Jan Cox Talk 3197

The Attempt to Awaken Requires the Monitoring of All 3 NS Circuits


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The evolution of the circuitry: red to blue to yellow. The red circuit requires nothing from the yellow and little if anything from the blue circuit. The blue and yellow are closely intertwined. Slumber = isolation in one of the circuits. The attempt to awaken = the monitoring of multiple circuits at once. Thoughts are the currency, the expression of the YC/Yellow Circuit; emotions the BC/Blue Circuit; heartbeat and breath the RC/Red Circuit. (43:00) #3197

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3197       It’s a mistake to look at physical, emotional, and mental faculties as being discreet circuitry. It normally takes a negative blue circuit memory to have awareness of your feeling simultaneously with a thought. Thought is to the yellow circuit as memories trying to recall events that had no emotion.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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And The Few’s Own Voice Is Their Only Choice
SEPTEMBER 8, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX
A Glossary Of Terms Conjured Up And Conscripted By One Man (J.C.)
To Expediently Detail Excellent Features Of That Grand Pursuit,
Along With Expositional Outbursts Motivated Thereby.

(Part 9 of a series that began on August 31. Words capitalized indicates they have appeared else where in his musings on this matter)

A – Z

Misdirection & Deception: (1) Supreme teaching aids concerning both Life
and the certain man’s aim.
(2) Save the so labeled, scientific study of the material world:
nothing can be directly taught or learned;
information based on linear progression is pertinent only in the physical realm;
in man’s inner, intangible world pursuing such a course is imbecilic;
there is no substantial premise from which to start,
thus does the education (more precisely: self education) of the certain man demand Misdirection & Deception: views that transcend (or avoid) all reason (more exactly): all impotent reasoning.
(3) As irrational as it sounds to a reasonable consciousness:
the nervous-system-rebel must learn how to use Misdirection & Deception as a tool
in his own extraordinary instruction, or else he simply relearns all the useless stuff
he already knows.

The Non Eventful Nature Of Events: What happens to you intangibly is of no significance until the cellular voices report to consciousness on the matter;
carried to an extreme: if one ceased reading/heeding these reports he would discover the intangible realm to be of no significance.
(Another word for this is: Freedom – freedom from the frivolous.)

Ordinary Talk: A cover up for lack of thought.
(In the nervous-system-rebel: lack of original thought.)

Ordinary Consciousness: Sensible shoes for normal adults.

Paradise: As imagined by ordinary minds: a place free of all change.
(None grasp that it has already been achieved in their thinking.)

Parallax Phenomenon: (1) The phenomenon whereby the position of an object being viewed changes with respect to a shift in the viewer’s position.
(2) The man seeking to get-to-the-bottom-of-things can make use of this Parallax
to alter (always a prelude to expand) his perception of any matter,
(is particularly appropriate concerning affairs toward which his temperament feels
a natural antipathy.
Aka: You-can-always-move-to-Montana – or: If something bugs you – move – shift your inner position).
Mystical dilettantes have forever employed this in the crude material sense:
seeking to achieve The Aim by physically relocating themselves.
Another phenomenon called: “Yeah, I may be an idiot sleepwalker in Frankfort,
but just wait ‘til you see me in Kathmandu.”
(Note: All of the certain man’s meaningful moves are made in private.)

Past: (1) The father of all names.
(2) The mother of all fears.
(3) That which by its own definition, doesn’t exist.
(4) The only place where a man can sleep & dream.

The Powerless: The Powerless must accept other men’s definitions of reality and their identification of the enemy;
the Powerless must believe in freedom of will and fear change;
the Powerless are in charge of protecting the status quo;
only a person who understands the above can exercise anything resembling
actual power.

The Party: (1) One image of Life on earth, with men the primary guests,
but they are not simply at The Party – they are inseparable from The Party;
without them there would be no party here.
(2) In their own different ways: the three circuitry types of men (Red, Blue & Yellow)
enjoy The Party, but no one does like the man who sees the affair for what it is.
(This is why alcohol and other substances that alter men’s mental perceptions are so popular at ordinary soirees: they allow the sensation of having fun while
putting restraints on the possibility of realizing what is actually going on.)
(3) The certain man privately parties like there is no past (same as Life does publicly).

Plurality Of Thought & The Illusion Thereof: (1) At the ordinary level there is no Plurality Of Thought — only the appearance thereof,
which is all that man collectively requires.
(2) By nature, each man’s consciousness has the impression that there is
Plurality Of Thought consisting of the thought it has on any given subject
(which is the correct one) and incorrect thought, which is any in conflict with its.
The friction between these two is what fuels mankind’s collective mind, but the reality of Plurality Of Thought is lost on the ordinary individual (a victim of Binality).
(3) Only the man working for The Aim experiences true Plurality Of Thought –
which is preparation for him producing his own original thought.

Politicians (Leaders Of All Stripes): (1) People with no other talent.
(2) People with one talent: the ability to dominate.

Problems: (1) If they’re not chemical – they’re not real problems;
they are hierarchical concerns: if you are not physically ill,
you are sick with worry about your position.
(2) The preferred treatment of problems in the city is denial: a lowering (or better still)
a withdrawal of consciousness from the problem.
(Hence the favored use of drugs and alcohol there).
For the nervous-system-rebel, turning away is never a fit treatment.
(3) The certain man does not in any usual sense have the problems common to other
people, for he sees that what they call problems is in truth the people themselves.
(4) A word to hide the challenge of change.

Profit: In the city, the illusion that you can get more out of a system than you put into it. (Clearly an impossibility, but it serves a distinct purpose for Life).

The Question (One Of A Dozen Versions Of The Supreme Muser):
Am Iconscious, or – is consciousness me?

Really Rich: (1) You’re not really rich until you don’t care;
until you are free from humanly contrived problems.
(2) You’re not really rich in knowledge until it means nothing to you.
(3) You’re not really rich in experience until you never think about it.
(4) You’re not really rich in spirit until you don’t care how you feel about how you feel. When you are really rich: even the cellular voices can’t talk to you about being rich – you’re too rich to listen to them!

Real Actions: Real actions are not dependent on reasons:
only impotent actions require reasoning.
(Note: Actions that succeed are never questioned.)

Real Information: Information that stimulates extraordinary growth in your
nervous system.

Real Person: One who can keep a diary and never use the word “I”.

Real Physician: One whose being has as much beneficial effect on his patients
as do his prescriptions.
(Note: physicians exist in many fields;
the certain man has a private one in residence in his head.)

Real Revolutionist: A tight ship with a loose cargo:
one who appears to be a reasonably well held together noun,
but is in truth an internal verb that is loose as a goose.

Reasons: (1) Reasons exist only in the city, and are a substitute for
Misdirection & Deception.
(2) Looking for reasons in a three dimensional reality using a binary mind is folly;
if your consciousness deals only in the search for reasons and linear cause-&-effect, you will never see anything new.

The Stop And Take A Look Method: (1) A sure fire way to alter your state of consciousness: Constantly stop and grab the last thought that just passed through
your mind and take a look at it – that’s all: just take a quick look at it;
then let it go (wherever it was headed to before you stopped it) and grab the next one and take a look at it and so on. (This method comes with a money back guarantee.)