits and the Primal Flow than the upper voice.)
(4) Both voices operate simultaneously, internally, but at any instant, one will be more audible and dominant (though at times the two will be in agreement & speak as one).
All conflicts unique to humans (along with their self condemnation)
are based on the existence of two Voices.